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  1. Only two devices are authorized to run Audirvana. I’ve been user of Audirvana for a long long time.
  2. Exactly the same!
  3. Presently I am running Audirvana 3.5.12 only on two devices Mac mini and MB Pro. A month ago I passed license from one Mac mini to this one which is in use now. Since then I haven’t tried Reveal because I was waiting for Audeze headphones to arrive.
  4. Very strange. I am able to activate Audeze Reveal in Audirvana installed on MacBook Pro and I am NOT able to activate it Iin Audirvana installed on Mac mini. Does Anyone has idea what can be a problem? Already tried to reinstall, power off/on...
  5. Vule

    dCS Network Bridge

    I vote for Airplay issue to be resolved with a new network firmware update. Just for the matter of listening convenience, sometimes.
  6. Vule

    dCS Network Bridge

    I don't have that kind of problem when using airplay between my Apple XS max and Naim Atom in the same room.
  7. Vule

    dCS Network Bridge

    @AMP "Clicking" noise that frequently appears while using Air play function on dCS NB becomes really annoying. Is there any plan related to resolve that issue ???
  8. Installed the latest update on my QX-5/20. As the end user I CONFIRM sonic improvement while using network audio playback. Thanks!!!
  9. Vule

    dCS Network Bridge

    Thanks for suggestion ?, but I'll stick with my DAC.
  10. Vule

    dCS Network Bridge

  11. Vule

    dCS Network Bridge

    It's time to settle down some thoughts. Despite the fact that at that time I easily accepted guarantees made by dCS for USB output release feature now I partly have to take responsibility for buying NB and overall not involving my self in gathering more info about internal parts of NB and the famous project by itself. I assume that from the start mission was impossible due to factory setting of Stream Unlimited Module including its controller and driver. No doubt dCS team gave their best to make it working and achieve decent SQ as per their well established standards. Speaking of future time if dCS plan to implement USB output in NB2, it will have to be revised internally with separate USB Bus and assuming present limitation of AES/SPDIF re bit depth even dCS DACs will benefit of that function. Until that time appears It'd be good decision to move forward and continue to enjoy in beautiful instrument such as dCS Network Bridge.
  12. Vule

    dCS Network Bridge

    SQ wise NB is a jewel in my audio system. I purchased some albums from HDTracks in DSD 128 res with hope to play them with NB. Now i cannot utilise NB in the way I wanted and I’m afraid it will become OBSOLETE sometime soon. Nobody likes restrictions and everybody likes exploring. USB output, is it a way to go? Why do other high end companies (Lumin,Aurelic,etc.) invest in its development? Bit depth wise or SQ wise? Company such as dCS depends on only one SW Engineer??? I am not frustrated at all, here I am confused.
  13. Vule

    dCS Network Bridge

    I tried hard to find Streamer/Player of this kind on the market without implemented USB output but couldn’t find it. Please help me discover one. Hence, It makes my NB really special and unique!!! Things move so fast and what ever ecosystem you belong someone will ask very soon for 256 or 512 DSD. And then what?!
  14. Vule

    dCS Network Bridge

    Resolution or bit rate limitation is the key point here.
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