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  1. The explanation is helpful, indeed, and well noted. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. Terms such as FMC, SFP modules, and even Sonore optical module do not refer to any actual accessories I am familiar with, but I consider this a good start, and I'll be ready to deal with the learning curve, should i decide to get on board. By the way, I am aware that SGC, and Uptone Audio are companies that are separate and independent from Sonore, so I am not necessarily confusing them with Sonore in making these inquiries about accessories and power supplies. It does help though, when one has a ready set of recommended accessories for a unit with which I am not familiar, as I did when I got the LPS-1.2 for the Ultrarendu, or the LPS-1 for my first microrendu... Besides these companies often appear to share some collaborative ventures (if I am not mistaken), so I tend to associate them together, on occasion, but without necessarily considering them to be identical... Thanks again
  3. In that case, I have a few questions... Currently I have a regular Ultrarendu/Roon Rig installed in the following chain : Synology Nas ==>>(Cat. 6 ethernet)==>> Urendu/Roon(Powered by LPS-1.2) ==>>(Phasure Lush USB cable)==>> Yggdrasil Analog 2 etc. etc all deployed in a 2-channel system that is approximately $15K (counting speakers, Monoblock amps, and pre pro) 1. Will it be worthwhile replacing the Ultrarendu in this system with an OpticalRendu (Worthwhile, in terms of the degree of SQ upgrade one might anticipate, with all considerations of diminishing returns factored in)? 2. If so, then exactly what additional accessories (including cables, switches, converters, and power supplies, assuming the LPS-1.2 wouldn't cut it) am I going to need to make it work optimally, without overbleeding my wallet (refer to accessories other than those I am already using with the Ultrarendu)? I am raising question number 2 because I confess a lack of familiarity with the technical terms being used to describe the OR's accessories, which already leads me to other questions... a. Does the SystemOptique recommended by the SGC also require its own power supply unit?... B. Talking about power supplies, the SGC page recommends the 7v LPS for the OpticalRendu. Jesus also speaks of using the ifi ipower supply to power the OR. How adequate are we to consider such options (along with say the LPS-1.2), in the light of what you're saying about what you seem to consider the ideal power supply units for optimizing the OpticalRendu?
  4. $1300 + Extras (indispensable accessories)
  5. Not sure I have understood all the technical specificities of this new rendu... I understand that the Opticalrendu is the new renderer... However, is the Opticalmodule a different and separate box? Where might an etherregen fit in all of this boxes? Why is the etherregen's functionality not already covered in the Opticalrendu?
  6. I hope this is the right place to ask such questions : talking about Zero zone LPS units, how might this one stack up : https://www.head-fi.org/threads/cavalli-monoprice-monolith-liquid-platinum-power-supply-option.889962/page-2#post-14692280 Please note that Zero zone have especially customized this LPS unit as a possible replacement for the stock SMPS unit of the Monoprice Cavalli Liquid Platinum pictured and spec'ed here : https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=33305
  7. Well here is the latest update on this front : I can't explain what has happened or how it happened, except that, this morning, something said I should try hooking up the USB 5 again with another computer (an older Macbook Pro) and cable before packing my Yggy for another service trip to Schiit Audio, and bam! USB 5 decides to show up on the computer. I go back to my other, newer, Macbook Pro, and USB 5 shows up again (it wouldn't 2 days ago)! Then finally, I re-hook up the Ultrarendu with USB--even with the Phasure Lush cable, and bam! the Ultrarendu can now see the Yggdrasil... So everything seems to be working fine... Again, I have no explanation for this sudden responsiveness of my USB 5, where it was completely non-responsive a couple of days ago... Gremlins? Effects of some of the Analog2 firmware updates that rlow was referring to? I do not know. However, I think I am going to monitor it for some time and see how stable the performance is before taking another step. Make no mistake, I am very happy to see it working normally again, in the meantime, although, I also feel a little embarrassed, strangely, as if I have just overreacted unnecessarily to a set of trivial hiccups..., but I can live with it, as long as my USB 5 stays working, and does not become temperamental again... Fingers crossed!.
