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  1. Hello. Sorry, I use a translator, I hope to express myself well. The initial components that probe and worked for me are the following. It probably can also work with similar ones. There are many models. Each equipment and combination, can have different characteristics and can give different results, work or not work, but in my case, these two components have worked well for me.They are not expensive and to prove you lose little. In some cases, photos, I have interspersed a USB Startech extender. Whether interspersed or not, the ISO REGEN has worked. The ISO REGEN has also worked, either when using it as an SD card reader, or directly in the USB path to the digital-digital converter, whenever I have used a USB 3.0 card, but not 3.1. I would advise using USB 3.0 cards. With the 3.1 I have not been able to make it work. https://www.amazon.es/gp/product/B073VKSB6R/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.es/gp/product/B00NU2JSF8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I will modern and old photos. In the new and old configurations, not only includes the USB section, they are also included in the photos, power supplies and regulators for DAC, headphone amplifier and PC. I think it is the set of improvements in all the sections, starting with the alternate power, they are what I have achieved good results. The photos with the scattered components are the first test, the oldest and the checked ones. In your day and post them in the forum. In modern photos, the Riser Card components and USB cards are different (Matrix audio), but they are not yet properly tested This current configuration and settings not yet conveniently tested. (metal boxes). I am modifying the transformer box and I have not finished yet to prove it. This riser pci express has worked for me but I only tried a few moments. Initial tests working. Final configuration with better results. Curiously using a card reader as transport in the ISO REGEN. The ISO REGEN with this configuration, together with the startech extender and obviously the DDC, would say that they are the components that contribute most to the improvement.
  2. Hello. As if it is useful, I used a riser pciexpress connection and this in turn to a USB multiport card and has not been an impediment to get a very good sound with the IsoRegen and the rest of the USB chain.
  3. Hello rafa. ¿Do you also appreciate a higher resolution and transparency in the sound or is it similar? ¿What DAC are you using? Thank you.
  4. Hello. In the absence of changing a pair of LT3045, more or less, already assembled and ready for installation in the corresponding box with the other USB components. The iFi micro feeds all the circuitry of the SU-1. In this case the LT3045 use them only to reduce the voltage, the output noise of the micro iFi is theoretically much lower. At the same time, a pair of LT3045 will power the iFi micro. I hope that when I have it finished, I will get the same level of quality as in the first eventual installation.
  5. Increases 2mA of being in standby to play music electric consumption of the entire USB 5V section. The XMOS consumes 281mA at 1V playing music and 265mA at Standby. Interestingly, going from 281mA to 265mA, it takes about 3 seconds and stays at about 275mA that time. I will look to put the 1A version of the LT3045. They heat up a bit. Years ago, I was measuring graphically the real temperature of a PC processor, and i could measure variations of several degrees in a matter of milliseconds according to the work of the processor, type of program, start, shutdown, etc. Each program generated a graph of temperatures in the specific time itself. A kind of own signature. With the Xmos something similar must happen.
  6. Hello. I just made the first test of operation with the changes discussed in the thread and with the set removed because it did not work initially and at the moment pleased with the result. I feared a fault when constantly displaying unlock in the DAC, but fortunately I had only failed to connect the Enable to the wrong regulator and the oscillator did not work. ?
  7. Amazon of Spain. Before I asked Mr. Chen, what version was the ad and confirmed that they were version 2.0. The photos that appear in the ad are old, from version 1.3. Wherever you go to buy, you could also ask him to confirm it. I do not know if there will be old stock somewhere.
  8. Sorry, It has not been necessary in my case, I use the balanced output. I have an NAD M51. I attached the instructions.
  9. I forgot rafa. I have not been able to use it with the DAC that I usually have and I could not comment on its performance, to see if I soon fix the problem and make a comment.
  10. Hello rafa. You´re welcome. I do not know if I'm going to hit the photos. Tell me if it is not like that. The regulators for the oscillators seem not to have changed. I have put a photo highlighting the changes.
  11. Hello all. I put some photos of version 2.0 if it is of interest. With respect to the 1.4 that I also have, there are no important differences at first sight, but if significant as the different frequency of the oscillators, change other components etc. Even the metal case has a lightning change, the IEC connector, etc. The power source is the same or at least very similar at first glance. The constant review of the equipment is appreciated. If you want some specific information, share it with me.
  12. Hi. I will create a specific post, but as it has a direct relationship with the SU-1, I put some photos of the union between the SU-1 and an iFi micro 3.0 to mount them in the three metal boxes that I already mentioned. The two are linked through a USPCB layered Uptone Audio adapter. And both will be fastened to the floor of the box through the same SU-1. The aluminum parts are easy to machine from parts purchased in large DIY supermarkets. You have to modify the capacitors slightly to be able to couple them. I still have a lot to finish, the rest of the photos of the system, I'll be publishing in another post. A greeting.
  13. Totally agree. The Startech is very good, especially when playing a file through one of its ports, but the concrete model needed is quite expensive. In my case it was worth it, but it is a very personal issue and also dependent on the rest of the equipment. Greetings, too
  14. Hi tgb. Sorry my bad english. Apart from having a couple of regulators LT3045 in the SU-1, although I will also install some more. For a couple of years I have been buying various devices, mostly USB conditioners and a USB to Ethernet converter and instead of selling them and replacing them with one another, I have been accumulating them in the chain and doing tests. From what I have experienced, the effect of having several is cumulative, none of them separately can do the function of the rest, although some are more effective than others and in some cases do not appreciate the improvement with what combination. In my case I have not finished the final installation, when I do, I better create a separate thread. Basically I have used a USB pci express riser card, several iFi and Uptone Audio conditioners and I have finished replacing all the USB cables. It would be interesting to know, to what extent a USB signal and clean power at the input of the SU-1, can compensate a clean power in the same circuitry of the SU-1 and vice versa. That is, if I have done it in the USB signal, it would be added to the results that the colleagues have achieved with the consequent improvement in the power supply and clock´s, XMOS for example and their power supply or not. And if some problems, they can be the consequence of others. I will install some more regulator in the SU-1 to make comparisons. I also want to comment, that the results I have obtained do not have to be extrapolated to other audio equipment with different components and also the filtering of the feed are important. In the same way that when we are in a bar and it is difficult for us to have a conversation with another person, there are many sources of noise and we do not do much if only one of them is eliminated. I recently posted some photos about one of the tests, but as I say, I'll create a new thread to show it when I finish it all. The first photo, is the final installation that I have achieved the best result. A greeting.
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