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  1. Hello Odie Shanti has a very small hum as with any LPS . However we found that one unit in 90 (about) the hum is audible at more than 2 feet. For a few weeks now (at least 4) we are screening all Shantis and removing the ones that have a hum thats audible at 1-2 feet You probably bought one from a reseller , unfortunately those were not screened (but they are now)
  2. Try one thing. Keep the SW off (DC floating) and connect earth lug of Nirvana to earth on your load. If you don't have a earth point. just try to connect to casing (it should be your load earth)
  3. Yes in the next 2 weeks we are expecting at least 3. Subjective and objective
  4. Do you require DSD 512 on Win ? If yes then you need the Thysecon driver. Note also that you can switch at any time between firmware
  5. Manual will be available by tomorrow the latest
  6. Earthing is a very complex subject. To make clear , "it depends on your system" Use whatever sounds best . To go into details more.. Nirvana casing and AC its earthed (AC is EMI filtered to earth). When you switch ON , your DC is also connected to earth . Of course you can leave your DC floating and connect Earth lug to earth of your device .
  7. Hi to clear the confusion (and we will add to website) Nirvana has only one output at 2.85A/5V No load is 5.2V , 2.85A 4.97 to 5.03V We provide USB connection for convenience only its not a second , galvanically separated output.
  8. Hi we posted measurements on Rev page. THD+N -115 , THD at 124 to 126 We are sending a few units for review. DSD 512 on both Win (custom driver) and Linux (standard driver and custom driver) , PCM 384Khz
  9. It was designed to work perfectly with RPI4 or any other RPI...so yes
  10. Yes USbridge will output (USB) to your DAC up to PCM 32/384/DSD 512. Regarding NSA etc...this is done in software. Please check Moode , Volumio . PcP and many other OS on how to do that.
  11. Hi Dyna the link from zackthedog is correct , thats what to use if you want to use a CM with eMMC. Regarding the power , I briefly spoke about common mode noise , I did not see excessive amount of it on IFI. Meanwhile I did focus on "leakage currents" and IF (like all SMPS without protective earth) has lots . I believe there are other threads on forums where the issue is discussed at lengths . There are even solutions (some wire on DC Gnd connected to earth) I think that AudioGD is an acquired taste (generally speaking) . One of my new Dacs (Revolution) has the ability to change harmonics (H2 and H3) amplitude and the perception of sound changes . Looking at most AudioGD tests the harmonics are different that most DACs (and rather very high) and its my opinion (not backed by any scientific data) that it has a particular sound . Usbridge Sig does output a very clean interface to any DACs and we are seeing a small change in H amplitude as a result . Maybe its just that a particular preference of sounds changes because of that.. I would try changing the IFI PSU, then try to get any other DAC and check if USbridge Sig brings an improvement .
  12. Ok USB can output both flac and DSD and coaxial as well(but at lower sample rate) Like DuckToller says , USbridge Sig + Digione Sig will allow you to use both coaxial and USB (one at the time , USB output or coaxial has to be chosen in the software) USBridge sig was designed not to have noise on USB and Digione Sig was designed not to have jitter (since on coaxial clock is sent to DAC from the spdif stream)
  13. Ifi power on internal testing under real conditions (the numbers they quote are with isolation transformers) was about 6uV (including mains) from 0-20Khz However that is differential noise. In addition to differential noise (6uV is good) we have common mode noise and leakage currents noise . IFI psu , like any SMPS thats not earthed has (rather big) leakage current noise thats ,of course not accounted for .on marketing data . I do not recommend it .
  14. You want to play in the same time FLAC and DSD ? Thats not possible .
  15. Ifi power is rather bad . The LPS what noise and power rating ?Do you have the make ? I will try to see if I can find any numbers (noise) on it. Its rather strange that RPI sounds better than USbridge sig , there must be a cause. My first instinct , there is an issue with the power feed . We designed Shanti with USBridge in mind. For example you say that your power is linear regulated, while thats fine generally , Shanti has a massive F capacitance at the output (after regulators) . Linear regulator does not behave best on a dynamic load, Alternatively , I am aware of the AudioGD hardware . While test results (THD) is not the whole story , this particular brand , tests rather ..bad. I am saying this , because a few months back I received a report that an AudioGD Dac paired with a Digione Sig was inferior to a rather low hardware (spidif signal) that was tested to have much more jitter on the output.
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