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  1. Hey what do you have zip tied to some of your cables? Just interested . They seem to be dc power cables .
  2. This is my second clock I've ordered from afterdark, the first one arrived fairly quick to Toledo, Ohio. Maybe 2 weeks. This second clock I ordered april 4 and is scheduled to arrive this Friday. So many more weeks than the first one but I'm good with that. I'm so use to fast delivery here in the United States that sometimes I can get frustrated waiting, like a kid for a new toy.
  3. Well I'm making slow progress. I want to run roon and tidal to start with. I'm trying to figure how to do that. I am taking advantage of the roon 60 day free trial and already have hifi tidal. So that's where I'm at currently. This is more confusing than I anticipated, but I'm not a quitter....lol
  4. This is what I see now. I've edited the last post.
  5. This is what I get when I enter the IP address.
  6. I've had time to re insert the rendu into the network this afternoon. Within the Fing app it is showing that it's there. When I go to sonicorbitor it saying no player on network. I've taken a couple screen shots of the Fing app and will try and include them with this post.
  7. I will try again after work tomorrow. I have taken the mrendu out of the system for now. I did try the refresh circle and nothing changed. I just downloaded the app you mentioned and will try again tomorrow. Thanks for your help. Frank
  8. Yes I type sonicorbiter.com into my chrome browser and it says no music player and or no music server found. " I believe that's what it says from memory. No I don't have the fing app on my Moto x.
  9. Yes at this moment I have no computer. I am researching what type would be best for my simple needs. I've had no success at this time with my network acknowledgeing the rendu.
  10. Can I set up my microRendu with a motoX Phone. I have an eathernet connection from my wireless cable modem. I've tried using the easy start up guide and have not had any luck. Someone please get me going in the right direction.
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