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  1. Usbridge Sig idle draws around 200ma or less...happy to be always on Yes 5v/3A shanti can supply your Sq box touch , however understand that USbridge Sig also needs at least 1.8A
  2. 1. DSD suport at 512 tested and rock solid. 2. Its from DietPI 3. Auxiliary can provide power but we do not recommend to draw from it. In fact if your DAC is taking power from USB that usualy means its not a good DAC. 4. Shanti is a very good (low noise) dual LPS that is ideal for USbridge Sig
  3. Hi Rossco if 4.14 solves the issues (or most of them) it means that your DAC is not DSD native (Linux) or that driver was not optimized/tested with Linux The above(config.sys) solution worked on 2 systems so far . One by randysuch that is fairly a DIY solution based on Xmos IC from diyinhk website and second was for a Matrix DAC (that apparently has some bugs on Xmos based on threads from Roon community forums) Give it a try it might work in your system .
  4. I have contacted the moderators and asked them to step in .
  5. "Accurate conversion of the USB stream ..." There is no conversion , its just the protocol that changes . As I said...its a digital stream . I have no issue to debate ideas , but this is pseudo logic .
  6. Hello Tintinabalum I understand that you find Shanti and Usbridge and Digione Sig as being disappointing in your system . As we take pride in taking care of our customers you have all rights to return the products in the normal time frame. Please contact our CS with order numbers .
  7. Hi Rossco I do not see Mytek Liberty as being DSD native (In linux) , might be on Windows Switch to 4.14 and it should work
  8. Hi Greg Uptone guys made a really interesting architecture . How significant is the SQ uplift ?
  9. Hi Tech support is off until Monday , but from what I remember Mytek is not DSD native. You will need to download an image with 4.14 kernel and it will fix your issue
  10. We always welcome opinions and experiences and we always try our best to solve , fix and listen to our customers . What I will not tolerate , is any attempt to harass or intimidate any customer or anyone that posts on allo forums . You opinions , npbf, are like everyone else's . Sorry but we will not change our hardware to suit your particular needs , we will not include WIFI , we will not make it "more modular" . Be civil.
  11. Tintinabalum , you have a lot of rhetorical . I have been very clear. You want full benefits of USbridge Sig use it as the last device before DAC. If you are using another device , you wont get same benefits. Not rhetorical .
  12. What type of DAC do you have , is it DSD native ?
  13. nbpf I would like to ask you to keep the discussion civil . Everyone is free to join the discussion or otherwise do what they want . This is my only warning to you .
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