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  1. Any suggestions for a good series of columns or videos for dealing with the iCloud Music Library (IML)? An older series may well be better because I'm using an old version of iTunes on an older version of OSX. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your input, all. FWIW, there were no issues. The extraneous copies waiting to download in iTunes disappeared. None of the tracks in my library disappeared. I bought some new music hours after the subscription lapsed and no second copies appeared. It seems I guessed correctly the 2nd copies were from the subscription. It's amazing I am seemingly the only one who has experienced this. Maybe I simply missed the memo that told us not to buy and subscribe using the same Apple ID. Now I can return to nagging Apple about my former top question: Have the tracks marked to be sync'd to the phone been moved to the phone or not? The vast majority of songs purchased from iTunes and sync'd to the phone are greyed out/dotted circles when looking at the phone's contents through iTunes. Are the tracks on the phone or does the phone download the tracks when they are played? I lean toward the files have been moved to the phone, but the iTunes interface makes it appear they haven't. I hope the new Music for MacOS improves upon this.
  3. I will definitely back-up one more time and even disconnect that hard drive before severing the tie. I have appreciated that the Favorites Mix has become much better; it's finally a playlist of highly-rated tunes from my library. That said, I can create those playlists. Other playlists are tied to genres which I ultimately have found a too restrictive. I'm canceling because I don't want to give Apple more money. Every music and movie purchase through the iTunes store is downloaded twice. I do not want to stream from my phone, and yet the default setting is to show me all the stuff I've bought through iTunes so I can stream it. No. So much frustration. Ready for the simplicity of SoundJamMP. Again. Eh, maybe not. -Alan
  4. Good ideas. However, I never activated iCloud Music Library. Apple Music has never been enabled on machines or devices where I store or sync the music I own. (I never purchased from a device. I only buy using the Mini that serves up my iTunes library.) I only stream from devices that never touch my library. I always attempted to maintain a firewall between my stuff and theirs. As such I hope when I cancel there won't a single effect to my library, but....
  5. After a one year sub I will not renew in June. Does anyone think I may run into issues? I don't know what I don't know. I only streamed with Apple Music. I never intentionally downloaded the leased music. The only tracks I downloaded were those I had purchased. However, two copies of each purchased track were pushed to my library, and Apple claims not to know why. I suspect the 2nd track, missing copyright data, was from the leased side of the business. I trust I've been deleting the leased music, but we'll see when I cut that line. Suggestions before I start down this path? Thanks.
  6. I'd be inclined to say, "No," as I do not subscribe to Match.
  7. Possible reason: Having had multiple accounts for iTunes. I've had the same issue for many, many, many months. I've spoken with two support techs, and each said they had never seen this. The second asked if I had ever used multiple iTunes user accounts. I have. We found differences in the Get Info windows. I would suggest downloading a "duplicate" and comparing the File tab of the Get Info window of the two files. For me, the Purchased field for first download is always my full name followed by my current Apple ID, [email protected] The second download shows my full name followed by my original iTunes Music Store username: fullname. He wondered if the issue was because each is tied to the same email address. HIs only suggestion was to change the email address associated with the old username. While we managed to do that the dups continue. I'm living with it. I download the "duplicate," delete it, hide it, and hope there aren't unintended consequences should I ever need to download them again. FWIW...The first tech thought it might be because I use the same Apple ID for iTunes purchases and my Apple Music Subscription. (Maybe I missed the memo not to do that, but why would they require us to keep track of multiple IDs?) I noted Apple Music had never been active for my main music library. iCloud Music Library has never been active, either. He asked quite derisively, "Why would anyone with a subscription buy music?" I hung up from that phone call seriously wondering, for first time, whether Apple might stop selling music sooner rather than later.
