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  1. This is one of the tools I use to teach Millennials about DyNaMic RaNgE.
  2. My tastes probably aren't high-brow enough, but here goes: Aaron Copland - Greatest Hits(Fanfare For The Comman Man, El Salon, etc.) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours Michael Jackson - Off The Wall, Thriller The Police - Oultlandos d'Amor, Ghost In The Machine, Synchronicity Rossini - any Greatest Hits that includes William Tell and Barber of Seville Steely Dan - Aja Donna Summer - The Dance Collection - LP or CD (Proof that dance music doesn't need the SCHITT compressed out of it!) Ninety-nine Percenter stuff, y'know? -The ANTIFORMAT
  3. Splittn' hairs. Anyone who can honestly hear a difference probably eats Alpo and chases squirrels. -The ANTIFORMAT
  4. Didn't kill it for me! One of my top ten Marley songs
  5. Volume up to 12 for this one! And where's the drummer - OH, that's the dude slapping his guitar body! This kinda of performance comes only from deep inside. Love it! Miss you, Queen Aretha!
  6. So it's just another format - just what I suspected. Again, content, session procedures, choices of mics, amount/types of processing in post, all matter far more than format. You don't know me that well, do you... Allow me to introduce myself, -The ANTIFORMAT...
  7. If Barry Diament disagrees with what I said then Barry Diament himself can come on these forums and say so. I'm sticking to what I said: HOW a mic is used in a particular project has far more impact, audibly, than what format is used to capture it.
  8. Just remember, any difference you hear between the 24/96 and the 24/192 is 90% attributable to the mixing and/or mastering of each.
  9. It sounds like a two-dollar suitcase on any size or power setup I listened to it on. And it's not the system folks, or the format - it's the production.
  10. After the thirty-odd second guitar info, it just collapses into a bowl of mush. The drums sound recessed, like they're in the next room, with next to no visceral punch. The mix sounds busy!
  11. Wow - that's a stretch! Lynn could be the old Stripe's grandma! And a stretch between their genres. Would have loved to have heard this collaboration, but the Comminists blocked the dang thing! 🤦‍♂️
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