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  1. Hi, I have an upgraded Lyngdorf DPA-1 pre amp and a Lyngdorf Millenium MKIV amplifier. Those cerainly can’t do DSD. The Millenium keeps amazing me. It doesn’t show its age at all, in fact I sold my 2170 + sda-2400 and got two of these instead. The Second Millenium is for the subwoofers.
  2. Now that I'm back behind my PC and can use the keyboard, let me clarify what I mean. I'm having a tighter bass and better imaging. Strange as it sounds, lead vocals are more in the center now, while in the past they were sometimes a tad to the left. I have a Lyngdorf system and I'm still not using RoomPerfect. However, the system is starting to sound as if I'm using RP. People with a Lyngdorf will now what I mean :-) The latest SoTM updates and AL have made some serious impact. While in the past my system sounded with some songs spectacular, it is now far more balanced. Everything starts to sound good. It has been a long and winding road before I got there. I now disagree with many that say that a good system is a double-edged sword. For me, a good system makes badly recorded and highly compressed music sound better. Highly compressed music was a real challenge for my system in the past and sounded sometimes horrible. Now, this is far less the case. If your system is capable of making highly compressed music tolerable, then this is a credit to its precision and speed. Don't get me wrong, I hate compressed music, unfortunately, sometimes we got to live with it.
  3. Although the question is not directed to me let me give you my findings 😀 SoTM has clearly worked on the sound quality. I'm using the Roon bridge now because HQplayer is getting on my nerves. The Roon bridge sounds wonderful to me. It has improved to the point I'm starting to wonder if HQplayer can still make it better. The SoTM developers are not sitting and waiting till the competition surpasses them.
  4. My post was a reaction to the post of superdad above and not because I don't know what nun-of-the-mill switch looks like 🙂 Just to be clear, I would prefer a case a tad bigger than an LPS-1.2 case. This would allow to have all the connections on one side.
  5. I think that for most people, it would be easier to have all the connections on one side. All ethernet/SFP ports and power on the same side. Personally I wouldn't mind paying extra in order to have a practical product. After all it will probably be THE switch that will say a long time in the chain.
  6. All the ethernet cables in my audio chain are those Viablue + Telegartner RJ45's. Those cables are very good and an absolute bargain. I also had Supra cat 8 and found that the Viablue's where superior. Make sure that you connect the braided shield of the Viablue to only one of the two Telegartner RJ45's that make-up the cable.
  7. I assume you are following the guideline from SOtM. http://docs.sotm-audio.com/doku.php?id=en:eunhasu:burn_sdcard_image Just ignore the message to format upon insertion of the SD card. Burning the image will do the necessary formatting and partitioning for you. It's possible that I have used Rufus instead of imageUSB. Just be careful not to erase any data on your PC's HD's
  8. Thx, for the info about the 0.4.4 version. I sure hope that the difference I'm hearing is not due to a simple change of DC cable on my server. But then again, who knows! I just listened again and my system has some sort of calm and neutrality that's almost uncanny. Version 0.4.4 can't be downloaded from the website I see. I did the upgrade from within Eunhasu. When I upgrade to 0.4.5 I will put 0.4.4 aside (so I will be using a new sd card)
  9. Merry Christmas to you all and I concur: my system would not sound as it does today, without the input from many forum members here.
  10. Correct. I still have to test a NUC as AL endpoint and of course compare it to the sMS-200 ultra.
  11. This is what I heard on my own system. I must admit that I made some other changes, but I don't believe they can give such a gain. 1° AL from 0.6 to 0.8 (config remained the same) 2° New DC cable for the NUC AL server (simple Canare 4S with JSSG360 treatment)
  12. There's only one test left for me. A NUC with AL as endpoint versus the sMS-200 ultra. The 4.4 firmware of the sMS-200 ultra gave a massive improvement in sound as a Roon endpoint. I'm waiting to install 4.5 because some are experiencing problems with it. With what I'm hearing now from the sMS-200 ultra, I'm not sure that the NUC will be clear winner. To be continued...
  13. I've copied some FLAC's to a directory in AL ramroot and couldn't hear a difference between "in memory" play and play from the NAS using RoonServer. I did even shutdown the NAS to be sure the NAS wasn't interfering somehow. Perhaps my system is not resolving enough. I haven't tested with a NUC endpoint yet.
  14. Is there a benefit compared to simply mounting the USB drive on your server on which runs RoonServer? Unless, of course, you copy/update your music files to the USB drive using another machine on the network.
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