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  1. "The newly rebuilt phones were soon returned and I have to report that I heard no difference at all through either my Schiit Asgard 2 headphone amplifier, or my friend’s Hugo 2 (also the owner of the Audeze LCD-4zs)." I don't get this one. Did your friend (also owner of Hugo 2) test his 4zs before buying them. What was a main reason he gave 4000$ for them?
  2. Before 4zs I owned Audeze LCD-3Fs. What I observed is that Ayre QX-5 much easier drives 4zs and I don't need to increase volume like before.
  3. I am an owner of golden mesh 4zs and use Ayre QX-5 balanced output for listening my music.I cannot observe any of these negative comments related to SQ. I listened 4zs using dCS Bartok at Munich this year. Again SQ was on proper higher level. Another reviewer I appreciate on his Youtube channel recently tested them with Chord Dave and found them very decent sounding cans. It is interesting, in 3 cases 3 DACs with headphone outputs.
  4. Give it some time to burn in and it will become moderately hot. I use all four outputs (so far) trouble free with modest loads as follows: Nucleus + 19V 3.4A Fiber Router 12V 1.5A Switch 5V 1A & Cable TV box 12V 1.5A You will get some SQ improvement by upgrading DC cables and hooking good power supply cable as well.
  5. Just received DC cables from Ghent. Labour well done. Very impressed!
  6. Hi All, Any recommendation related to DC cables aftermarket upgrade for HDPlex LPSU ??? Maker & Name. Thx
  7. Very interesting review. I ordered one for my Nucleus + (19V), router (12V) and switch (5V). Hope I haven't mistaken.
  8. Even after ver. 3.5.14 update Audeze Reveal still cannot be utilized altogether with the rest of Audio Unit Effects on my Mac mini comp. Very disappointing in deed!
  9. Only two devices are authorized to run Audirvana. I’ve been user of Audirvana for a long long time.
  10. Exactly the same!
  11. Presently I am running Audirvana 3.5.12 only on two devices Mac mini and MB Pro. A month ago I passed license from one Mac mini to this one which is in use now. Since then I haven’t tried Reveal because I was waiting for Audeze headphones to arrive.
  12. Very strange. I am able to activate Audeze Reveal in Audirvana installed on MacBook Pro and I am NOT able to activate it Iin Audirvana installed on Mac mini. Does Anyone has idea what can be a problem? Already tried to reinstall, power off/on...
  13. Vule

    dCS Network Bridge

    I vote for Airplay issue to be resolved with a new network firmware update. Just for the matter of listening convenience, sometimes.
  14. Vule

    dCS Network Bridge

    I don't have that kind of problem when using airplay between my Apple XS max and Naim Atom in the same room.
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