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  1. Thank you very much. I tried a lot of things but not user root. Cheers Monge
  2. I’m using Putty for remote login and WinSCP to navigate the AL filesystem like @afrancois did. But then I try to edit a file in AL root I cannot save it course I don’t have permissions to do so. How do I get permission or acesss to do so In WinSCP? Thanks Monge
  3. No I did not. Thanks I’ll try that.
  4. I’m trying to stream Tidal with IPeng App to my CJYH diskless with Squeezelite+LMS on this machine only. I have installed LMS and Squeezelite and started the services and rebooted. But then I open Ipeng on my IPAD and click PlayerName I see audiolinux for a short while and then it disappear and it says “No Players and Music Sources (Servers) found. I did register ny IPAD on mysqueezebox.com and added Tidal app and some radiostations here. Do I need to add a plugin on AL headless (0.8) and how? I have the Ipeng app, but do I need to buy Ipeng UE also?
  5. Thanks I’ll have a look at the PJYH BIOS as I have new PJYH too here waiting for ram to be delivered. Cheers and Merry Christmas. Monge
  6. On CJYH I tried to disable USB ports 4,5 and 6. So I think the blue port on front is number 4 course I could’nt use my wireless keyboard (connectet at blue port at front) after reboot. So I think the USB ports on the rear is 1 and 2 and the front USB ports is 3 Yellow and 4 blue. Also I have the option to set USB ports In the BIOS to “no detect”.
  7. Which numbers do the rear and front USB 3 have In BIOS CJYH/PJYH? There are 6 USB 3 ports that can be disabled In BIOS incl USB headers. I only need two.
  8. My mistake. Sorry. I just tried to leave the Onboard Audio unchecked In BIOS and running AL 0.7 it works like a charm. It tried it a couple of times In earlier Al versions and I could not get it to work. Thanks for correcting me and have a Merry Christmas.
  9. A good command to see your playback devices is aplay -l Then your DAC should have a CARD number. Merry Christmas.
  10. @mozes I’m sure you have enabled the services after install. Did you leave onboard Audio unchecked or checked In bios? Try leaving it checked. In AL 0.7 you have the status undermenu where you Can check Audiocard etc. I use the USB port(upper) on the back of my CJYH You Can also try to poweroff your NUC and your audiogear. Then power on DAC, Pre and poweramp. Last you power on your NUC.
  11. Look here: https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/54933-audiolinux-and-nuc-troubleshooting-and-tuning/?page=21&tab=comments#comment-907159
  12. I’m going to try LMS and Squeezelite In AL Headless 0.7. Also I want to try Ipeng app on my IPAD air with latest IOS, but I’m In doubt which Ipeng version to get? http://penguinlovesmusic.de/2017/09/19/ipeng-is-ready-for-ios-11/ One 8GB Ballistix LT Sport 2400 MHz So Dimm 260 pin stick for NUC7PJYH. Does it work with one 8GB stick or... Thanks In advance.
  13. You Can stream Tidal from Bubble UPnP, BubbleDS Next or Mconnect on Android.I If you are using new AL 0.7 version you Can install MPD and install UPnP for MPD from the Audiolinux Update menu https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/54933-audiolinux-and-nuc-troubleshooting-and-tuning/?page=20&tab=comments#comment-906795 When you are asked for a password type audiolinux0 Then you go to Configuration menu and enable MPD and UPnP for MPD services. Now you should be able to see Upmpd renderer In Bubble UPnP or BubbleDS next. In AL 0.6 ver You Can run yaourt -Sy password audiolinux0 After run yaourt -S mpd upmpdcli password audiolinux0 When asked to edit type n on all other type Y When finished enable MPD and UPnP for MPD services In Configuration.
  14. @hifi25nl Audiolinux 0.7 with new improved menu. Thanks for the Update ? Lots of goodies. It’s very, very nice. It very easy to install Squeezerlite R2, Squeezerlite, LMS, MPD and Upmpdcli from the menu. Also I like the Status menu a lot. First I forgot to type “menu” instead of alconf. It’s nice that you Can login via browser. I logged In via Safari with http://ipaddress:8500 There are a lot to like In AL 0.7 Thanks a lot for your hard work. Cheers Monge
  15. I just got a NUC7PJYH delivered. My plan is to run Roon Server with AL on the NUC7PJYH and Roon bridge Al on my NUC7CJYH. But forgive me ny newbie questions about Roon. I have never tried Roon before. Q1: I Think I need 16GB ram? Q2: Do I need a SSD disk for the NUC7PJYH for the install of Roon Server or can I run Roon core on the AL USB disk/ramboot? Q3: I am going to stream Tidal Hi-Fi mainly and for that should I use Roon Remote or Ipeng on an IPAD? Thanks.