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  1. Usbridge can provide up to 800mA to a non powered DAC
  2. Not yet 🙂 please allow 2 weeks more to release full details
  3. Hi Richard Axis driver is made by Axis team . The issue is that Axis IC is behaving differently with Arm cpu vs x86 . So , we are trying hard for Axis team to have it included in the mainline but its rather hard to have 2 different drivers (one for ARM and one for x86) Both drivers (axis mainline) and the one we released are made by same engineers and while I am not a software guy , I think that " looked like old pre-usbnet code " is incorrect .
  4. Boss is based on DAC IC PCM5200 , no DSD is possible on I2s bus
  5. Some small update , we are testing a new driver for ethernet . Previously we had reports that some SW (all 100Mbs) like Cisco 2960 did not work properly on some sample rates . Axis engineers released a new driver and so far I am happy to report that all SW work . We are testing further and then we will release to all players along with source code , when we are done (about a week)
  6. Hi we are interested in science. However I know that SQ is not fully captured on THD+N (we know this since 1950 at least) I believe that correlation between sound quality and measurements will be established at some point , not yet I got multiple reports that audiophile SW improve the SQ but right now there seem not to have any correlations to measurements . Who is right ? We will test in future using blind panels and trust those results .
  7. Yes USB hard drives are very noisy . The easiest way is to use another USB hub between Usbridge Sig and noisy device Best solution In case of HD , I would suggest move the HD anywhere on network (does not have to be attached to USBridge , data can be anywhere on the network( think a pi4 with HD or PC with HD attached) , ethernet acting as a galvanic isolator)
  8. Hi GarryL83 we stand behind our products. From what you describe , it seems that your fuse is not making good contact (my best guess at the moment) , try resetting , then we will PM you with a solution. In the worst case , we will exchange it of course. Arm v7 ..I don't know why but you have definitely a RPI 3b+ CPU inside .
  9. One more observation on Shanti . near AC inlet , you have a fuse (you can see the symbol next to AC inlet) try removing and reinserting the plastic (make sure your Shanti is not AC powerd) , it might be the one making noise .
  10. Hello GarryL83 if you have some pops/clicks please switch to Moode using kernel 4.14 . That should remove any clicks you hear On the WIFI/BT ports , please do not use anything thats noisy (and yes that means some keyboards)...this is why we marked as wifi/bt. If you have to use them please remove them after usage. You can use those ports without a problem on wifi/bt dongles . Shanti is a transformer based linear psu. As such , some noise will be made by the bulk transformer . In out test setup , I can only hear the "hum" if I have my ears close to the casing . We also found that it slightly decreases after a few days.
  11. There us no CM4 yet and as such we don't know. It is compatible with CM3 and CM3+
  12. There is a difference between marketing and engineering . Our clocks are low jitter NDK , that are feed separate LDOs. In addition the clock itself is buffered and feed indepandant power rail LDO.
  13. We did an experiment (customer did) , feeding the 3A side to clean Digione and we are rather sure there is an issue with the 3A, however lets see what customer reports when he gets the replacement
  14. Hi Gavin there are diffrences betwen the CM 3 and CM3+. IN CM 3 you can use both eMMC and SD but in CM3+ you can only use one If you use a CM with eMMC how will you flash the eMMC ? Its not simple..
  15. Yes the voltages are correct . Send me a PM we will try replacing your Shanti
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