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  1. @austinpop(or anybody else), how is the HSA1-b as a speaker amp? The cost of the HSA1-b is out of reach for many, but it might be justified for some if it can also double as an audiophile amp for a nearfield or small room system.
  2. Tidal hasn't released subscriber numbers in recent years, but it probably has less than 1% market share of streaming music, and Qobuz is even much smaller than Tidal. If you look at charts of market share, Tidal and Qobuz are usually not listed, and lumped into the "Others" category. As a point of reference, in 2019 Roon said they had 100K subscribers (equivalent of 2 football stadiums). In summary, audiophiles make up a very, very small portion of total market share. https://www.midiaresearch.com/blog/global-music-subscriber-market-shares-q1-2021
  3. There's an interactive website where you can listen to orchestra instruments from different microphone positions: http://soundmedia.jp/nuaudk/ A video about the study:
  4. Okay, then my bad. I've seen other members banned (like March Audio) and their profiles disappear, but GoldenOne's profile still shows him as Active Member.
  5. To clarify, GoldenOne's thread was locked, but GoldenOne did not actually get banned from the ASR forum. The moderator wrote that new threads about MQA may be opened, and he himself opened a new thread about Tidal's mid tier and MQA. But then he locked his own thread just a few days later! It sends a message that open discussion about MQA isn't welcome on ASR. You can sense that members are being careful and self-censoring themselves.
  6. @The Computer Audiophile, you didn't say whether you went for the $1,000 nano-texture glass option, which takes the display alone to $5,600 without stand.
  7. I'm curious that you didn't pursue this further. Is it a bug in Roon? It seems like a rather serious issue.
  8. I just wanted to report that this issue has been fixed, as of 1/8/2021.
  9. Something is going wrong when I filter new releases to Classical genre. These are not new releases at all. In fact, some of them I had favorited months ago. Just a couple of days ago it was working correctly, and the list seems correct if I remove the filter and display all genres.
  10. It will never end because it is a hobby. That means it will be a continuing process of exploration and discovery rather than to reach a final goal.
  11. I do not experience a pause between albums. Are you sure that it isn't silence at the beginning and/or end of the tracks? Watch the time counter during the transition. Does it freeze for a couple of seconds or does the next album continue from zero right away?
  12. There are known issues with streaming to CCA in hi-res (above 48Khz). Streaming works fine for me in 16/44, but stutters at 24/96. In the Qobuz app, try setting Wifi streaming to 16/44. The other issue with CCA is that it doesn't support gapless.
  13. Thanks David, I cleared the cache in my desktop app and that fixed it. They must have fixed the metadata on the server and I needed to resync.
  14. Now this is even more interesting. The web player and app show different metadata for the same album. Qobuz Windows and Mac apps Qobuz web player
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