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  1. Since Allo is based on science I’m interested in knowing what they think.
  2. Does Allo have a stated position regarding the usefulness of audiophile switches with their products? I have been happily using my original DigiOne ever since it was first released. I wouldn’t mind trying fancy switch out but it seems like the DigiOne is likely fixing any problems, real or imagined, that are being caused by my switch. BTW my DAC is a Topping D50s. Thanks.
  3. An article that connects believing your ears to believing in god is not what I was expecting to read today.
  4. Thanks for the review. I have thought that Qobuz streaming directly to a player makes more sense than Qobuz streaming to a server, sounds better too. I look forward to the DigiOne Sig / USBridge Sig face-off.
  5. Thanks, Kirk. Guess that makes me a power user. I'll focus my attention on the new MacBook.
  6. Apple hasn't yet announced the iPad Pro but that hasn't stopped me from imagining. I have been buying some vinyl lately and making use of the included download codes on new releases. This is not problem on MacOS but I wonder if it is possible to download mp3s and import into Music in iOS? I'm guessing that a Mac will still be necessary to download and import mp3s.
  7. Can anyone suggest a good Mac application for converting flac files to alac? There seem to be far more flac files than alac files available for purchase and download but I like using iTunes so for now some conversion would be necessary. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the replies and thanks for the link to the article. A good read. I have gotten a couple of The Beatles mono LP reissues but didn't know they were available on iTunes. Also didn't know about the Dylan mono reissues. Wish I had a better memory so that I could keep track of which albums I've bought the most over my lifetime.
  9. Hello! After watching "The Wrecking Crew" on Netflix recently I am interested in purchasing The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds for the first time. I see it is included twice on iTunes with one being a very recent release including both stereo and mono tracks. Are the mono tracks must haves? Seems like kind of a pain to have to delete half the tracks each time I download. I guess mono is big these days on early sixties reissues. Won't be long before the Beatles are offered in mono on iTunes also.
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