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  1. Chord Hugo M Scaler (Silver) in like new condition. Comes with all original accessories and packaging. Selling only to change colorway. Condition: 9.8/10 Price: 2850€ (~£2495) + PayPal fees Shipped by Chronopost Express. 1-2 Days Worldwide delivery w tracking. Shipping fees not included. Local pick up in Paris available as PayPal gift or Wire Transfer (only till early July). 100% positive feedback from other non audio related sites. Can provide referral if requested. No trades. Thank you.
  2. Habst USB Ultra III 5N Cable 1.5m length. In like new condition. Asking for 525€. Retails for over 1100€ Ship by EMS within 1 business day (3-7 business days w tracking)
  3. HABST BNC 5N Silver Cables 5N Silver BNC Cables with grounding plugs. 0.6m length. In nearly brand new condition. Only took delivery of them late November. Retails for over 900€ each, or 1850€. Ship by EMS within 1 business day (3-7 business days w tracking)
  4. Brand new unopened Chord Hugo TT2. Silver. TT2 only taken out to take pics. Never opened nor used. Had the chance to audition a demo unit at the dealer's the other day. Very muscular, authoritative, yet incredibly agile and transparent. Power and finesse in the most versatile, attractive AIO box solution. It is a very sizable step up from the Hugo 2 imo. Better in every way. Price is £SOLD + PayPal fees. Shipped by DHL Express. 1-2 Days Worldwide delivery w tracking. Only €60, I'll cover the rest. Local pick up in Paris available for PayPal gift. 100% positive feedback from other non audio related sites. Can provide referral if requested. No trades. Thank you. Note: MScaler pictured not for sale Links to some impressions: https://www.enjoythemusic.com/CanJam_RMAF_2018/page4.htm https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/rmaf-2018-audeze-lcd2-closed-back-chord-hugo-tt2-and-m-scaler https://www.stereonet.co.uk/features/show-coverage-canjam-london-2018 https://subjective.reviews/canjam-london-2018/ Credit: Inner Fidelity
  5. Thank you all for explaining the fundamental differences between AC/DC. I expect to report back next year on my SR7 experience w TT2/MScaler, streamer, etc. This thread needs more impressions. @beautiful music Sent you PM to avoid derailing this thread
  6. For a SR7MR4XL with two 6A modules and two 3A modules, meaning 18A of continuous current, I take it to mean that a power strip distributor must have the capacity to have a maximum current rating of 18A or more? The only power strip I found capable of delivering up to 20Amps of continuous power that's somewhat transportable is the Shunyata Venom PS8. Their EU version sadly only offers up to 16A continuous current. Can anyone else can offer any other alternatives? It seems most of the competition maxes out at 10A. The two 6A modules will mostly be used to power the TT2 + Hugo MScaler.
  7. Ok I just encountered a very weird grounding issue whilst playing w usb cables and the IR. I seem to have lost any grounding contact with both my IR/LPS-1 and Hugo 2 except if my grounded ultrawide monitor's DP cable is connected to my laptop. It's utterly bizarre, all I need to do is to simply unplug the DP cable and then I'd feel this buzzing vibration on the aluminum surface of both my IR and Hugo 2. Plug the DP cable back in, and suddenly both devices become grounded. My laptop, ultrawide monitor, IR/IPS-1, Hugo 2 are all plugged into the same PS unit that is also grounded (3 pin grounded plug). I've tried plugging the IR/LPS-1 in different wall sockets but I can't seem to get proper grounding anymore. Same for the Hugo 2. Both seem to have lost their grounding properties. Can anyone please explain what exactly is happening and why? I really do not want to depend on the ultrawide monitor to properly ground all my devices.
  8. +1 also but I suppose every DAC will vary of course. Also I have the LPS-1 powering the IR so I dont know how the IR would sound w a standard power supply. Tbh I couldnt really tell any difference w the galvanic isolation turned off w the Hugo 2. All the benefits the ISO Regen brings to my tracks, greater dynamics, more presence, etc are still there... but that could also be bc Rob Watts made sure the lack of galvanic iso wouldnt be an issue w the H2.
