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  1. This is probably just one of those issues that Apple will eventually fix, but I figured I'd throw it out there to see if anyone had any insight. When an album is listed in Apple music as "Pre-Release" you can add it to your library, and usually there are one or two tracks that the artist released early to tease the album. How it SHOULD work is that when the album is release, the rest of the tracks that had previously not been available would now show as available for stream or download. Unfortunately what actually happens, and has happened for at least the year that I've been a subscriber, is that those tracks still show as greyed out. I need to remove the album from my library and re-add it to the library, which defeats the purpose of adding a pre-release album in the first place. It's not a huge issue, but it's certainly a bug. Hopefully it will get resolved in this fall's os updates.
  2. I did a little experimenting with this. I think it caches jpg files from the artwork stored locally. I have a library of about 25,000 songs that's stored in an external HD and all in the iTunes Match portion of Apple Music (whatever the hell it's called). I also have thousands of songs that I've added to my library from Apple Music. I keep almost no music locally on my Mac, but when I occasionally get an album of mp3 files I will save it in my music folder and drag it to iTunes to add it to my library. Then I eventually offload it to my external HD. When I delete the files from my Mac the artwork still shows in the screensaver, and it seems to only show tracks that have somewhat recently been local. If I download tracks from Apple Music, (the encrypted files), that artwork shows as well. Kirk - I know that you stream your collection on one of your machines. Maybe try downloading tracks on that machine and running the screensaver? Also, it will be interesting to see if this screensaver option is still available in High Sierra, since it seems to only work with local files, and Apple is obviously moving away from that.
  3. I've used the iTunes artwork screensaver on my Macs of years and I think it's great, except I've had the same couple of dozen album covers for a looooong time now. How can I have it fetch more? I assume it caches a certain amount of jpegs, but I don't see a way to refresh. Maybe there's a cache file somewhere, or a folder that I don't know about. Any ideas?
  4. I subscribe to Apple Music and iTunes Match. My auto renew for match is coming up this month. It's safe to cancel it? I'm so afraid to mess with it, since I've had so few issues...
  5. Ah, well I hope the move went well. As for the tracks, there's no reason that these are special. They are just a few tracks of the 700+ that are in my 5 star smart playlist. There could be more of course, but even other songs from the same albums that are in this playlist don't have an issue. Removing the track and re-uploading the original file works to fix it. Good thing I keep backups.
  6. I looked at the files on my external HD when I got home and they are corrupted as well. It must have been from itunes, because it's only the tracks that were rated 5 stars and in a smart playlist. I ran them through the XLD app and that cleaned them up, but I had to change some metadata for those tracks to combine them back into the rest of the album. I also used Doug's Script to change the play count. I just found another few tracks with the same issue. (see the pic) I'm concerned that this is a bigger issue than I anticipated)
  7. Ok, so it continues to act weird. I downloaded the matched tracks from iTunes and when I view them on this PC here at work, you can see that 3 of the four tracks in question are missing a bunch of metadata. (see the pic) I removed the album from itunes match and then dragged these tracks to itunes, but it won't accept the same four tracks again. It won't even play them. I can play them fine using the built in Windows player on this PC. I should have the original files on my external HD at home, so I'll try to upload them this weekend. You were right that we should have a way to report issues with music files. If this doesn't work, then I'm stumped.
  8. I figured that was a solution, but I didn't want to have to reset my play counts. I'll look up the Applescript that Doug has to helps restore the play count. Aren't you supposed to be on vacation!?
  9. This is a weird one. I have 4 tracks from The Roots album Undun, that I have rated as 5 stars. I noticed that they were being skipped right over in a smart playlist that I have for all of my 5 star tracks, so I went onto my Mac to see if they showed any signs of an issue. (greyed out, etc.) Everything looks good. Here is what I see: - The entire album is all the same. - The tracks were matched to the cloud, so they are now all the same AAC files. - Those 4 tracks don't play on any device, whether I stream or download the files - They don't play whether selected in the playlist, or album/song view - If I do download the files and play them in a non-iTunes player, the tracks play fine My itunes is up to date and ios as well. Is my only recourse to download the files, remove the whole album from itunes Match, then rematch them and manually reset the playcounts?
  10. I agree Tommy. It's one of my favorite things about iTunes. I wish there was more data that you could pull out as far as listening habits. Kind of like last.fm does.
  11. Kirk - i should have known better than to imply I had a lot of Dylan albums on YOUR forum!
  12. Here are a few of my smart playlists below. FYI - I rate all of my favorite songs as 5 stars, but don't rate any others, because I decided years ago that I wouldn't really want to filter 3 star songs for any reason, and that the difference between a 3-4-5 star song would probably change over time. My whole library is about 23,000 songs and the 5 star songs total 764, if that gives you an idea. Also, I don't include jazz or classical in the 5 stars, because I don't generally like to listen to individual tracks for those genres. One of my main purposes of using the smart playlists is to help me to not forget about certain favorite music amongst my whole library. Some of my lists: - My Top Rated - All 5 star tracks. I shuffle this all the time and consider it my personal radio station. - My Top Rated > 6 months - 5 star tracks that I haven't listened to in over 6 months - Top Rated Metal - 5 star metal tracks for shuffling when I only want the heavy stuff - Zero plays - 25 random tracks that I have no plays at all on - Zero Plays Dylan - I have 30 something Dylan albums including live/bootleg stuff - This helps to see what I haven't heard before. - Zero Plays Metallica - Same as Dylan. I have lots of live Metallica stuff that gets neglected without this - Years - I make "albums of 2015" etc. lists, so that I can a) review what has come out this year at the end of the year when I make my top ten list. (here's a plug for my web app you can join www.thetens.us), and b) so that I can look back at past years Those are my main ones. I'd love to hear other ideas! Thanks, Tony
  13. Hi All, I thought I was being clever recently, but I've hit bit of a snag. I've been borrowing audiobooks form the library and ripping them to iTunes, so that I can listen to them on my phone. In an effort to keep track of how much of each book I have listened to, I made a smart playlist of each book and added the parameter of zero plays. That way, each time my play count goes to 1, the track will disappear. This isn't perfect of course, because play counts take a day or two to sync with iTunes Match, but I figured it was a decent solution. My issue is that when I pull up the playlist on iOS, the tracks are out of order. On the desktop version of iTunes they appear in order as you would expect. Is there a setting that I'm missing to keep them in order on iOS? Thanks, Tony
  14. Recopying everything did the trick. I must have had a space after the album artist. I should have known better. I have a web app for music album reviews that I built, and it happens a lot with the artist names on there. I have to go in and edit them often. Thanks guys!
  15. I have an album that was recently released for free from an artist's website, so the tracks didn't come from iTunes. When I imported them into iTunes there was slight differences in track #5's meta data. (genre, artist spelling, etc.) I changed the info in the info screen to all match exactly for album artist, album, year, and genre, and I made sure that the "album is a compilation" box is checked. Track #5 is still showing as a separate album. Any other ideas?
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