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  1. Having used a SMS200 and then upgrading to the SMS200 Ultra, it is a definite improvement if you like the SoTM sound. In the meantime, you can also try upgrading from an iFi power supply to a good linear power supply. It should make a worthwhile difference. I recommend something like an UpTone LPS-1.2 or sBooster. Should you decide to upgrade to an SMS200 Ultra or Neo, you can reuse the LPS if the Ultra/NEO voltage is the same. I also recommend getting a better DC cable to feed the SMS200, something like a Ghent Gotham GAC4 with JSSG 360 if you are using a LPS which allows you to use an interchangeable DC cable. Between my own SMS200 Ultra and DAC, I use an UpTone ISO Regen powered by a LPS-1.2. This made quite an improvement even when I was using a Eitr. It may complicate things with your setup, but you could consider using this instead of the Eitr. I also use a pair of UpTone USPCBs instead of a USB cable between the Ultra/ISO Regen/DAC . IMHO, it helps improve the sound quality and saves money if you don't want to spend big bucks on USB cables at this stage. If you want to upgrade the USB cable, perhaps something like a Phasure Lush^2 (there's a thread about it somewhere around this forum). Should you proceed along this path, you would be able to upgrade to a SMS200 Ultra or NEO in the future and still use the LPS/DC Cable/ISO Regen/Lush.
  2. Has anyone tried the new DSP upgrade with and without an ISO Regen/LPS1.2 combo?
  3. @mav52, thank you. Like you, I am particularly fond of the sound of my D1 and would love to get more detail without sacrificing any of its warmth and analog-like sound. It looks like the T2 may not be the way forward for me too.
  4. I'm contemplating a move from the D1 to a T2 and would be grateful if you could explain more on why you prefer the A1/D1 to the T2. Thanks!
  5. Are you able to try a different USB cable? Also, when using a 12v wallwart, was it a direct connection to the SMS-200 Ultra Neo? I'm asking this in order to eliminate any issue with the SPS 500 and the DC cable between the SMS 200 and SPS 500. If these suggestions don't work, I would suggest the next step would be either to contact the seller for help or reach out to May at SOtM directly.
  6. It sounds like a possible power issue? Does the SMS 200 Ultra Neo require 9v or 12v? Does the LPS supply the appropriate voltage for it? Are you connecting any external USB drives to the SMS? Perhaps you can try using the SMPS wall wart that was supplied with the SMS 200? This will help rule out the LPS as the cause if the SMS 200 still has trouble booting up.
  7. That's an interesting chain that you have there. I never knew you could use the Synology USB ports in this manner. It does open up some interesting possibilities. What software or program are you using to output your music directly from the Synology NAS? As for upgrading the power supply of a NAS, I tried powering my own Synology dual bay NAS with a spare sBooster 12V power supply that I had lying around and the improvement was noticeable. It is connected via ethernet Cat 6 cable to my router then on to my audio streamers, but I've often wondered about using the USB port.
  8. The Lumin D1 and LPS-1.2 is indeed a good match and, in my system, better than the supplied D1 SMPS. Soundstaging is improved with more depth and the music sounds more "relaxed", not so digital. I was pleasantly surprised that the LPS-1.2 could power the D1 given that the D1's requirement was 12V 1.5A, but since I'm not using any connected USB devices, I'm guessing the D1 does not need so much juice.
  9. I am now the happy owner of a total of 4 LPS-1.2 power supplies. Each of them has given me an improvement in sound quality with better imaging and space around performers as well as deeper bass. They are used for powering: 1. Lumin D1 2. SOtM SMS-200 Ultra 3. ISO Regen between SMS-200 Ultra and DAC 4. ISO Regen between iMac and Steinberg USB Audio Interface
  10. Not surprised to hear that. My old Audioquest cable is about 20 years old, so it would be an easy guess that a much newer Carbon would trounce it handily.
  11. A bit late to the party but nonetheless: My setup is: SOtM SMS-200 (powered by UpTone LPS-1.2) > USPCB (90 deg) > ISO Regen (with UpTone LPS-1.2) > USPCB (Straight) > Schiit Eitr > Belden 4794R Digital Coaxial Cable > Denafrips Pontus 1. Doing away with USB cables and replacing them with USPCB adaptors gave a nice boost in clarity. My generic USB cable sounds mushy in comparison. 2. I feel that using an ISO Regen before the Eitr is a necessity, giving even more body to the music, with more precise imaging because everything is now in sharper focus compared to not using a Regen at all. 3. I had previously tried an old Audioquest digital coaxial cable I had lying around and compared it to a cheaper (and newer) Belden 1694 coaxial cable. I felt that the Audioquest was more laid back and gave a slightly better sense of space to the performers and musicians, but preferred the immediacy, bass and snappier presentation of the 1694. I recently purchased some Belden 4794R cable which is still burning in. Early impressions are that it is somewhere in between the Audioquest and 1694, but with better body and a slightly darker sound.
  12. I don't have any experience with this MCRU product, but I went through the same thought process. I eventually decided it was better to spend my money on the newer LPS1.2 with its improved Uptone SMPS than worry about the energizing power supply to LPS-1.
  13. Just checking in after a long absence to say that I'm very happy with the two new LPS1.2s that I purchased recently. I have one powering my SOtM SMS200 streamer (12v setting) and the other powering my ISO Regen (7v setting), with both energized by the new Uptone SMPS'. Imaging is more 3 dimensional - near holographic on some good recordings, vocalists have more midrange presence and the bass seems to have deepened a tad. Great job John and Alex. I'm looking forward to more goodies from Uptone...
  14. On my 3 Mac Minis (all Late 2012 models), I found that USB port #1 (the outermost port away from the power connector) sounded the best when connected to my DACs (Schiit Modi Multibit and Denafrips Ares).
  15. @Charente, thanks. I have been following the discussion here on power isolation/transformers and have been proceeding on a parallel path. I would consider it still to be early days for me and will no doubt experiment further when I have more time.
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