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  1. Thanks for the replies. That was a typo. should have read 160 gb. The problem was on the iTunes side. Suddenly for some reason nothing was checked. in the iPod Music page.Although there was around 100 gb of music on the iPod, all from the iTunes library. I don't know how that happened. After posting I ended up synching, and the deleted all the music on the iPod, then I selected a bunch of music to synch onto the iPod. That was what I hoped to avoid, having to re-chose all the music to put on the iPod, but it wasn't as bad as I expected. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. I have a very large iTunes library, iTunes Mac which I sync via USB to my 16 gig iPod Classic. The iPod is about 70% full, mostly music and many podcasts. Recently for some reason iTunes lost track of which tracks were synced to the iPod. iTunes seems to think I have nothing on the iPod. I have music sync turned off now, and all the music is still on the iPod. And all ther music is in iTunes. I don't use Apple Music or other streaming services. What is the best way to get iTunes to see what is on the iPod to get back in sync?
  3. Do you use View>View as>LIST or CLASSIC LIST, Kirk? I prefer classic, but list seems to work better (faster) but refresh button only applies to one podcast at a time, at least for me. Of course I have too many podcasts. Don't you?
  4. In iTunes Mac, in the podcasts "classic list" view, hitting the refresh button forces a refresh of all podcasts. Is there a way to accomplish the same thing in the podcasts "list" (unclassic?) view? Hitting the refresh button in "list" view only refreshes the selected podcast subscription. I can't see a way to deselect all or select all to refresh. Am I missing something?
  5. I've never seen anything displayed in it. Just a blank window. (iTunes Mac)
  6. Thanks, Kirk.I unchecked sync music, synced, rechecked sync music and resynced. At first that seemed to solve my problem. But then I started to see iTunes syncing songs again, and the same number I was seeing before on each sync, 141 (out of around 7500 synced to iPod Classic out of 84,000 songs in my iTunes library. There are also 15,000 podcast episodes. (I'm all set if I find myself stranded on a desert island with my Mac, iPod, and a power source) I next deleted a number of smart playlists that were variations on "new last xx days" After several test syncs, songs are not being resynced each time now. So maybe something got broken in one of those time-based smart playlists or they were conflicting with each other somehow? Kirk, when you said above, "...when I synced music to iPods." that had me l taking another look at my copy of Take Control of iTunes 12, to see what i could figure out what you do instead. Do you use iCloud Music Library with on IOS for playing music on the go? I still love my iPod Classic, which I sync music and audio podcasts via USB with iTunes After many years of use, i have never even come close to running down the battery unless i accidentally left if playing in my pocket for a really really long time. I also sync some music and some podcasts to my iPhone 6s, for some situations. But The Classic is still my go-to portable player. I guess that makes me old-school. BTW thanks for keeping your forum going. Cheers, Kenji
  7. How do I troubleshoot this, and stop this behavior? It wastes time every sync.
  8. After I posted this question, I did some more online research and discovered this: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/apple-configurator-2/id1037126344?mt=12 This free Mac app from Apple does what I want, even though it seems intended primarily for IT deployments. Launch Apple Configurator 2 on Mac while IOS device is connected and unlocked. From the app's menubar, Actions>Modify>Home Screen Layout Just what I wanted! PS: There's a Windows version too but I haven't tried it.
  9. One of the great things about using iTunes on the Mac to sync IOS devices used to be being able to view all the IOS screen pages at once, and drag and drop apps between IOS folders on different screens. Moving apps between folders on different screens is so painful on the iPhone (for me, anyway.) Is there some other way to organize folders on iPhone more like iTunes used to allow?
  10. I have a large iTunes library, with some 83,000 tracks. Mojave 10.14.1 & iTunes 12.9 on my trusty Mac Mini Late 2012. I just noticed two weird oddities while browsing through some of my many music compilation albums in iTunes in the COMPILATION view. 1----Many if not most of my compilations seem to be missing the last few tracks when viewed under the COMPILATIONS view. If I select a track and SHOW IN FINDER or SHOW ALBUM IN LIBRARY, the tracks are there. Just not in the COMPILATIONS view. 2----Many compilations have many blank lines as if there were a bunch of ghost tracks after the real ones. But there are no such tracks, either in the finder or in the wild. I only recently noticed these anomalies, but have no idea when they cropped up, Could have been in this latest iTunes version, or could have been there for a long time over many versions. Any ideas what the deal is? And how to fix it?
  11. MJB, did you try putting the hard drive under the Mini? (I'm assuming you have a hard drive with the same footprint as the Mini?)
  12. BTW my Mac Mini late 2012 is a different sub-model than Panelhead's. Macmini6,2 Intel Core i7 2.3 GHz.
  13. When I said in a Mac user group that I missed being able to use iTunes to manage and cull the dozens of apps I have installed in my iPhone, someone suggested downgrading to iTunes 12.6.4 using the Mac installer link on this page: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208079 I have a very large collection of music and podcasts in my iTunes library. I don't use iTunes for streaming music. It would be catastrophic to have to manually rebuild my iTunes library from scratch. Has anyone done this downgrade from iTunes 12.7.x to 12.6.4? If so, what problems or limitations did you discover? I did find relevant pages on Kirkville, but they were posted over eight months ago. https://www.kirkville.com/get-an-itunes-update-with-apps-and-ringtones/ https://www.kirkville.com/heres-why-removing-apps-from-itunes-is-stupid/ My current setup: -- iPhone 6s IOS 11.4 -- Mac Mini late 2012 High Sierra 10.13.5 -- iTunes I'd appreciate any experience doing this downgrade, especially if from the latest iTunes and High Sierra MacOS.
  14. My Mac Mini late 2012 has been going strong since I bought it in 2012. I have multiple active external USB 3 hubs, and use several bluetooth input devices simultaneously: Mighty Mouse A1197, Magic Trackpad 1, Logitech Easy Switch BT keyboard. I also use a Logitech M570 trackball which is proprietary wireless 2.4 GHz via Unifying USB receiver. I have had no issues with communication any of them. Mouse/ball/pad all move cursor smoothly. You don't mention what USB 3 hub you have. My first troubleshooting step would be to try a different one. Or are you talking about the Mac Mini's internal hub? Why do you mention a 5 ft range? Are you using your wireless keyboard and mouse across the room from your Mini? If so I would suspect BT radios being the problem, not USB 3. If you do want to use wireless keyboard and mouse at a distance from Mini, you could also try Logitech Unifying wireless peripherals. I just walked my M570 25 feet away, and the cursor still moves smoothly. What wireless keyboard and mouse are you using? I used to use the old Apple wireless keyboard, the so-called crumb-catcher (with the clear bottom.) That keyboard had lots of communication problems. It was almost impossible to pair at any distance, the Mini late 2012 usually couldn't find it no matter where it was.
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