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  1. Is it important to have the good SATA cable on the OS HDD or on the HDD with the music stored on it? From what I understand when the file is played it is stored and played from the RAM so I am not sure if using a good cable on the storage drive will make any difference.
  2. Thanks for the offer. I'm not upset with the LPS-1 at all (in fact am considering ordering another to try with my ISO REGEN), I just had the impression that certain mods needed to be done. Good to know they are not very important.
  3. I read through the "grounding trick" several times and it looked confusing and messy. And I was not able to obtain the parts needed to do it anyway (which weren't clearly specified). If this "trick" is so important it should be put in a manual with the device, and very clearly stated what is needed to be done.
  4. I remember reading Uptone saying it didn't matter what was powering the LPS-1, now it turns out you need some kind of particular jury-rigged power configuration to make it sound better than nothing? Where I'm from that's called false advertising.
  5. Yes, I have tried that setting, it doesn't change anything unfortunately.
  6. An update from this issue: I have tried several ways of connecting the ISO REGEN. 1. Using the hard connector with an ordinary USB cable 2. Curious Regen link in a variety of combinations, including one on each side 3. USPCB in a variety of combinations, including on each side Each gives me the same result - a clicking sound from the speakers. So I'm not sure if it's the cable. Sometimes the sound goes away for several minutes but it always comes back and it's loud enough to be distracting. I thought I might be able to live with it but especially with quiet music such as classical it can be really quite loud. Is there another possibility for what may be causing this problem? Thanks.
  7. Is it more important to have the LPS-1 on the audio bridge, or on the ISO REGEN? I have one LPS-1 and another linear power supply which is quite good but not as audibly good as LPS-1 and I want to know which to use on which device.
  8. Is there also a KS driver for foobar? I thought there was only an ASIO one
  9. For those who do have this setup: how on earth do you arrange it? With two 90 degree USPCBs I would need to have my DAC upside down for it to connect from my PC's usb port!
  10. Thanks Alex. I suspected that might be the problem and will order another USPCB to go before the ISO REGEN, since quite a few people seem to like the dual USPCB setup.
  11. Hello all, I have a strange issue, When I put the USPCB Adapter after the Iso Regen I get a sort of "pop" or "click" sound every minute or so. This sound doesn't happen when I move the adapter to before the ISO. But I know the manual says to have the adapter after the ISO so I would rather have it in its proper position.
  12. Quick question - What volume do you all have the mixer set to in Windows? I remember someone mentioning 70% but I don't know if this was in reference to the SU-1
  13. I'm not sure I understand. I have to open it up and solder some wires to it? If so, I'm going to send it back. I thought it would work out of the box and I'm terrible at soldering.
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