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  1. They're local tracks. It's an Apple Music account, with iCloud Music Library turned off. Doesn't happen on my machine with a smaller library, though, but it's consistent on my bigger machine (a top-of-the-line new iMac).
  2. I've confirmed this is a problem on one of my machines. Smart playlists don't "live update", unless I "Edit Smart Playlist" and uncheck and then recheck "live updating". They then update one time. Subsequent changes (e.g. Recently Played) are still not reflected, so I have to keep doing this.
  3. In 12.3.3, there's some weirdness with Smart Playlists updating. Both my "Recently Added" and "Recently Played" playlists--which I haven't touched since iTunes 9 or so--were not live updating. Resorting iTunes seemed to get them to update, but then I needed to uncheck and recheck live updating to get them to work again... but then again they didn't. Something's changed with this version that breaks smart playlists, I think.
  4. Library is 145,599 songs, and there's probably ~20 smart playlists. About 1.5TB of free disk space on the startup disk.
  5. Yup, enormous. I've known that's a problem, but it also shouldn't hang like that...
  6. Every once in awhile, my iTunes hangs for about an hour, and then seems to resume. During this time, I get close to 100% CPU usage in the Activity Monitor, as shown below. Any ideas about what's going on? I've seen this in most of the version 12s and some 11s, and under both Yosemite and El Capitan. I'm using a mid 2009 iMac with 8 GB of RAM. [ATTACH]52[/ATTACH]
  7. Yup, thanks. I've got a bunch of playlists that consists of my favorite albums of a particular year, so I like to be able to view some of them by album.
  8. Odd, it does. Specifically, command-A seems to work when the Library is selected under the playlist tab, per the following screen shot. [ATTACH=full]31[/ATTACH] However, when a playlist is selected, like in the screen shot below, it doesn't.[ATTACH=full]32[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]32[/ATTACH]
  9. Installed the 12.2.1 updated. The following omissions have yet to be fixed: When viewing the contents of an album in Album view, Command-A no longer selects all the tracks on that album. (Bummer!) When viewing the contents of an album in Album view, songs that are not checked no longer are displayed as grayed out. (Bummer!)
  10. This has not been fixed in the 12.2.1 update, released in the US on 7/13.
  11. I'd like to listen to the playlist Jim D. has shared from my Mac. When I click this link on my Mac, Safari generates a "Connecting To The iTunes Store" page, iTunes opens, and I'm directed to my Apple Music New page. I can't seem to find this playlist, no matter how many times I try. When I click this link on my iPhone, the Music app opens, the screen goes black, but then Jim's Playlist opens. (I had to try this a few times to get it to work.) What is the recommended and reliable way to search/browse for user-created playlists from either iOS or the Mac? Is there a way to enter a link to a playlist from the web in iTunes directly?
  12. Well, that's a bummer. Here's hoping that changes with El Cap and iOS 9, and that Eddie Cue figures out a way beyond the 100k song limit.
  13. In his excellent MacWorld article, Kirk mentions (emphasis mine): "While the main feature of Apple Music is streaming from Apple’s massive collection of music, Apple Music also matches your music library and uploads tracks that aren’t in Apple’s library. There is also a 25,000 track limit, as with iTunes Match, but Apple’s Eddy Cue has said that this limit should be increased to 100,000 when iOS 9 is released." On Apple's AppleMusic Membership webpage (emphasis mine): "Your iTunes library is still yours. You can access your entire collection from Apple Music or the iTunes app on Mac or PC." These statements seem contradictory. What is the number of songs that I can upload and sync via AppleMusic? More to my interest, I have 150k songs in my iTunes music library. I'd like to have them backed up in the cloud and easily accessible across all my devices. Can I do that with AppleMusic? (Once the bugs are fixed.)
  14. Seems like AirPlay is disabled for all Radio stations, not just Beats1. Given that the workaround is pretty straightforward--stream via the Mac's system setting--I suspect this will be fixed shortly.
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