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  1. Listening Impressions (definition & separation) : During my listening sessions (with now permanently ER linked in my system) I came around a track Bass and Drum Intro - Nils Lofgren Band Live - Nils Lofgren How does it sound in your system?
  2. Hi, It's been pretty quiet here. Is there any plan for full MQA decoding implementation ???
  3. I am all ears too. Just a minor suggestion. I f you want to hear how Double Bass sounds so real in your listening room try to listen album Those Who Were by Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen. Cheers
  4. Actually I enjoy to read what people with different opinions have to expose and nowadays while I LISTEN to the music on my system it put a big smile on my face knowing how much they miss. Few years back I bought and installed dCS component in my digital front end and I was amazed with improvement it brought in spite of excellent reputation of DAC in my system. Did I ask dCS for A reason for that? NO. Introducing ER it brought another AUDIBLE improvement and further raised a bar of musical experience. Did I ask dCS if there's something wrong with their product? NO.
  5. I have hooked up Streamer on the B-side but Router and Roon Nucleus on the A-side. Wonder how much it can affect a sound ?!
  6. Larry just replied LPS does not have shared ground.
  7. I also use HDPlex 200 but without grounding wire hooked up. Is it compulsory/necessary?
  8. With ER linked in audio chain the voice of Dominique Fils-Aime on album Nameless sounds so "in room" and awesome. Lovely!
  9. After 3 weeks of burning in I can easily conclude that ER works like a KEY which unlocks hidden potential of my digital front end.
  10. Received mine. Streaming from Tidal never sounds better. It simply unleashes naturalness of music. I want to thank to the creators of that lil' thing for their sincerity. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  11. Europeans / January batch Has anyone received Tracking number yet ???
  12. Can somebody tell me (after "cooking") what is a normal established service temperature of eR ???
  13. Thanks for the link. Worth to compare. Funny to explore and play.
  14. Anyone tried Sonimus sonEQ plug in ??? Opinions ? It's simply amazing!
  15. Re SQ and FW I hope that some kind of compromise will be found (and implemented) prior dispatch of my unit sometime during the month of January 2020.
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