  9. I'm not sure any of us know what a truly transparent and perfectly neutral setup to any specific music sounds like unless we were there at the recording studio and had perfect audibility recall. Any addition in the audio chain, whether it be the very best DAC or the 'best' power amp, adds some sort of coloration to the end result. After a couple of weeks w the Lush, unlike other posters I simply didnt find the Lush cable to be 'lush' sounding in comparison w the stock usb cable (Roon > Lush > Hugo 2 > Lionheart > LCDi4)... an y differences are certainly not night and day to me. And certainly, I do not think the Lush adds any 'warm' coloration. On the contrary, most of my A/B comparisons w the stock Hugo 2 cable, I consistently found the Lush to be more transparent, more effortless in its reproduction of music. Bass slightly less bloated, more defined, midrange slightly less grainy... about half of the tracks I tested were slightly easier to listen to.. and simply more musical... I dont know how else to put it bc for me, it's a subtle but positive difference. Very rarely did any tracks sound more 'lush'... and if it did, it was because the track was already lush to begin with, and the Lush simply made it slightly more 'lush'.. Who's to say that it wasn't my stock usb cable adding any wanted jitter or 'coloration'? The stock hugo 2 usb cable already sounds perfectly fine thanks to the extremely low noise floor of the Hugo 2. But like I already privately told Peter, I would have simply bought his usb cable because it is obvious to me that the cable is highly experimental and I was quite happy to support his rather unorthodox and slightly subversive approach. Ergonomically, it is quite rigid in the sense that it clearly has a preference for certain angles at both ends. It sort of tells you how it wants to be arranged, but it's not as stubbornly rigid as the QED reference usb... there's a sort of method to the madness. I do wish the terminations sat more flush with my USB ports... there's quite a bit of wiggle room on both ends and can result in sudden audio drop. Also, would be cool if the USB B side could be terminated in a micro usb but I understand it wouldnt fit... and so I have to use a USB B > micro usb adapter. Otherwise, I think it's a worthwhile upgrade to my audio system, especially now w the addition of the Iso Regen.
  10. Just got my ISO Regen/LPS-1 combo this afternoon. Didn't need a burn in to immediately hear the benefits of a dedicated reclocker/regen/galvanic iso in my audio setup. The difference is very easily noticeable within the first few seconds of A/B comparisons. So far, only tried w Roon > ISO Regen/LPS-1 > Lush > Hugo 2 > Lionheart cable > LCDi4... I am highly impressed at the difference this tiny gadget makes. Will report back later when fully broken in.
  11. @Ralf11 To your latter point, it would imply that I was overly confident in proclaiming no bias in my test, smth to which I was careful not to do. I did state that there is the possibility of such a bias but I can't really know for sure unless I consider the test from multiple perspectives such as blind testing w the help of friends for instance. Like I've already mentioned I wouldn't be too confident w slower bass light tracks in a double blind test where I couldn't really tell a difference in vocals, cymbals or soundstage except perhaps for a more effortless airier feel. However I'm very confident that I could pick out the Lush at will w the deep house and techno tracks I tested. The Lush cable makes the bass much tighter, more punchy, allowing other details to come through. This much I'm sure of. I would invite other audiophiles to challenge me in my home but I doubt any of you live where I'm currently situated atm. The difference w the Lush present is not like a night and day jump to a much better dac or amp but it's also a much more pronounced difference to the system than say, the addition of an Audioquest jitterbug. Please note I haven't had time to test the Lush w classical or 'audiophile approved' music yet. Testing it w my rock/pop and electronic tracks already took me the better part of a few hrs. I'm already very satisfied w the Lush, and will be able to say a little more when I get the USPCB shortly.
  12. After a week of owning and burning in the Lush, I can confidently say there is a notable difference vs the stock USB cable in my Chord Hugo 2 setup. At first listen, the Lush is alarmingly muted in nearly every aspect, it sounded quite closed in. I actually had to raise up the volume to compensate for the perceived lack of dynamism and clarity. What a difference a week makes. Unlike other posters, I don't really find the Lush to be necessarily warmer nor full bodied with rock/pop tracks. With artists such as Patti Smith, Grace Jones, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, etc... I thought there were subtle differences against the stock usb cable but I couldnt quite put my finger on it... certainly a little airier, and slightly less harsh, but I really couldnt describe how... I thought there could be some sort of confirmation bias. I preferred the Lush in general but I couldnt tell you why, and I certainly wouldnt be confident in taking a double blinded test. Until I played Midnight Sun by Kate Boy did I really notice a significant amelioration in bass texture. With the stock cable, there was more bloom whereas with the Lush there was more definition and it was definitely punchier. Then I tried Limbo by Gorilla Rodeo! and this time I was certain of a difference in bass texture. The Lush has a punchier and better bass definition than the stock. So I decided to go full bass attack to see if there was truly such a marked difference in the low end by playing proper techno and deep house. Birth (Adriatique Remix) by Andre Lodemann with the Lush has punchier and more detailed bass line compared to the bloomier and slightly less transparent stock usb cable. It's a night and day difference. Same results with Skin & Bones by Terranova. More punch, greater separation, more forward upper bass, less bloom. And then finally, with Tikal by Jonathan Kaspar, the Lush truly did sound more lush.... and warmer as well... more musical.... I know.. on a digital techno track... but the difference is clear. So while I couldnt tell that much of a difference where I could be confident with a double blinded test with goth/hard/glam/post rock, I certainly would bet money on deep house/techno tracks which is somewhat ironic since I hardly listen to edm in my off time. Still in general, I can say that I prefer the Lush as it's more transparent and less overbearing than the stock usb, which makes it less fatiguing for me. I dont know about more lush specifically, but more agile for sure, thus more effortless and more musical. It's a keeper. I'd be curious to do a comparison with the USPCB later this month.
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