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  1. Noticed yesterday evening that the Channel Classics albums could be streamed beyond the 30s clips. An error? i thought. Today a post by Qobuz on facebook that the Channel Classics catalog is now available for streaming.
  2. I guess Qobuz should be very carefull with such statements. They should avoid the word 'unfold' as the black plaque. Also avoid leaving the impression that anything above 16/44 is merely an upsample by Qobuz software/player (although the file supplied by the label just might be that).
  3. My bad way of expressing myself: ECM is since a few months available for streaming.
  4. Hi David, One small suggestion: Qobuz Management should convince the dutch 'Channel Classics' label to allow streaming of their catalog. As with ECM that would be a great addition. Thanks, Huib
  5. No interest myself, just want do add: mind that some check credit card regions when signing up, so to be of better service one should be able to pay via a proxy so to say.
  6. funny.....no mention yet of - Eva Cassidy's Live at Blues Alley / Nightbird - Hugh Masekela's Stimela track on the Hope album - Nils Lofgren Keith don't go on Acoustic Live - Roger Water's Amused to death - Jake Shimabukuro Live in Japan - Arne Domnerus Jazz at the Pawnshop
  7. When I joined this forum....and replied to this thread
  8. Mind that PWM is not digital/sampling. The Width in PWM is “analog” as analog can be, there is no quantization, etc etc
  9. Editor's Note 1: MQA ltd was sent a copy of this article several days prior to the scheduled publication date. The company requested a phone conversation, which took place earlier this week. MQA was encouraged to write a response for inclusion with the article below, but it respectfully decline to submit a formal response. Chris, can you disclose more of that conversation? What was talked about and any reason mentioned why they declined?
  10. Oops, yes it’s a DAC and not a mediastreamer. Well, the MQA signature must then be embedded in more significant bits, so maybe truncate more bits.
  11. Implementation by Mytek: perhaps it does not look at the actual encrypted bitstream but only at some value in the header of the FLAC container which says it is MQA....and turns on the 'blue light'. Stick that header to a non-MQA FLAC file and see what happens......
  12. And what happens if you only truncate/mask 1 bit (the least significant) from the file? And what happens if you mask e.q. the 20th bit to zero (thus outside the encrypted MQA part). Aside from that a file maybe becomes unlistenable, does the MQA authentication detect this?
  13. Let it go people. Beerandmusic is just pulling a leg. At best he’s having fun. 13 pages of “being on to something” about the same thing he’s been told that it Is not as he thinks it is.
  14. that is outside the "bandwidth limited" that is part of the Nyquist theorem.
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