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  1. Long time ago, but just thought I'd reply with what happened .. the bug got fixed in the next update! (And we may never know what the variable was that made it appear for some people and not others. o_O)
  2. Since iTunes on my Mac, if I am offline then every time I try to play any song I get the error message:"Could not connect to the iTunes Store" and asks me to check my network connection. What else is possible? I don't wish to connect (or don't have internet where I am listening), so how can I make this error message stop, any ideas?
  3. Have just finished a Chat session with Apple Support. The first guy, similar to you Kirk, could not replicate the issue. His Senior Advisor however, did have the same behaviour on his Mac (and was surprised when he saw it). They got me to reinstall iTunes, no change. They are reporting it as a bug.
  4. I have aText, but my partner doesn't have it on hers and iTunes is behaving the same way for her. So if an auto suggest has occurred (e.g. in Artist field), you are able to delete it?
  5. Hi, since iTunes , if I enter a field (while in Playlist view) and attempt to enter something, if auto suggest occurs, I am then unable to delete the incorrect characters. e.g. go to enter an Artist by clicking in that field. Start typing. iTunes auto suggests the Artist it thinks I am typing. It's wrong, so I press Delete button to correct it. Delete doesn't work! The only way to clear the entry at this point is to hit Escape key. If I type the new artist exactly correctly it's fine, the auto suggestion disappears. But it becomes problematic with my Grouping field, which I use as a multiple genre tag field. e.g. a track may be labelled in Grouping as "groove, hip hop, funky, 10s" (the 10s referring to this decade). If I start typing it will auto suggest another one, I would normally hit Delete to get back to the cursor point, but now I can't do that at all. Anyone else having this behaviour?
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