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  1. upmpdcli is not starting for me on restart. I have to toggle enable/disable every time. This is with an Rpi4.
  2. I have not tried other kernels, not really a mico-tweaker any more. What is the default kernel?
  3. I loaded the latest RPi4 build and the cpu heat issue seems to be back, was gone in the last build. Also, what settings do I have to do to make upmmpdcli work? I enable it and the status is 'started' but it's not showing up in bubbleupnp. edit: went to last build and turned on upnmpdcli and mpd, showing up now.
  4. Thank you so much for the new images. Got the RPi4 one working in ram mode. I am fairly certain the web interface 'select DAC' numbering is off by one. I was choosing 44 for the HiFi Berry Digi + Pro and that was not working. Via SSH and gp-menu route the number is 43 and that worked. On another note, I think the HIFi Berry is the one to select since it works but I have a Pi2AES which is not on the list. Would it be better to use the Pi2 DAC option? Going to donate now 🙂
  5. I'm already using that, was interested in the newer beta version, thanks.
  6. Thanks, will this work on RPi4?
  7. Thank you so much for the quick reply. I think I understand now. I am interested in the updated Rpi4 firmware because it supposedly helps with heat issues. There is a beta about to be released that helps even more. https://www.cnx-software.com/2019/12/01/run-raspberry-pi-4-cooler-new-firmware-easy-trick/ The gentooplayer is reporting my CPU idling at 68C 😓.
  8. I am really liking this player, using on Rpi4 with 4gb ram. I want to update the Rpi firmware, what is the best way to do this? Do I need to go to a different image to do that? Can it be done while I am using Gentooplayer in ram? Sorry for maybe not using the right terminology, I am a novice in these matters.
  9. I have a LIO-8 and a Yggdrasil and I can say that the LIO-8 is right there, slight differences. I also have an APL NWO-M and both are too close, considering price, to that DA, but it is better overall. My current direction is away from USB after trying most of the tweaks I've come to the conclusion that I do not like USB, it seems to have an incurable hardness. I am considering an SSR or Bel Canto REFStream right now to replace the Mac Mini > AP2/PP front end.
  10. Thanks bplexico. Yes, I would only serve one DAC at a time, that's clear, but I would have one point of serving them, the Aries. Each of the connections on the back of the Aries (USB, AES, Spdif) would go to each DAC. I assume I could also control the Aries with my android tablet/bubbleupnp after setup.
  11. I pm'd miguelito on his offer, but I am wondering if this is a bad idea since I don't own an ipad. Is it feasible to do setup on an android phone, then use minimserver to stream from my synology nas? I am currently using a BBB put together with Chris's template he published here. But, I also have a mac mini to serve two other DACs (I have three total). I am thinking the Aries could serve all three at once...
  12. I have both an RPi 2 and BBB and have played with both of Chris's guides (thank you). While I can get the M2tech (xmos version) working with either, nothing I do has lead to the Audiophilleo/PP working with either of these setups. I am a total linux newbie but have experimented quite a bit with different settings in MPD and alsa, with no luck. On the BBB I get music but lots of stuttering. On the Pi, I get a few seconds of garbled music then silence. I really want to get the AP/PP/Pi or BBB combo working to see if it beats the Mac Mini/Audirvana. The M2tech/Pi or BBB definitely does not beat the MacMini. Any thoughts?
  13. Met the designer today at THE Show, very nice man. I am excited to see some reviews of this streamer.
  14. Can we assume Phil that Essentials sounds exactly the same as Standard?
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