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  1. I have a weird problem with a Roon / sMS-200ultra/ USBultra setup connecting to the USB input of a Hegel 590 Integrated Amplifier. I am getting a high pitch but faint sound out of my speakers that goes up and down with the volume when either or both of the SOtM units are in the chain. When I go directly from the Roon server to the Hegel there are no problems. In another configuration Roon / sMS-200ultra/ USBultra -> PS Audio DirectStream DAC USB input -> Pass Labs Preamplifier/Amplifier I have absolutely no problems. Trying to figure what incompatibility there is between the Hegel 590 USB input and 200ultra alone or 200ultra+USBultra. I have tried logical checks like swapping USB cables, connecting the Hegel to a different AC outlet, but no luck. Also wondering if there is a Roon Server setting that might solve the high pitch sound issue.
  2. I am stating the obvious, but the U1 is a significant step up in performance over my U1 Mini (with sBooster PSU upgrade).
  3. Peter: Thanks for the answers on the U1 vs X1. In the U1 settings ->Digital Audio Output Setting the S/PDIF, AES/EBU, and Toslink settings can be turned off. If one is using the S/PDIF output and doesn't care about direct connected USB storage device, it would be nice to turn off the USB input/output. --> Is this possible? My guess is no (to support USB storage devices) but it is worth asking.
  4. I am borrowing a friend's U1 Network Transport for comparison with my current U1 Mini. I like the performance improvement of the U1 but the X1 has me salivating, 😋. I read that the new X1 PSU can be used with the S1/A1/T1 using a special adapter cable. Apparently it will also work with the U1. I can see the obvious benefit for the Network Players which have both the transport and DAC (analog and digital sections). Question: How much of a performance improvement will the X1 PSU give to the U1 Network Transport and is this a worthwhile upgrade (versus the Network Players)? What features of the X1 PSU beyond the CNC milled enclosure provide a benefit to the U1? The U1 is based on the transport technology of the S1. Question: What improvements have been made to the transport technology of the X1 versus the S1/U1. There has been much discussion on the improvement on the DAC technology and it is easy to figure this out from the technical specifications and reviews. Which of the following improvements would apply to the transport only functionality (I have crossed out the features that I assume apply to the DAC section only): New processor delivers native DSD512 & PCM768 playback Dual Mono design throughout maximises channel separation Dual ES9038Pro SABRE DACs featuring 140dB dynamic range Femto Clock System with precision FPGA distribution New Output Buffer design Dual Mono dual stage linear regulator Optical Network provides complete isolation from network digital noise USB Digital Audio Output supports Native DSD512 Is there any improvement on the S/PDIF digital output section on the X1 versus the S1/U1? Are there any other improvements to the transport section of the X1 versus the S1/U1 that are worth mentioning?
  5. Definitely not a video issue. Everything outside of the Tidal App has no problems.
  6. I am running Tidal on a Mac Mini, OSX 10.10.5 (Yosemite). When I start up the app, I only get a small portion of the UI displayed, most of the useful regions including navigation just show black. When I move the mouse cursor over some of the regions I temporarily see flashes of HTML content. I downloaded the latest version of Tidal today from tidal.com, and still had the problems. The problem started a week ago, possibly after accepting a Mac OS update that was pushed to my machine.
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