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  1. I considered getting a Drobo a few years ago when it first came out, as the ability to increase the array size without having to replace all the drives was very attractive (I had a Thecus 5200Pro and got sick to having to upgrade all 5 drives whenever I ran out of space). After reading some of the horror stories online about total data loss and poor customer service from Drobo, I started looking for something else and stumbled upon <A HREF="http://www.lime-technology.com/">unRAID</A>. It's got one of the main features of Drobo (the ability to expand the array without upgrading al
  2. Chris,<br /> <br /> How long have you been using this? Based on the Air forum thread, I'm not sure this is really a viable solution, at least for some. A few people have complained about the Bonjour/Air combo hosing their DNS after anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, and Spoon (the developer) has said development of Air likely isn't going to continue. See pages 3 & 4 in the thread linked in the original post. Has anyone noticed similar errors messages in their Event Viewer logs?
  3. Thecus has a packaging format (which they call a "module") that you can easily install through the web interface. Squeezecenter Server is one of them available.<br /> <br /> http://naswebsite.com/wiki/Thecus_N5200_Module:_SQUEEZEBOXSERVER<br /> <br /> From what I understand, the 7700 can use many of the 5200 modules, so you might try it to see if that works.<br /> <br /> Chris, you might want to check out the iPeng iPod/iPhone app for controlling your Squeezebox; it's pretty slick and much nicer than trying to use the web interface on the same device.
  4. I know it's tough to make an apples to oranges comparison, but anyone have any comparisons on how the Fantasy/Prestige/Verve jazz titles sound compared to their SACD or K2 equivalents? All of these (plus plenty more) have been on SACD for quite awhile, so at first I figured they were just derived from the DSD remasters but it sounds like these are new versions? I personally didn't think the SACDs were jaw droppingly better than the K2s, especially the Japanese cardboard sleeve remasters from JVC.
  5. Chris,<br /> <br /> Did you get a chance to check out the Blue Smoke system that was discussed in another post here? Stereophile's CES coverage had a blurb about it.<br /> <br /> http://blog.stereophile.com/ces2010/blue_smoke_black_box_music_server/
  6. You can also Wadia to your list; both the 500 and 700 series have models that also feature a variety of digital input options.
  7. There were some very positive reports about the Blue Smoke server during last year's trade shows, but when I checked it out, it seemed to me to just be a rebadged and tweaked $2000 Hush PC with a SSD running Windows Vista Media Center selling for $8000. Maybe I was missing something.<br /> <br /> The SACD thing sounds interesting. I'm guessing they mean playback of DSD files (of which there are a handful available--the selection is way worse than say hi res PCM, which itself has an extremely limited number of titles); I would think ripping a SACD would violate the DCMA. There
  8. Bruce,<br /> <br /> First of all, let me say that I appreciate your work and have purchased some of the HDTracks files you've worked on, oftentimes of SACDs I already own just so I can listen to something higher res on my computer audio setup. I guess I just have a different perception of DSD as someone on the consumer side of things.<br /> <br /> I'm aware of the products you mention (which I sort of eluded to in my post but didn't directly name, and I've heard the Meitner and dCS stack), but as I see it there's no momentum at all in the audiophile marketplace tow
  9. Bruce,<br /> <br /> I guess my point is that SACD/DSD has been essentially unusable in the context of consumer computer audio, and from what I recall (I was a very early adopter of SACD with a SCD-1--still have it and use it, and have several hundred SACDs) was marketed to the record labels in the beginning of it's introduction as such as a way to combat Internet piracy (you can't rip it if you can't read it). I'm sure playing DXD master files from a professional workstation sounds wonderful, but that's not really a consumer level option either. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I t
  10. Chris,<br /> <br /> The Matan music server sounds very interesting. Which device (or devices) is it in the event photos? Is this being planned as an actual commercial product or just a proof of concept or labor of love?
  11. Chris,<br /> <br /> I hope someone asks Mr. Skinas about what he envisions as the future of SACD and DSD in an increasingly "computer audiophile" world of music servers and high res downloads, which are pretty much entirely PCM. As far as I can tell, SACD and DSD unfortunately have no role in a computer based audio system.
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