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  1. Hi Imitche,, Very nice temps 😀 Whitch CPU frequency do you use? Do you still use Soekris 1321 DAC and if you do, How does it Sound like? Regards Monge
  2. Hi Piero, The idea of introducing some audio profiles in the future etc. would be a very nice feature In Al headless. Thanks for the news. Cheers Monge
  3. 15//05/2019 Menu 118: 1) Default boot mode will disable Hyper-Threading 2) New option "SET CPU C-states" in expert menu. The script will set CPU sleep states with a systemd service instead of kernel line option. This is an alternative method to the option "SET boot to Extreme, Extreme2 or Standard" in configuration menu which eventually allows to set different sleep states for isolated cores. This way you can set to Extreme only selected cores and leave the other in standard mode. This method will disable the other one. 09/05/2019 In Menu 117, as suggested by... Linus Torvalds, the extreme2 option will disable Hyper-Threading
  4. Hi Marce, Thank you very much for your reply 😀 Cheers Monge
  5. What Is your opinion on the design of http://www.faradpowersupplies.com/ and the new BOTW P&P ECO mk. 2 https://www.sbooster.com/botw-pp-eco/ Thanks In advance.
  6. Hi Piero, Thanks for all the AL updates 😀 Great work. My Al system sound so nice. What happens to isolated CPU cores to Audio if You have 4 cores running with turbo off at base frequency and isolated CPU cores set at half. Then you set performance and turbo on. Do you now only have 2 CPU cores at higher speeds? Thanks Monge
  7. Hi Superdad, I wish Uptone could develope a PSU for Intel NUC endpoints like the JS-2 at 19V? I know many People here are using LPS 1.2 and JS-2 with NUC’s. I guess Uptone Audio is buzy with Etherregen.. Cheers Monge
  8. Thanks, I think I better get a Nuc7I7DNBE or NUC7I7DNHE or NUC7I7DNKE instead of PJYH if I Can find it somewhere here In Scandinavia. Cheers Monge
  9. Sorry I did not test HQPlayer more AS I found the Stylus player sounded fine with PCM. I have gone back to AL again as It sound very good with new Kernel and as I said I like the tweaking possibility In AL. Cheers Monge
  10. The new kernel is really a step forward In SQ. My PJYH SqueezeLite endpoint have never sounded that good. I added the asound.conf and set Realtime Priority = standard and isolated CPU cores to half and Extreme boot. I agreed that the sound is more relaxed and also I hear more body to instruments. Thanks Theese NUC’s looks interestting https://wccftech.com/intel-ghost-canyon-frost-canyon-nucs-9th-gen-core-i9-8-cores/
  11. Hello, I wan’t to try HQPlayer Embedded with AL headless and control it via Bubble UPnP on Android. What are the steps to make it work with Bubble UPnP and what should I see as renderer In Bubble? Should I enable and start HQPlayer service and should I enable and start upmpdcli service as well? Thanks Monge
  12. Hi ted-b, Good question. I think you better ask @hifi25nl aka Piero here I am not an Linux expert. Good luck. Cheers Monge
  13. I tried Euphony with Stylus player with Intel NUCPJYH and I like what I heard. To me the Sound is fuller or warm if I Can say so. It’s Easy to setup and like. But I had problems with Tidal, was slow and chrashing. I Think the PJYH isn’nt enough here. I also tried upsampling via HQPlayer embedded In Stylus. Nice integration. Just my to cents. But I love AL headless with all the tweaking. Cheers
  14. Hi bobfa, Yeah I will. But I need some time to listen. Cheers Monge
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