  8. Yes I have asked Schiit again, and they're now admitting that they may have returned the Yggdrasil with a faulty USB 5 module, but they have not explained why or how the Analog 2 upgrade might have messed with the USB 5... As much as I hate doing this, I am going to have to RMA the YGGY back to California for another service run (The thing just arrived yesterday from its Analog2 upgrade trip, so to say I am bummed about having to send it back tomorrow could be considered the understatement of the year, at least of my year! But what else can I do?)... I'm also pissed because this looks like the result of some very sloppy, and careless work on Schiit's part... At least this looks like something very avoidable, because the Gen5 USB was in flawless working shape when it went out on the Analog 2 upgrade trip... But let me stop here because I do not want to get worked up anymore than I currently am already... )
  9. Well, I used a different USB 2.0 cable to plug my Macbook Pro into the Yggy's USB 5 directly, and my MacBook pro too does not see the Yggy as a viable sound card... So something is definitely screwy with the USB 5's functionality... I've contacted Schiit Audio and gotten the following initial response, which does not make much sense to me, but I am no expert, so maybe someone here might help me to figure this out: ***** "It turns out that when exclusive mode in Roon is turned on, it somehow sets the Audio MIDI setup for the device *Yggdrasil Gen 5) to be 32 bit. Manually setting the Yggdrasil to 2ch 24-bit Integer 192.0 kHz get sound working again. In my Roon device Playback settings, have the Sample Rate (PCM) set to Up to 192 and the Max Bits Per Sample (PCM) to 24 bits. It LOOKS like when put into exclusive mode, 32 bits it being set and the Yggdrasil seems to not like that." ***** First of all, I am not getting why this should . have anything to do with Roon, and I also do not know how I can manually change any settings on the Yggy, or via audio midi settings, when it is not even showing up on my Macbook pro, when connected via USB. The biggest puzzle to me is that the USB 5 on the Yggy was working seamlessly and flawlessly with my rig before the Analog 2 upgrade trip... Is there something about the Analog 2 upgrade process that has screwed with the functionality of the USB 5? I do not know, but I am still in communication with Schiit Audio about this, and we shall see where that leads...
  10. I can certainly do that and report back. However, the Lush cable was playing absolutely nice with the Yggy's USB 5 module, before the Yggy went off for the Analog 2 upgrade (which did not have anything to do with USB at all), so I wonder. I shall test with a generic USB cable and report back.
  11. Hey guys: I just got my Yggy back from the Analog2 upgrade, and for some reason, when I insert it back into the chain where it used to belong, I cannot get my ultrarendu to see it, when hooked up via USB... This Yggy has the USB 5, which it did before the Analog2 upgrade, but I never experienced this interface problem before... I can get the Ultrarendu and Yggy to work nice together, when I throw the Schiit Eitr into the mix, like this: Ultrarendu ==>> Phasure Lush USB ==>> Schiit Eitr ==>> S/PDiF coax cable ==>> Schiit Yggy... (This works fine) But this one does not seem to work : Ultrarendu ==>> Phasure Lush USB ==>> Yggdrasil... (Sonicorbiter's DAC diagnostics report that I have no USB attached, when I do this) If anyone has experienced an issue like this before, and knows how to resolve it, your thoughts would be welcome. Full disclosure: I am powering my Ultrarendu with an Uptone Audio LPS 1.2, in case this has something to do with it, which I doubt very much... But there you have it... I'm just stumped... I prefer the direct USB 5 connection to the Schiit Eitr/SPDIF interface, which is why I would like to get this remedied. Thanks.
  12. Hello: Has anyone had the opportunity to compare the SQs of Ultrarendu/good power supply and the Metrum Ambre? I already have an ultrarendu, but I may need another roon endpoint for a different setup which is based on a Metrum Hex Dac. I might consider the Ambre for that second system, and connect it with the Hex via AES for reasons of aesthetic compatibility if that setup will not result in a compromise in sound quality as compared to using another Ultrarendu + LPS-1.2 instead with the HEX. Any helpful thoughts would be welcome. Thanks.
  13. Okay, I decided to set the voltage at 7 on the LPS-1.2 for use with the Ultrarendu, and it is working fine, and I am going to leave it there, unless setting it at 9 will make some kind of difference in SQ. Still awaiting the forum's input on this. ?
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