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  1. I downloaded the new 1.1 version yesterday and burned a new USB stick. But I could’nt enable LMS service only squeezelite service. I did install both from Update menu. No matter what I tried I could NOT start LMS. Also I found a bug with the MPD DAC In Configuration menu. When I tried it went to first 1. in Status menu. I gave up and wen’t back to the other USB sticks I have.
  2. I would start with Realtime Priority set to Extreme. Then isolate CPU cores to Audio under Configuration Menu: Half isolate CPU cores to irq threads USB=Y if NUC7PHYH is you endpoint Extreme2 Then under Configuration Menu - Save if in ramroot mode. Reboot Enable services under Configuration Menu Configuration Menu - save if In ramroot mode Then check it all In Status menu
  3. I normally configure AL as I wan’t, make sure it works without ramroot enabled. The last thing I do is to enable ramboot and reboot.
  4. @HeeBroG You should se this In RAMROOT STATUS ramroot status enabled root filesystem loaded to RAM Remember to save if in ramroot mode when making a change. Did you change the SqueezeLite.conf?
  5. You were able to play music before pulling the USB stick? Did you uncheck Onboard Audio In the BIOS? You should check the ramroot status In Status menu and show running services In configuration menu. Also when enabling ramroot you should reboot. Do you get any error message In your control App?
  6. Hi austinpop, I haven’t had time to play more with CPU governor settings and isolated CPU cores, for Audio, but I have ordered 2 more 16 GB USB sticks to try out newest AL headlees version. Thank you very much for your guide. But one thing I noticed is, that with higher CPU frequency the bass extention was improoved ( not surpricing). But I had to change my BOTW P&P Eco course I experienced glitched In the playback So I had to change to the Brick SMPS for the NUC7PJYH. I need to find the sweet spot. Cheers Monge
  7. Yeah I mean 2.697 GHz and no I did not turn OFF the SpeedStep in BIOS as I wanted to play with the Governor settings. When you isolate CPU core for Audio you get 3 questions and the second is if you want to isolate CPU core for IRQ to USB Y or N and I choose Y.
  8. Thanks :😀 I’ll take a look at it. The performancee improvement with the CPU at 2697.... or/and with the isolated cpus for Audio was very clear to my ears more 3D and more bass extention. If I only had a JS-2 powersupply for my NUC. Thanks to Piero for the development of isolateded CPU for Audio In AL. Great work Cheers Monge
  9. I have had a strange experiment with my NUC7PJYH running SqueezeLite and LMS running on the same NUC running Al headlees 0.99. I Set CPU governor custom 1500000 both min. and max and turbo off. Then I set Isolated CPU cores to half, USB=Y and Extreme 2 and rebooted and enabled the SqueezeLite and LMS serviced and hit play In Ipeng app and wow I had newer heard my Music Sound that good. I had to change my BOTW P&P Eco to the brick SMPS. Then I began analyzing and found out that the CPU frequency was 2697..... on all 4 cores and turbo =on. After 3 hours continiuos play the CPU core temperature was 49-50C.
  10. The qls361 need to be charged so my question above is irrelevant I think. Look here https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/qls-qa361.23551/reviews
  11. @Doak I have no idea about which SD cards to use, sorry. I was just curiuos.. @sligolad Great info regarding the QLS361😀 Do you own the QLS361 and In case which powersuply do you use for the QLS361? Thanks In advance. Monge
  12. @Doak Thanks for sharing your impressions 😀 Do you notice any difference In SQ berween different brand of SD cards? Cheers Monge
  13. Hi Doak, Thanks for creating this thread. I’m following this thread with great interest. Some say that SLC SD/mSD is the cards to get for Music playback. But these cards are expensive. Regards and good luck with your research Monge
  14. Thank you very much. I tried a lot of things but not user root. Cheers Monge
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