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  1. Just curious. If I go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage on my iPhone 6 Plus, I see that I have about 26.1 GB available (see image below). But when I plug my iPhone into my Mac and open iTunes, I see that I have about 11.9 GB available. Which number is correct? Why do the iPhone and Mac iTunes report two different numbers for the same device? Thx
  2. My top 3: 1. I appreciate there are different opinions on this topic, but on desktops and laptops, I favour a single iTunes environment for all media types. Separate apps are ok on iOS devices, which are mostly "consumption" devices. But on Macs, I find editing and maintaining a media library to be easier in a single application. In fact, I wish Apple would re-integrate iBooks back into iTunes. As a separate Mac app, iBooks offers fewer features, such as limited ability to edit tag data. 2. I want to be able to open the iTunes Store in a separate window, so that I can see the Store and my library side-by-side. 3. Home Sharing is terrible - it's slow and unreliable. And it's been that way since inception. I really wish Apple would fix this.
  3. I upgraded to macOS 10.12.5 and iTunes 12.6.1 a couple days ago. I now notice that when I delete content from iTunes, (e.g., a film or an audiobook), the deleted items no longer appear in Trash. They just seem to go away into never-never land. Anyone else experiencing this?
  4. I am looking for a Mac app (or web service) that takes an audio file as input, such as a podcast, converts the spoken audio to text, and produces a text transcript file. I've found some products that claim to do this, but am wondering if anyone has direct experience with such products and can recommend one for Mac. Thanks
  5. I download and keep a number of PDF books in iBooks. I know that I can go into list view (see attached image), click on the field and update the metadata. But is there an easier way, especially when I want to do mass changes? Also, once I load the PDF's into iBooks on my iMac, is there any Apple functionality or 3rd party utility that will allow me to sync the PDF's to iBooks on my iPhone? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53682537/iBooks.png Thanks
  6. Success! In System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall > Firewall Options, iTunes.app was set to block incoming connections. Changing it to "allow" solved the problem. Not sure why it was set to "block" though ...
  7. I have two MacBook Pro's sitting side by side, that I am using to rip my CD collection. On MacBook Pro #1, everything works fine: iTunes rips the CD's and finds the song names and album info from Gracenote. On MacBook Pro #2, iTunes tries to rip the CD's but is not able to access Gracenote. It keeps displaying the error "iTunes cannot connect to Gracenote server. Do you want to continue ripping the CD?" Both MacBook Pro's are connected to the internet. And in iTunes > Preferences > General, the "Automatically retrieve CD track names from Internet" box is checked on both MacBook Pro's. Any thoughts why MacBook Pro #2 cannot access Gracenote? Thx
  8. I occasionally watch an Amazon Prime movie on my Mac in a Safari browser window. Is there any way, or any 3rd party software, that will allow me to keep the specific Safari window (not all Safari windows) "always on top"? Thx
  9. Hi Kirk. I know you've written on this, but I can't seem to locate it. When I do Settings > Settings > Storage & iCloud Usage, it shows that I have plenty of available space. But when I connect my iPhone to my iMac, iTunes shows I am over-capacity by 29.48 GB. See foto. I've double-checked that I'm not trying to sync any additional content, other than what already is on the phone, so not sure what is happening. I am running the latest macOS and iOS versions. Advice? Thanks. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53682537/Space.png
  10. I opened a Pages document on my Mac today. Before the document fully opened, the attached message appeared. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53682537/Error%20Message.png I guess it's comforting to know there are warnings ...
  11. I like Apple. I really do. But I have to admit I was disappointed with Apple's product announcements yesterday. The iPhone is Apple's key product, and it certainly warrants prime position in Apple's product announcements. I don't mind the elimination of the audio jack, which seems to be controversial. I don't charge my device and listen to audio at the same time, so no issue there. And I don't feel forced to move to wireless audio, aka Airpods. My frustration is that so many of Apple's other products seem to take a distant back seat to the iPhone: - The Mac Pro, which upon its introduction was touted by Phil Schiller as "can't innovate anymore, my ass", but then hasn't been updated in 3 years. - The entire MacBook line, with infrequent updates, and (what I find) as a somewhat confusing product-positioning strategy with the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. - A similarly confusing strategy with the various iPad sizes. - A lot of good software, but a number of products which I consider buggy and incomplete (e.g., iCloud, Apple ID management). - The lack of an exciting, blockbuster new product since the departure of Steve Jobs (and no, I do not consider Watch to be a blockbuster product). Enough venting. My only conclusion is that I'm not bright enough to grasp Apple's strategy, and that incremental annual improvements in some products is enough to maintain their market leadership. Or, maybe there will be another Apple event soon that addresses some of the above points. I did like Sia, though.
  12. Thanks, it never occurred to me to use Plex to store my raw (not RAW) video clips. I tried Plex a couple years ago and liked it. But we have a lot of purchased iTunes content with DRM. At that time Plex could not (and probably still can't) play DRM content, and I didn't want to maintain two different media players. Maybe time to take another look at it.
  13. I have a few hundred video clips that I shot with various cameras and phones that I've owned over the years. The clips are in AVI, MOV and other standard formats. Total size is about 30GB. I would like to store and organize all the clips in one place. Just wondering what other people find as the best way to do this? Import them all into iMovie and organize them into "Events"? Import them into Photos and organize into folders and albums? Just use Finder and organize into folders and sub folders? Thanks.
  14. Getting this "Podcasts is only available on iOS" message EVERY TIME one syncs apps in iTunes is really annoying. I hope they add a "do not show this message again" tick box in the next iTunes release. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53682537/iTunes.png
  15. I've recently started looking at web-enabled smart home devices (light switches, security cameras, etc). There are lots of products on the market, each brand with its own iOS app, and little to no cross-brand integration. When HomeKit was announced a couple years ago, I thought it was positioned to be an integration hub. But that seems not to have happened. And very little was said about HomeKit at WWDC yesterday. Am I missing something, or is HomeKit dead in the water?
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