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  1. @austinpop So Rajiv, what is the server you have embedded Euphony + Stylus into? Is it the one you had built for yourself?
  2. I have now added artwork for whatever was missing among 1845 artists. Each is sized to fill the screen (rectangular) and in png format. Everything has slowed to crawl. Search. Play. Everything. Pls help me fix this picture.
  3. @Thank you for the nice introduction, @Superdad I just got my new SOtM 9v switch today - with CLK, 75ohm REF10 port, silver, the whole enchilada. Installed nicely and powered by the UpTone LPS 1.2 which I enjoy more than the standard SOtM 9v power supply. My baseline was a SOtM-modded Netgear FS108 switch pigtailed to the SOtM txUSB ultra so the switch would take advantage of the ultra’s better clock, as well as the REF10/Habst cable the ultra had been modded to accept. Now the REF10 directly controls clocks on the USB ultra and new SOtM switch. I’m only 3 hrs. into what SOtM says is a 50-hr break-in. I will say, though, the combo (new switch with mods, direct REF10/Habst connect snd LPS 1.2) is already providing enough of a SQ bump to make me happy with the purchases. I already had the second Habst cable and LPS1.2 on hand, so my new investment was less than it would have been otherwise. Although I knew the dimensions, it’s size -for a switch - still surprised me. It looks great and I don’t find the size to be an issue. It’s just uniquely different. I’ll report back when I’ve gotten thru the break in!
  4. Thanks and Happy Holidays to Rajiv, Eric, Romaz and all the other CAs for sharing their time, knowledge and experiences. My SQ compared to original has improved more than I could imagine over the last year. While more a beneficiary than a contributing experimenter, I hope to soon share some thoughts on SQ impact when I: - replace an SOtM modded Netgear108 with the new SOtM switch (with upgraded capacitors + silver) - replace the pigtail from the tx-USB ultra’s clock and REF10 with rhe REF10/Habst directly cabled to the SOtM switch. In the new configuration , the SOtM tx-USB Ultra and new switch will both have the CLk and a direct REF10/Habst Input. I’ll try to share what my ears hear as best I can! Bruce
  5. Thanks, Alex. Look forward to Feb when you hit the market and we can hear the results of this labor of love. Since I’ve already invested in the REF-10 it will be easy to A/B and pick the best path for my system and ears!
  6. Sorry, if I missed this, Alex. Will your EtherRegen have a Reference clock input port?
  7. Thanks on the cable debate -50 v. 75 ohm- question asked and answered!
  8. Thanks! I will be using Habst which is available in either 50 or 75 so that won’t be a consideration with me, but I appreciate your reply. In your opinion there there is no real difference. Would you feel the same if a 75 cable is used in a 50 ohm REF-10 output to a 50 ohm input? thanks.
  9. Different Question: is 50 or 75 ohm optimal for use with my REF-10? Most of what I read in this forum or others seems to suggest 75 is better. Here’s what May/SOtM told me: -> Normally 10MHz signal use 50 ohm cable. And word clock or SPDIF signal use 75 ohm cable. If you want to connect audio signal or clock signal in long distance like CATV signal, the 75 ohm is better. But, for most cases, audio application is not needed to connect in long distances. So 50ohm cable is better than 75 ohm cable. Do you agree with this?
  10. Rajiv, it’s not you. I’m just easily confused! Thanks for the additional clarification.
  11. Rajiv - I don’t think you use a sMS Vsnilla/Neo in your regular setup do? You use the SE for both Core & Roon Ready and then strait into the tx-USB ultra? I’m taking a step back here, but does the idea @romaz presented - and that is at play in your neo vs. vanilla test - that adding the additional switch and Roon endpoint after the Server (Core) improves SQ? If I recall romaz preferred the mR to the uR in this configuration?
  12. Thanks both @austinpop and @feelingears Rajiv, just confirming your test was with the Cardas Clear, not the Cardas Clear Beyond version? At .5 meter both are in the $700 ballpark. Thanks!
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