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  1. Cables don't lend sound stage - great recordings do.
  2. As opposed to digital, which is linear at recording levels right up to full scale. At full scale digital doesn't 'bend', as you described so well above - rather, it snaps - with rather nasty results. That linearity of performance of digital is why compression is often applied in mastering, also tape emulator plug-ins that recreate the effect of tape being pushed to its max during recording.
  3. Recording to tape the tape has a natural compression the hotter levels you press to it. This lends some of the warmth some describe when recoring to analog tape.
  4. Probably in response to something #42 was rambling on about..
  5. STOP. USING. DICTATE. And type it out! I think someone uses Dictate(speech mode) when Tweeting from Washington, and that's why his tweets make zero sense or insult millions.
  6. Teresa: Please approach the bench and state your dissent.
  7. Y'all need to climb down from those 'stairs' and watch THIS:
  8. Some tires make more noise when rolling at a given speed than do others. Have to turn volume up more in those cases
  9. That proves there is one thing more important than the rubber itself: that is suspension geometry and proper alignment.
  10. Then I must be the only driver out there who likes the pressure at exactly the door sticker or even lower. Not so much for comfort, but lends heft to the steering. Everyone else like the cold pressures higher than sticker for daily(non race) driving, not me! Turns most cars I've driven into twitchy over-steering nervous wrecks! I'm also the only person in the US who doesn't like Daylight Saving - the time we're on from spring into summer. I hate waking up in darkness and going to bed when it's still light out!
  11. What vehicle and what were recommended door sticker pressures?
  12. My response to Peter: "Well let me add another qualification to my argument: This is the UNITED STATES - not Germany, or any other nation - and your average suburban soccer mom here does NOT drive anywhere near 100mph, let alone 175, on her appointed rounds. I checked on tirepressure.com for a typical 2017 WRX, and the recommended pressure there shows low 30s PSI cold. Pretty average for a consumer-mobile.  So I do not know how much lower you would drop those cold pressures for driving at racing speeds such as 175mph." Nowhere did I imply a suburban soccer mom would be driving anything at 175mph on errands. Sheez, communicating in here is getting more like Special Ed by the second. Either that or a current White House press briefing with Sara whatserface!
  13. So were the pressures initially too high or too low?
  14. Nope, mph. Note the context in which I mentioned it in response to diecast or Peterst.
  15. I'm in the right-most lane most of the time, except to pass. So if someone is being American and tailgating me in the right-most lane, they can go be American in the lane(s) to the left of me.
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