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  1. I have a LIO-8 and a Yggdrasil and I can say that the LIO-8 is right there, slight differences. I also have an APL NWO-M and both are too close, considering price, to that DA, but it is better overall. My current direction is away from USB after trying most of the tweaks I've come to the conclusion that I do not like USB, it seems to have an incurable hardness. I am considering an SSR or Bel Canto REFStream right now to replace the Mac Mini > AP2/PP front end.
  2. Thanks bplexico. Yes, I would only serve one DAC at a time, that's clear, but I would have one point of serving them, the Aries. Each of the connections on the back of the Aries (USB, AES, Spdif) would go to each DAC. I assume I could also control the Aries with my android tablet/bubbleupnp after setup.
  3. I pm'd miguelito on his offer, but I am wondering if this is a bad idea since I don't own an ipad. Is it feasible to do setup on an android phone, then use minimserver to stream from my synology nas? I am currently using a BBB put together with Chris's template he published here. But, I also have a mac mini to serve two other DACs (I have three total). I am thinking the Aries could serve all three at once...
  4. I have both an RPi 2 and BBB and have played with both of Chris's guides (thank you). While I can get the M2tech (xmos version) working with either, nothing I do has lead to the Audiophilleo/PP working with either of these setups. I am a total linux newbie but have experimented quite a bit with different settings in MPD and alsa, with no luck. On the BBB I get music but lots of stuttering. On the Pi, I get a few seconds of garbled music then silence. I really want to get the AP/PP/Pi or BBB combo working to see if it beats the Mac Mini/Audirvana. The M2tech/Pi or BBB definitely does not beat the MacMini. Any thoughts?
  5. Met the designer today at THE Show, very nice man. I am excited to see some reviews of this streamer.
  6. Can we assume Phil that Essentials sounds exactly the same as Standard?
  7. Condolences Phil. What are people doing on the Control PC Jriver audio settings, the one below choosing the device. Specifically, there are two choices on buffering. I unchecked large hardware buffers and had the drop down set to minimum hardware, but I was getting some pops at song beginnings. I then put the drop down to 50 milliseconds, the suggested rate and left large hardware unchecked. This seemed to help. I still get some pops when switching to hi-res. My listening habit is to have my whole library on random, so switching around so much may be the issue? Maybe my issue is that my ControlPC is currently an Atom, so not powerful enough for Jplay or minimum latency settings? I do plan to upgrade. I have Jplay set on DL for regular PCM, but have 8,18,32 for hi-res. I tried raising these but it did not help. No tweaks in the Jplay registry. AO is fully optimized, minimal core on controlpc and core on audiopc. Thoughts?
  8. I have been playing with the optimizer for a few weeks now, migrating from a single PC setup to a dual Jplay one. I have been messing with computer audio since 2004 but have not done too much on the PC server side until now and I can confirm what others have said, it makes a difference. My setup is all headphones since I can't own speakers. My friend and I build our own electrostatic (DIY T2, KGSSHV, HEV90 clone) and dynamic (custom 6C33C, Dynahi) amps. I would say that being married to headphones really brings out the details in changes made in my system. My source is either an Amarra Model 4 or mainly an APL NWO-M. I currently have my control PC (zotac ionitx atom, pico, dedicated network card for jplay) in minimal server mode and the audio pc (zotac w/e6300) in core mode. This has really helped the sound-stage in my phones and the music is just more enjoyable. The next step I guess would be to upgrade the power and hardware, since I just used what I had lying around. It seems like a lot of this is in flux right now and the super expensive linear supplies are a turn off. I will probably try to build my own.
  9. Hopefully this will be an easy question. Long time Amarra user and Amarra Model 4 (LIO-8) owner. I recently installed 10.8.5 on a second partition on my main drive and tried to upgrade from 2.5 to 2.6. Problem is that it is asking to reactivate whenever I open Amarra. I followed the troubleshooting guide to re-install 2.6 after deleting older versions. Could the problem be that there is an older version on my other partition? I'm not going to delete that until I get this new one working. The activation process has definitely been a PITA over the years. I had an iLOK. Any help appreciated...
  10. Heard these yesterday in Newport and have to agree that they are a bargain for the price and sound very nice. I think any 24/96 gets down-ressed, pretty sure that's what they told me.
  11. This thread is truly entertaining, an industry leader arguing with home hobbyists. Don't know why you would waste your breath Charles? Anyway, is there going to be a QB-9 DSD in Newport this weekend?
  12. I use BitRemote but would love something better, like Remote is to Itunes.
  13. I have had one for a couple years now and it is nothing short of amazing, exactly as socrates describes. I have several pro studios mapped and the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. I pretty much only use the AIX profile. I plan to someday get a great 2-channel system but haven't done it yet. Use mine mostly for movies, my headphone systems are very good without this.
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