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  1. I'm starting to think the supposed increase from 25,000 to 100,000 uploaded tracks on Apple Music and/or iTunes Match with iOS 9 is nothing but a hoax. There has been no announcement or any mention of such a thing except for a tweet mentioning it in June. When Google Play raised their limit from 20,000 to 50,000 they had it splashed all over their site bragging about it. And for good reason. It makes Google Play much more attractive. You don't think if Apple was going to raise their limit they wouldn't announce it? They announce everything like that months ahead. A tiny random tweet is not their style. It may happen sometime, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Too bad. I was drinking the KoolAid on this one myself.
  2. I was wondering the same thing. I'm skeptical. You never hear anything official from Apple on this. It seems like something they would want people to know about to boost their new music service. Since they don't even mention it, it makes me think it's not happening. A single tweet by Eddie Cue and that's their announcement? I doubt it.
  3. I currently have iTunes Match and my 3 month Apple Music subscriptions. Both are soon to expire. Are tracks played really streaming to my iPhone or are or are they cached and still taking room in storage? It looks like they are just streaming, as before, on iTunes Match everything you played downloaded and were a pain to get rid of. I like the streaming method much better as long as clearing the cache (if there is one) is easy. I'm wondering if I cancel Apple Music and keep Match, will it revert to the straight downloading of tracks again instead of streaming them.
  4. A fantastic Itzhak Perlman box set under the Warner umbrella just came available on Apple Music. It's not even available to buy until October. Lots of out of print recordings from Perlman's prime are now back. Yummy!!!
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