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  1. Unless one can hear like a dog! Which it seems many around here can
  2. But can you hear it - wayyyyyy up there? I'm convinced: Inside every audiophile is a DOG.
  3. Just borrowing from a certain past president, twice removed from the current one.
  4. You clearly misoverestimate the intelligence and/or common sense of some folks.
  5. $10 driver - speaker driver? "diverse beliefs" - for sure! Some beliefs formed based on science, and others formed based on marketing
  6. But.... If the "flaw in the perceived sound" is a song or album that is a loudness-war casualty, no upgrade of listener equipment can fix that. Nor can buying that song in 'hi-res'. If it's an over-compressed 🦆 it's an over-compressed 🦆! Just making sure all the audiophiles out there understand that.
  7. I was using 'remaster' in a perjorative sense: attempting to improve the sound of a suitcase recording on a home system with EQ, or by upgrading speaker wire or a component, etc.
  8. If you prefer the remaster, remember that will be even more removed from the original sound of the master tapes. Probably even 'picket-fenced' loud, with 4-8dB of peak limiting. No thanks!
  9. I'd rather a CD - properly Dolby-A'd - from a LP master than one from a squashed, brickwall limited and loudened up remaster, any day!
  10. What are the audible effects of: Encoded with Dolby A but no decode on playback? Not encoded with A but decode enabled on playback? Both encode and decode present, but poor alignment? If I knew what to listen for on my CDs that would be helpful in determining if a better version of some is out there.
  11. I looked under Add Keyboard, all I see are keyboards in about 50 languages. I guess 'GBoard' or whatever is something one needs to download?
  12. I'm still thumbing dude! I guess I'm just not confident or happy to be typing on glass. Been doing it for 7 years now, still feels alien to me. I want that IBM desktop keyboard or Smith Corona back 😀
  13. I turned off all that auto-crap on my Apples. I'm a manual kind of guy, don't even need power windows in the car lol! Care to explain 'swiping', and does it require another 'app'? (time to type the above: 6m47sec)
  14. What would you like it to mean?
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