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  1. Hi, OK - i will ask. What does XTC represent ? Regards, Shadders.
  2. Hi, Given the behaviour of the people at RMAF, then i probably would not engage the MQA people. What would be gained by it ? The MQA supporters, or promoters, who do not answers questions, where the answers will show MQA to be a scam, are the ones who frustrate people by only stating the false facts provided by MQA. There is a plethora of these type questions in this thread never answered. So, what is your assessment that these MQA supporters never answer the relevant questions ? Challenging such people is not an attack. This isn't politics, it is science and engineering, and MQA is a scam. Regards, Shadders.
  3. Hi, Not sure if people would be willing or be able (costs etc) to travel to the US just to ask a difficult question. Regards, Shadders.
  4. Hi, I am not sure about DSD playback, but the AVI speakers such as DM10 and DM12 have class A/B amplifiers. They use the WM8741 (DM10) and WM8742 (DM12) - i think they have DSD playback. https://avihifi.com/products.html#dm10 https://avihifi.com/products.html#dm12 Regards, Shadders.
  5. Hi, Some people do it : Regards, Shadders.
  6. Which also has the alternative use:
  7. I was thinking of this kind of thing:
  8. Hi, I have seen the references to the videos on how to frying pan 😀 your surface mount board. I would probably try and find a local business that has a reflow oven, or i would try the heat gun. Regards, Shadders.
  9. Hi Jud, Thanks. Takes a while to implement, but once you get used to the work, it is not too bad to complete. For yourself, there are reasonably cheap reflow ovens - but, if it is just a one off hobby, then it would be a lot of money for the ad hoc build. I think jabbr referred to the oven approach - which i have seen projects to build a toaster oven type reflow oven - so this is a cheap route to acceptable results. Another alternative is the heat gun, which is used for surface mount reworking - this may be a solution for you ? They are relatively cheap too. Regards, Shadders.
  10. Hi, I solder surface mount using a cheap stereo microscope - £200 from a UK supplier. I use the smallest components that are possible given the design power requirements etc. Here is a picture of a 24bit R2R DAC i built using 0603 surface mount resistors. As others have said, i use the corner of the hand to pivot to obtain the relevant precision and stability. Regards, Shadders.
  11. Hi, Everyone has the option not to read posts of others. Even if you do, and object to the post, there is no need to respond, or let it make you angry etc. I like to hear everyone's opinion and approach - i see no need to suppress anyone's view. I can agree/disagree, or respond or not respond. At least with an open forum and free speech, we have the options. Luckily, in the west, we have governments that allow access to the internet without blocking searches, or even turning it off. Regards, Shadders.
  12. Short Version : You are all a bunch of c*nts.
  13. Hi, I will tell you what, if we ever should meet up, i will take you shopping and buy you a sense of humour. Regards, Shadders.
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