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  1. Actually it does, exactly. You are projecting on me your own inner hate, You are worthless and powerless in an arena where you want power and value. So you try and put me down and short change my real power in an arena where I am a part of the process, in ways you don't want to value ... as that adds to your shame and sense of powerlessness. You are projecting. Super easy to see.
  2. You bought a CD? And the 24 is from where? They are the same files here, less 8 bits.
  3. Nice try. You are projecting. You are the one with less value than you think. Projection 101. If you heard the mixes and the masters, you would know why my clients include some of the best mixers and coolest artists in the world right now. It's really not as pop as some want to make it. Pop is usually more "cookie cutter" than my work and my clients work. But even them I would never use the term. It's just fucking rude. I respect all artists I don't respect ANY SNOBS who are full of themselves..
  4. Of course they do, but I treat rude assholes like rude assholes. Snobs like snobs. I have tried to mitigate that, and I'm sorry if your'e offended. I got a lot of hate here from the get go ... as many people saw a place to dump their DR issues on a pro. www.magicgardenmastering.com If you like sonic pictures and dynamics, try Chet Faker's record. Lucinda Williams is not slammed although it's hotter than the 90s. Liam G sold more vinyl in the UK than any record in 20 years. You will see many options ...
  5. Again, you are clueless and hilariously fucking rude. lol YOU ARE NOTHING, and you want to be SOMETHING. Consumer snob. Nothing. Robots can't do what a younger ME can do, nevermind what I do. When mixes are great, and you can make the best work in the world better, you will always get compensated for that. When mixes need love and you can exceed expectations you will get presents and thank you cards PLUS money for that. Wake up man, you're an idiot.
  6. The people who are insulting my work and my artists ARE NOT in my consumer chain. They are snobs. Audiophile snobs are a tiny percentage of the world, and act like they matter far more than they do.
  7. No you just fail to moderate and have your own bad attitude !
  8. Maybe we need to define terms in an agreed upon way ... for everyone's benefit An AUDIOPHILE is what? COOKIE CUTTER MUSIC is what?
  9. I don't master for a "demographic" ... I master for a balance of immediacy and timelessness that elevates the client and connects them with a series of individuals that make up the biggest possible audience for their vision. I win people over to be open to their music. It's not about targeting, it's about appealing to humanity. Demographics is a marketing thing. You seem to have no idea, how this all works. Your definition of "immersive audiophile experience" is ONLY YOURS. Many people are having that experience with my work. I am an Audiophile, somewhat. I know many. There is no one definition. When the artist and the label and I are happy, that is the definitive article. You are NOT A PART OF THE CREATION PROCESS. You are a consumer. So consume as you wish, but your opinions are nothing to the artists or to me. We work to a vision, not your market perhaps. So you're saying Audiophiles are one thing? I was seeing it that way too but this site opened me eyes, you're not all a bunch of dynamics snobs listening to 80s style perfection based recording styles and musics. Great ! MQA is a DRM con, and it sounds bad, and I am not Authenticating anything they are putting out, they are doing that. So they are liars. Really depends, I work to a standard of quality, then send it out, then revisions. Could be 3 hours a record or on and off for 3 weeks. Doing many projects is not harder, it's easier actually. Staying fresh on each project is key. I need to listen like it's the first time, and like it's 20 years from now.
  10. I respect the people on the field. I have integrity.
  11. Some very real sense of false authority in people who are consumers, first, second and third.
  12. So rude. I do the best work in the world according to many, and it's nothing you would understand. Armchair nobody. At the least have the balls to back up your insults with a definition. What is "cookie cutter" music?
  13. No wonder there are no pros here. Anyone else want to post something personal and have it be allowed by the moderator?
  14. Really? 1. He implied I was not busy, so quantity was appropriate. 2. Maybe you would talk yourself up? I don't need to do so. Try again to be insulting, you are not up for this.
  15. I'm all for Colour, HERBs and Alu Min I Um But we have to draw a line with Mike, he's not recording anything.
  16. I post while I work, as a form of distraction. Working now. Printing a pass on in the background. It helps the focus to stay on principle with people who want to make things worse not better. Very busy, 50 clients a month, I can't do more.
  17. No one who makes music uses that spelling, it's stupid. Microphone. Mic. The end.
  18. It's a dismissive term with no definition, so I asked for a clarification. Seems like a normal thing to me. "Reverbey" from the harmonic distortion is very possible, yes. Great! Be sure and get the source masters to compare to, nothing higher or lower in sample rate. How so? I'm telling the truth about how records are made, and standing up for all music in the face of some real elitism and snobbery. Also defending artists, whose work is being altered by MQA for profit. Sorry if that's hard to take. I don't have one definition of Audiophile, each person is different. Yet there are some trends. Patterns are real. Have done so many times. Am only on this forum as I was interviewed and that came on here for comments. Such a defensive question. Obviously MQA. No respect. Audiophiles love music. That's a great thing. Who is this "we". You put forward the idea that Audiophiles are not one thing, then you use WE as part of an ad hominem? INconsistent at best. And yet, you reply. Could not be more calm, I suggest you are projecting and need to calm your mind.
  19. MIC not mike, there are no Mikes in a recording you arrogant fool. I see it was recorded in 5.1 SURROUND + STEREO produced in DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition 352kHz/24bit) by Lindberg Lyd, Norway SO OF COURSE that is the actual master.
  20. I'm busy making music and trying to have a conversation here. Unlike you I'm not an armchair listener with free time. if you can't answer the simple question then ok. Sure, I'm aware of the world of music, I'm asking you how you define "cookie cutter" Man up, you're being a coward with the attacks. STAY ON TOPIC, you created the term, Define it please
  21. You heard the same mix in every format? How was it recorded?
  22. My take on MQA has nothing to do with musical or production style, it's about the codec, the marketing, the lies, and the desire to dominate. What is cookie cutter? What is not ? All recordings are cared for by those who create and love them, each is someone's baby ... and all are products, judged by the market and critics, etc. So what's the distinction here? The music you think is important vs. that which you don't? A certain DR? The lack of creative distortion vs. dense and processed productions? I don't see a distinction in any objective way. What am I missing oh wise consumers of music?
  23. What music recording is not "cookie cutter" to you?
  24. Sure but this is all subjective. The best master is one one in the room, everything else is the ego of the listener ...
  25. Once we decide the details and air are "better" then we will hear "an improvement" in ANY higher sample rate version. Doesn't make it better, just subjective for you. Better is closer to the master in the room.
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