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  1. I think the updater app released on 1/23 is the final. The KII page no longer references a beta version.
  2. I guess I caught the window where the updater was available so I'm at V 2.0 I wonder if they didn't take it down for the holidays because they didn't want to deal with questions over the holiday 🙂 I don't blame them. For those of us with a Mac you might need to go through an extra step because the Updater isn't "approved" by Apple. Maybe Kii can fix that before they re release the app.
  3. Just finished installing V2. I think there is a subtle improvement In SQ. i could go on, but I’m too lazy and enjoying listening too much to bother 😏 Which is about the highest praise I could give.
  4. I guess I'll add a bit more. As a musician (classical guitar) I respond a great deal to phrasing, which I would define as the manipulation of time and articulation. Time could be: rubato, ritenuto, ritard , accelerando etc. Articulation would refer to staccato, legato, accents etc. With the eR inplace these expressive devices come through with an effectiveness that I just haven't heard before in any system. And it's so natural and closer to the live experience than I've heard before. I've been listening to string quartets, orchestra a lot of jazz. This week I will finally put on some classical guitar. I look forward to that. Really a great product!
  5. I have little to add to the comments except that my impressions are mainly the same positives shared here already. One thing that struck me was hearing some nuance when I wasn't listening intently(studying a score or writing an email.) The phrasing of an instrumentalist or vocalist comes through more clearly. Subtle nuances are heard and are more effective. For me, that's one of the hardest thing to portray in a recording. My eR feeds an UltraRendu which feeds the Controller for the Kii 3. I should add that the Kiis are so transparent that I had some doubt that the eR would make a difference. I almost assumed that I would send it back within the 30 day period. No chance of that now!
  6. I'm guessing the units are not shipping in strict numerical order? I'M #8875 which leaves about 30+ ERs after mine in the 1st batch not just 15. I also paid for FedEx 2nd day or whatever was 22.00.So I assume that is a Friday arrival which is perfect because I can be home to get it:-) Not complaining, just concerned I wasn't overlooked in the first batch
  7. The remaining first batch domestic orders ship today as well,don’t they? I’m 88xx so should be getting notice today?
  8. If your amp etc. is plugged into knob and tube that is likely the reason your sound is suffering. I still have sone Knob and tube in my home but years ago I ran 2 dedicated lines for my stereo. The difference was quite significant. It gave the effect of doubling amp power and clean sound etc. Cost was 85.00 for materials(10guage romex, 40amp breakers and hospital plugs. My electrical engineer friend helped with install which was very easy.
  9. Could one simply insert the sd card from a uRendu so that the silver unit would work with other protocals? I ask because I use Roon almost 100% but if Roon doesn't work with Amazon HD in future I would hate to have to buy something else.
  10. Oh, right. I bought this so many years ago I forgot the name!
  11. It's not a compass. It's a foldable iPad stand. Sorry I can't take a pic right now
  12. The Kii s sit on a damping membrane on the stand to reduce or eliminate vibration
  13. The Kii does a great job with large scale orchestral works. As a classical musician I attend quite a few concerts. The Kii come closer to reproducing the live experience than than most systems I’ve heard. They replaced my Watt/Puppies.
  14. I love the simplicity of the Kii system. It will likely be the last system I will have. I had the same Thiels before my Watt/Puppys. That's a great speaker!
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