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  1. Same here. I used to subscribe to Tidal Hi-Fi, but at the same time I was buying my favorite music in lossless when available. I decided that I did not need to pay the premium for lossless streaming so I went back to Spotify Premium for music discovery and the superior interface. I will probably try Qobuz if they ever launch their service in Norway.
  2. Great review. How well does it work with UPnP/DLNA? Do you get gapless playback? Is the native app any good?
  3. @bobbmd The Node 2 has its own operating system (BlueOS) so it works independently from Audirvana+ or any other UPNP servers. You use the BlueOS app to tell it where your local music is stored. It’s also a Roon endpoint.
  4. Love my Node 2. I use it in a head-fi set up with an Argon headphone amp, AudioQuest Red River interconnects and NAD Viso HP 50 headphones with most of my music from a Qnap NAS. I think the Node 2 is a true bargain considering the sound quality, features (MQA, Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz, Deezer, Bluetooth, internet radio etc...) and price.
  5. Bluesound Vault2. Less $$, internal HDD included, no DSD but MQA :).
  6. Which file format do you use on the USB stick used for ROCK installation?
  7. Thanks for that information. That makes having good backup routines even more important :).
  8. Nice guide. Does ROCK support uninteruptable power supplies, like the ones from APC?
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