  8. What does it mean if I choose to hide an undownloaded track in iTunes? After purchasing and downloading music from iTunes it is common that "duplicate" tracks will appear shortly thereafter with the download icon indicating it, too, can be downloaded. It's more than half the tracks, usually. If the second track pops up immediately the easy workaround is to download the 2nd version and delete the 1st. When it happens weeks later I'd rather not delete the older version because the Last Played field is used in my playlists. The only option appears to be to "hide" the file iTunes believes has not been downloaded. Does that hide the track from me forever on any device? iCloud Music is not turned on. While I subscribe to Apple Music that service has only ever been active on phones and iPads. It has >never< been active on iTunes. This duplicate feature happens with purchased Movies, as well. Sometimes it happens so long after a purchase I wonder if there's some little thing that is new about it. New bonus material? New artwork? It be nice if I could turn off this feature, but I have very low expectations about that. Are there any better ways I can learn to live with it? Thanks. -Alan
  9. The checkboxes are still there. Click the check at the left of the songs name. If checked it'll play. If not checked it won't. It's easiest to do when you're looking at the Songs list in your Library. If you don't see the boxes there then from the iTunes pull-down menu select Preferences > General. Under the Show section there is a List View Checkboxes option. if that is unchecked then the checkboxes will be hidden in the library. You can also uncheck songs while in playlists, but the playlist must be viewed as Songs, i.e. View > View As > Songs, to have the checkboxes are shown. Finally, when sync'ing to a device consider "Sync only checked songs and videos" on the item's Summary page. I leave mine checked, but it's easy to imagine some would want entire albums sync'd, e.g. they'd want to have all tracks available even if they'd never want to hear a tune or two as part of their preferred playlists. G'luck. -Alan
  10. At risk of going off-topic... How is Home Sharing slow and unreliable? Perhaps others use it differently than I do. My main library is far too big to load on an iPad or iPhone. That's a good problem that I don't mind, but Home Sharing works well for me when streaming to laptops and Apple TV.
  11. I thought (memory is tricky) there was a brief moment in time where iTunes would automatically sort individual artists by their last name. Regardless, I am now fed up with scrolling through a library seemingly sorted by a first-grader. I am embarking on tedious task of completing the Sort As fields. Does anyone have any tips for this project or warnings of unintended consequences to share? Thanks.
  12. I hate that iTunes, if you just hit Shuffle, will treat every track the same when they aren't. My playlist is based on Rating, Year, and Last Played fields. It's a lot of work, but it's been quite satisfying. I enjoy a random playlist of music that I know I like instead of relying upon a streaming service and its far from exact science of guessing what I might like. G'luck!
  13. My workaround uses the ratings. For example, "When Doves Cry" is on both the "Purple Rain" soundtrack and "The Hits" compilation. I gave the track 5 stars for the former and 2 stars for the latter. My preferred playlist is Smart and Live Updating. It does not consider any track with 2 or fewer stars. Anytime that song is played it's the original version and that track's Play Count (which I care about for some reason) is the one that matters. However, since the track from "The Hits" remains checked the duplicate track will play if I choose to listen to Prince's greatest hits.
  14. How did I miss this thread? Good stuff here! My suggestion is for iTunes, but more for the Music app. I rarely view by Album, but when I do it's because I want to listen to an album in its entirety. When I look at Albums on my iPhone or iPad I want to see only those records with every track downloaded to the device. If the entire album is not on the device I'd rather the album not be listed. If it's even possible, it certainly doesn't have to be the default. A setting option would be nice. Oh, and the SINGLEs in my library should never be listed among the albums. I'm okay with EPs, though. Go figure. I'm stuck on semantics! Off to determine precisely how the albums are sorted, because I haven't been thrilled with what I've seen. Perhaps it's my metadata, though. -Alan
  15. No question here. Just a post of my experience, and it seems to be similar to Nick's Mind of Its Own post... Earlier this month I bought a iPhone 6S. The first sync of playlists resulted in no transfer/(download) of tunes to the phone. The playlists were there, but every song had a cloud next to it. In an unscientific fashion I then sync'd the phone multiple times in a row. When I was done the songs were all on the device. Yesterday I upgraded my 5S, which I will use as an iPod now, to iOS10, and I changed the playlists to sync on that device. The same thing happened. The 1st sync of the new playlists resulted in no downloads of tunes to the device. Again, the playlists were there, but each song would have to be downloaded from the cloud. A 2nd sync did the trick. It's a slight annoyance, but I wonder if not downloading a playlist's tunes on the 1st sync is a feature or a bug or if I've got some setting checked so that this is expected. -Alan
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