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  1. Hello there, I love the digione sig nature (had the previous one too), I use chargeable batteries (Can't afford a decent PSU) and it sounds great, however the Allo pack is very flimsy and occasionally can catch fire as we seen in that famous video Can anyone recommend a slightly better batter case ideally one with a USB-C connection, what are you using? Thank you!
  2. Hello people, I'm using batteries to power the digione signature, it sounds great but having to constantly charge and swap them is a pain - I often have music playing 24 hours... I tried using a bigger USB power bank, several actually but they often cut out (possibly because the signature clean side draws so little power - did you have better luck with USB power banks? If so can you share the exact model? Many thanks!
  3. So just to be clear regarding the powering on sequence, you can connect the clean side after the RPI just make sure to reboot it?
  4. Thanks, but the idea is that a 2400 mah battery will last twice as long as a 1200 mah battery?
  5. Thank you, looking here in the Uk the only LifePo batteries I found have very low storage, 1200MAH vs normal 18650 with around 2500MAH...?
  6. OK people, what exact battery models are you using? I have a pair of Samsung 30Q which sound great, but I got the Allo 4 battery pack and for some reason, it's impossible to find the 30Q on Amazon in the UK anymore... So recommendations about other brands/models for the signature would be appreciated, thank you! Need to be flat head ones
  7. One quick question, the Allo Battery holder, is it designed for 'flat positive' batteries or the more traditional 'extrusion positive'? I got the later and just realized they won't fit in the generic battery holder I got from Amazon Thank you!
  8. Thanks, finally got it to 'build' properly. Thanks for the help, The instruction can be clearer...
  9. Is there something like the Allo battery pack that I could get from Amazon? Don't want to wait for Allo - especially after getting the wrong charger the last time... I search for a battery pack and get a ton of irrelevant results Thank you!
  10. So what batteries/set up are you using for the clean side?
  11. Hello People, Anyone using a USB power bank to power the clean side and is happy with it? It's more convenient to charge it via USB. I have a 20k Mah RAV power that's good but occasionally cuts out (and comes back) - I suspect the current draw of the Digione clean side is just barely enough to keep it going. Other batteries I tried just won't turn on... Any suggestions are appreciated.
  12. Ok so a quick update, Firstly, I change the linear PSU - used it for the dirty side and used a USB power bank for the clean side, the difference is audible and clearly improved on the old Digione - more detail, resolution and 'inky black background to the sound - good job Digione! On the case front, I tried following the video but the pieces just don't match - I made sure the bottom part is in the bottom although the screws don't align with the feet - see attached:
  13. For the clean side I use a Tomanek linear RPI PSU http://www.tomanek.net.pl - that I've had for a couple of years now and I think it sounds good. For the dirty side I'm using a USB powerbank (since I never got the ALLO power I ordered...) Not sure I can improve on the power any further... EDIT: for the record, my speakers and sub are on Townshend seismic isolation bars, and I have decent cables all around, the system sounds terrific, but the new digi signature isn't showing any notable improvement.
  14. Ok So I got the Digione Signature a couple of days ago and would like to share some thoughts. Firstly, I'm disappointed with ALLO, the case I ordered doesn't actually fit the unit (see attached images) - I spent two hours trying to assemble it in all possible combination but no way. This is ironic because I then checked my digione case and guess what that too didn't match... Also, I ordered the V5 power supply and got the 19V PSU which I almost plugged into the unit, frying it surly... This is not serious. As to the sound, It's ok, I hardly notice an improvement, it's definitely not in the order of moving to the digione from Hifiberry - In my view not worth £300. My set up is very revealing, I think: Digione (signature) -> BNC - Yggy V2 - Shiit Freya - ATI 6002 - ML electromotion ESL S/3. Just my 2p
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