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  1. Personally, I use voice control all of the time. I focus on using 'Lady A' (a.k.a., Alexa) for simple on/off tasks. I found that using the Logitech Harmony remote/hub was the best method to control multiple devices. I use the simplest version; the 'Harmony Companion.' If the device or component has a remote, then Harmony can control it. And, there is a Harmony skill for Alexa. So, turn on TV, mute TV, etc. are natural commands. Likewise, in the audio room, mute music is a fantastic voice command. And, if you have smart lights (I use Philips Hue) then turning the lights on/off or just r
  2. I prefer you take a unique approach. Look at the equipment you have. Envision a complete signal path... which components will you choose? Create it as a second system in your listening environment. Article 1: explain the methodology. Article 2: start at the source. Which did you choose? why? Review it. Article 3: what is the next component in the signal path? why did you choose it? review it. etc., etc., Then after reviewing all of the components in the signal path, write about how it sounds. Whats working well, not working? Then next article, identify one of the issues not worki
  3. Absolutely wonderful Jessie Colin Young. Stumbled on his music in 75/76 in a patchouli-laced record shop in Houston. Song for Julie is a favorite. "Ridgetop" became a relationship marker for my wife and I.
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