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  1. Dear Luis some casing have this finish . If you wish contact our CS and they will arrange for an exchange .
  2. Dear Dave I am sorry to hear that you speakers went bad..but again as an engineer its rather impossible for a DAC to damage powered speakers unless something is very wrong (like a large DC signal on analog output ) in Boss2 case that means will be no sound... Its unfortunate that 30 min after Boss2 your unit is dead...but that seems to me like a coincidence .
  3. Dear Dave , its not possible for the DAC to damage the speakers . Please wait for the phone call of the diagnostic , I think there was an issue with your speakers (independent of Boss2)
  4. Digione has a digital output and Boss2 has analog output. We cannot compare
  5. This is hard to answer since we don't know the internal working of the DAC ic. Better try (but its very hard to get answers) from Ess engineers I will check for DSD sync/asynch
  6. It ships with J18 closed , ready for one PSU , Nirvana USB output is to give flexibility and power any device.
  7. You cannot damage the Digione because the voltage is low or because there is not enough power. If the batteries go flat you wont have sound coming out
  8. Please use DietPi forums to ask any question about this open source OS.
  9. Sorry but we are not Volumio developers . I would suggest using the Volumio community .
  10. This is not a hardware question but a software one and its best answered by the open source community .
  11. Hi , you will need a SD card for each OS/player (Moode , Volumio , DietPi, Max2play, PCP)...or use same SD card and re-flash As for sound quality , try all and chose what you like best.
  12. Hi , if you LPS does not have earth lug , you need to check with manufacturer at what point on casing you can connect the earth of USbridge
  13. If you wish to play DSD , USBridge is the only option . SPIDF output will only go to 24/192Khz PCM
  14. SQ is also about personal preferences. I would suggest try both and chose what you like best
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