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  1. Thank you for interesting read. Could you please provide sources or links to audio brand market share from which you assesed increase of Auralic’s market share compared to other brands. I’ve never found any source that provides audio brands sales or market share but was also very curious how they compare. Thank you.
  2. Sorry Alex to have provoked you but I made no such claim, quite the opposite. Due to the fact lps-1.2 is specified up to 12v it is when set at lower voltages it generates more heat since residual power ( unused by attached device )is dissipated as heat. i.e.: device attached draws only 1A * 7v = 7 watts while lps-1.2 clearly generates at least 12v *1.1A but likely a lot more since 36w power supply is required to run lps-1.2. Ergo,the lower voltage setting the more power VA are converted to heat. Of course since Amperage is one factor in VA equation it depends on amperage how much excess heat is dissipated. It in no way disproves my claim lps-1.2 runs hotter due to the fact of differences in required and provided voltage. Maximum amperage is always constant no matter the voltage 1,1 A max. So it is down to voltage difference that at full load (1,1 A) presents difference in watts provided and watts actually used rest needs to dissipate as heat. Yes, units may be quality made to withstand that as you claim, but was not proven in practice till now. Will report how it goes with my 3rd unit I just received as a replacement or hopefully not. With respects, Andrej
  3. It is a design choice Uptone made to allow for higher voltages in lps-1.2 (9, 12v). To keep temperature down use the highest voltage allowed for your device since lps-1.2 set to lowest voltage turns huge amounts to heat and I had two units (lps 1.2 ) failed and replaced. Had no problem with lps-1 though which doesn’t allow for voltages higher than 7V and therefore doesn’t generate so much heat. Lps-1.2 is best served on dacs with 9-12v inputs (up to 1.1 A) for unit longevity sake. Of course that is my experience with the lps-1 and lps-1.2.
  4. Thank you Steve for detailed schematics and experience of introducing different gear in your audio chain and must agree with you that in my experience as well adding any usb device in digital chain is more likely to induce more distortion esp. electrical than trying to avoid it alltogheter by going ethernet-aes/i2s even toslink proved to have astounding dynamics, timbre and virtually no noise compared to usb provided correct/quallity optical cable is used. Currently I am considering Simaudio streamer offerings which are to be stellar for the price according to reviews at least. Great to see non-biased and frank view on the subject from an experienced computer -audiophile. best regards, Andrej
  5. Perhaps a little off topic, but Steve would you be so kind to share your system setup esp. powering part ( power cables, grounding equipment, other Shunyata eq. and how it is set up) Would much appreciate it. I use combination of Audioquest and Shunyata and find great synergy. Truthfully after I conditioned my system with Shunyata power cables I am not shure if adding any of these usb decrapifiers actually made much difference, if any.
  6. I think the procedure Alex will ask you to do follows: Check if there is any current on the output side. Since there is current on the input side (green led means ultracapacitors are loading) you may have to replace the unit due to output stage failure. Don’t worry same happened to me. You can find my previous posts. Alex was very friendly and immediately sent replacement unit. But it does set worse track record than original lps-1 regarding reliability, probably due to more complex design -output stage seems to be the weak link.
  7. Filters don’t do any of these things. They are basically eq. Same with upsampling. Just choose what sounds best to you. If you choose upsampling stick to integer 2x, 4x upsampling. No point in going beyond 4x because most dac clocks are noisy at those rates. Don’t do pcm to dsd either unless you have really bright and top tilted audio system but again just eq. Best bet is to buy very clean dac that measures well ( like Rme or Benchmark) than use mR or uR as network endpoint to audirvana between source (pc) and dac. That way you can tuck pc away from pure audio rig. If you cann’t afford mR or/and associated decrapifiers better use optical ( toslink) out of mac with great aq vodka cable (cca 100eur). Yea ,you heard right ( toslink). Might be a shocking experience what toslink can do. It aint pro audio standard for a joke.
  8. I succesfully used lps-1 to power multiple units. Not so with lps -1.2. I tried and had to replace the unit due to failure. Yet won’t experiment multiple powering again with the replacement unit. Lps-1 I fully trust, with lps -1.2 I’m staying on the safe side. Just my experience. With others may differ.
  9. IME removing all smps from audio chain will aid your system as a whole since most smps have negative effect on power cuircuits elsewhere in audio gear (i.e.: preamps especially). Clean power is a must. It is the most important component and most difficult to attain. BR, Andrej
  10. Very good questions? Basically we need new thread with inputs from users and/or Alex what devices reliably work with LPS-1 or/and LPS-1.2 . Some info is provided on this and other forums but is rather scattered. I believe Lps-1.2 works with Chord Qutest and 2Qute dacs. But I am more interested if anyone tried RME ADI 2 dac. According to specs should work br, Andrej
  11. In all cases explained above lps-1.2 was attached either to mR or uD with separate DC cable (not Ysplit). Tried all sorts of combinations , yet although lps-1.2 shows green light none of devices are charging. Tried separately charging mR with LPS-1 and uD with LPS-1.2 ( no Y cable used). mR was drawing power, while uD did not (no light). When LPS-1.2 was replaced by LPS-1 uD red led lit up again (sign of charging). As explained all worked normal for 3 days. At all times lps-1.2’ s led was lit yellowgreen. Unfortunately no voltage meter at hand to check output side. But empirically It is clearly problem on lps-1.2 side. This is my last post here. Just wanted to finish for all following the topic. I will post back here how the problem was solved. best regards, Andy
  12. Alex, here are some new observations. When powering on LPS-1.2 the colours turn from red to yellowgreen in less than 15s and when powering down instantaneously from yellowgreen to red (no orange). I also noticed lps-1.2 is completely cold to the touch , which I’m guessing means ultracapacitors aren’t charging/ discharging at all. That is why I had suspicions of Smps failure yet cannot confirm it cause I don’t have any other compatible 7-24V (36w) charger. Nevertheless smps when plugged in an outlet has a green led light on as if operational (but is also cold to the touch). I don’t recall whether it should get warm or not when properly working. Of course I was unable to feed mR or uD separately with LPS-1.2 . uD has a red led which turns on immediately when connected to lps-1, yet no light when connected to lps-1.2. Smps is plugged into Aq Niagara 1000 which protects from voltage fluctuations so smps failure in such short time would seem odd.
  13. Hi, 3 days ago I received Lps-1.2 which replaced my LPS-1 feeding mR and ultraDigital via Y split DC cable. For 3days everything was super, when LPS-1.2 suddenly stopped feeding current to hooked up mR & ultraDigital yet the light on LpS-1.2 was yellow which meant supplied original Smps properly fed the unit. When replaced with lps-1 everthying worked fine again. What could be the cause? Smps? I had trouble before with IFi smps which died on lps-1,but the led then was not lit yellow like in this case, and yes the power button is pressed in on lps-1.2 unit. Alex any ideas what could be wrong? thanks Andy
  14. Let’s revisit your complaints Speed racer. You are complaining about the product you purchased for 1/10th of the price your current favourite software which doesn’t sound any better but adds bells and whistles that former never promised just proper SQ ( in opinion of users who tried both still quite better , including Yours truly...) Yep, trolling, I say.
  15. Speed racer, it seems to us all you are just trolling. You may find Roon to sound better than A+ than others here but you are pretty much alone in your sentiment. It just may be your system is biased toward thinner and noisier sound signature of Roon.
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