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  1. I've been out of pocket a few days, so I owe people a few responses. @Em2016, I've been using external power with the DAC. @gahabana, I have not been any pops or clicks at all with DSD, but all I have been doing is let Roon upsample everything except MQA to DSD512.
  2. We missed the USPS when they tried to deliver my UltraRendu Saturday. Fortunately, my wife was nice enough to pick it up from the Post Office today while I was at work. @Em2016, PCM768 works perfectly. DSD256 via DoP kinda works, although I'm getting some choppiness that might be due to a temporary network setup I've got going on the kitchen table as my preamp on my main system died on me. I'm looking forward to getting Native DSD512 working (and a new preamp!).
  3. I'm successfully using Roon to play upsampled DSD512 and PCM768 to a Pre Box S2 Digital via a RPi3 running Ropieee. Roon DSD is set to native in both Device Setup and the DSP Engine. I sure hope this will work on an Ultrarendu (and sound even better!) as I have one on order.
  4. I am having no problem running both DSD512 and PCM768. I'm running Roon and using a Raspberry Pi3 running Ropieee with Ropiee configured for a USB DAC. Worked the first time I tried both. With my other PI HAT DACs, I was never been able to reach the advertised upsample rates on either DSD or PCM. I tried both Ropiee and DietPi. I thought maybe my old Macbook running Roon wasn't powerful enough to do the upsampling, but clearly that wasn't the problem.
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