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  1. Lio_B

    HQ Player

    I have a question about HQPDesktop 3 and USB output priority: I have a mac mini, connected via USB to my integrated ampli (with DAC inside) Roon HQP3, all works fine. My HQP settings are: Or: But when I want to hear an internet sound or VLC sound, I must shut of HQP, it's impossible to give priority to an over media. Even if I choose my USB on VLC setting. My mac audio settings: I choose my USB for sound output, but when Roon's running it move to an over output in settings ! Is there a solution without shutting HQP ? Thanks
  2. Lio_B

    HQ Player

    I'm testing HQP4Desktop 4.0.3 On Mac OS 10.13.6 is normal that I never seen the top of the settings: It always start with: thanks
  3. Lio_B

    HQ Player

    Does anyone have an answer for me ? thanks
  4. Lio_B

    HQ Player

    I'm a HQP3 user with Roon I only listened PCM tracks at 24/96 maximum by choice. What can offer HQP4 more than HQP3 to me ? Did HQP3 still have support & updates ? thanks
  5. Lio_B

    HQ Player

    Hi Jussi, I like closed-form, which filter is the most similar ? not easy to choose.
  6. Lio_B

    HQ Player

    I'm using Qobuz via Roon with HQPlayer I limited sample rate to 96 kHz in PCM settings of HQP, I don't want higher. But when Qobuz stream a 192 kHz file, HQPlayer do not like that, a progress bar stop the playing. is it impossible for HQP to downgrading this rate ? thanks
  7. Amarra last version is not working properly with the library. My albums are correctly loaded, but when I launch amarra, there is a spinner wich never stopped and finally I must force to stop Amarra... Qobuz & Tidal are working If I had to reinstall each days to hope a normally work... I'm fed up with this software ?
  8. same for me, Searching by tracks show results on Qobuz but when you select a track, the message is: unable to find selected album it works with Tidal
  9. fter total re install it's OK No problem with "Search" fonction with Tidal or Qobuz, and OK with "Now Playing" I Choose the album on Qobuz and play it, it's OK with "Now playing":
  10. Sorry can't help you, Amarra won't start again !!! And finally I don't want to make again the effort to understand why and search the solution to just start Amarra, unbelievable ...
  11. the notion of "sounds better than" is very subjective and personal to everyone, the debate would be too long ?. Comparing a sound heard in real life by an instrument and trying to get closer to it with its system, I find that HQPlayer is the most realistic. Amarra is good, but color slightly the reality. Amarra will give more physical presence than HQP, but sometimes too much. this is just my opinion and I understand that many prefer Amarra SQ.
  12. About SQ only, agree with you if you used Roon stand alone, but with HQPlayer, the combo Roon + HQP is ahead Amarra.
  13. What a good surprise, we are waiting about Qobuz - Roon integration and Amarra did it first ? All my Qobuz purchased album are here ! Great job Qobuz streaming in 24/96 works fine.
  14. but why the mp4 or ts file are with a "correct" level and when I convert it in FLAC the level decreases ?
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