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  1. Hi Great sound quality! My friend came over with his setup yesterday and was very impressed... I want the shuffle feature too. It's on their to do list. Sooner rather than later.... Ade
  2. Not long for my Mk3 mini now... I've upgraded to a linear PSU. I also managed to get a Paul Hynes SR4T for my DAC before Paul Hynes Designs folded. I have great Kimber Power cables. It already sounds great when using iPeng (I have a Roon licence but much prefer the sound of the std Mk3 music player when playing flac files). After reading some of your experiences of the sound improvement that Innuos 2.0 has made I'm super excited to try it. Is the Qobuz integration good? I found Roon to provide superior sound quality with Qobuz streaming on 1.4.9
  3. People have lost money and tempers / frustrations are rightly running high. We need to be kind to each other - we don't know who has been affected by this closure.
  4. I didn't intend to wind any of you up. I had no idea the wait times are so long. I feel lucky that PHD met their indicated delivery for my SR4T. Man - those wait times you are mentioning are way too long.
  5. That would be a shame. I received my SR4T from PHD last week and am so pleased with it I was considering ordering a SR7T
  6. I just fired an email off to PHD and had this cryptic response. Is PHD now closed for orders?
  7. I received my SR4T 5v fixed this morning. It is now installed in my system and settling in. I have a Ghent DC to microusb cable as well as one from Paul Hynes Design DC6 gauge. First impressions are good as an upgrade to an Sbooster MKII with Ultra MKII. Out of the two cables I prefer the Ghent (thanks for the recommendation @R1200CL). Ade
  8. I use the same Toslink cable with my Chord Mscaler. Rob Watts says optical is the best connection as it eliminates electrical interference. I think he also implements excellent jitter correction in his DACs which is really good for Toslink. I compared to USB connection and found the QED Toslink was slightly more relaxing to listen to for long periods of time but equally as musical and detailed as USB.
  9. Guess I'm a sucker then. I rate the change that this fuse makes. I get the skepticism though. I'd love to know why so many like the fuses (me included) - I know that plenty can't hear a difference as well...
  10. I have heard my system sound similar (not the same but similar characteristics) to using it with the SR Orange fuse. This happens at night after about 10.30pm. I assumed it was because in general there was generally less interference in the mains power supply. I asked questions on a couple of forums and this was the consensus opinion for those who had similar experiences. I've just had a look at the Synergistic Research website and they also refer to clean electricity which I thought was interesting. I assume that this is marketing but thought it was mentioning. I k
  11. I've no idea how it works or why it changes. I can't justify any of it. I do know that if I don't like it I will remove it. I'd love to know what it is doing.
  12. I added an SR Orange Fuse to the mains plug for my Stax 700s Energiser last Thursday. I've never purchased an audiophile fuse over £25 before. The immediate impact to the soundstage and placement of instruments was obvious. It presented an almost holographic 3D image. The overall impact was one that I wanted to keep. Unfortunately, since my initial observation the sound has changed almost daily, initially losing bass and treble and soundstage (which has now returned to a certain extent - especially tonight). Based on others burn in experiences I am hopeful that thi
  13. No. Ive never spoken to him. I wouldn't expect him to endorse or recommend anything which could cause a fault. I'vechanged plenty of fuses and the fuse holder is placed to be easily accessible (see earlier posts from others - it just pops out of the IEC socket) without opening up the main chassis and I will use a like for like equivalent (1 amp slow blow rating). I'm not concerned, if I don't like it I'll swap it back.
  14. 🥴 Count me amazed. I've just added a SR Orange mains (230v 13a) Fuse to my Stax Energiser. How can a fuse change the sound so much? I'm getting immediate improved separation (amongst other audible changes - speed/tightness of bass) - it's obvious and noticeable and doesn't sound artificial. The reason I'm posting here is that I'm also planning to get one for my SR4T when it arrives.... Was there any consensus on using this fuse?
  15. I've ordered one - custom micro USB terminated. 😁
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