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  1. For anyone who owns a Dangerous Convert-2 dac who may be interested: A Couple of years ago iPad pros and the Convert became incompatible.after an iPad iOS upgrade. Dangerous told me not to expect a fix. After the most recent upgrade they are, to my surprise, now working perfectly together!
  2. Thanks for the feedback - kudos for reporting back after your decision and purchase, (unlike many on the internet). What are you listening to and enjoying more since your upgrade?
  3. Don’t think one feature is better than other. I mainly narrow down choices based on comments of impressions of how products sound.
  4. Thanks - looking forward to it. About the Solaris, based on my experience I would say be careful when you audition it. I’ve had one for 8 months and found it to be VERY lacking in the lower mids when fed into a pair of well regarded studio monitors, Geithain RL 906’s https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/geithain-rl906 So, for example, most acoustic instruments don’t sound like they do in real life compared to using other DACs I’ve fed into the same loudspeakers. Music sounds thin. Double basses lack the individual character imparted by their frequency output an octave above their fundamental - that is, in the low mids; tenor saxophones sound more like altos; low male voices lack resonance; drums in particular lack their beautiful tones and individual personalities. And amplified instruments like bass guitars when typically EQed similarly lack character. As a result my Solaris makes individual instruments SEEM to have enhanced clarity because it artificially enhances separation. This is because there is a massive lack of lower mids which in real life mask the higher frequencies. I would suspect that some people including some recording engineers, who perhaps mainly listen to (and work with) electronic music would have no idea that this is happening when comparing the Solaris side by side with more normal dacs. To them it may seem like the Solaris has better resolution and clarity! I’ve come close to selling my Solaris because of its poor SQ but have kept it for a few reasons: 1. As a musician it helps me analyse what individual musicians in a band are playing due to the artificial separation between instruments. 2. When I’m tired and listening to recordings the Solaris is sometimes easier to listen to for the same reason - it lessens listener fatigue and I can stay awake. Needless to say it’s not the DAC I normally use for listening pleasure! For the record my Solaris has “REV 6” written on the circuit board - presumably meaning the sixth revision of the design since its inception.
  5. Have you had a chance to audition or compared any of these three yet?
  6. Thanks for the news. I too saw him live, in 2007 on two successive nights in the Rose Room in Jazz at Lincoln Center. Very exciting stuff playing with Henry Grimes on bass and violin, and Pheeroan akLaff on drum set. Got to meet him during rehearsals in his apartment and hang with him after concert there too. Found him a charming fellow full of artistic enthusiasm - he would even get turned on aesthetically by the shape of a tree in the back garden or the artistic designs of magazine advertisements, some of which pages were on display in his home. By by the way I discovered there are many wonderful recordings of his, both studio and live, on Tidal.
  7. Thanks for all your replies. My sub is an 18” Velodyne DD18, and using its crossover to feed NHT superzero speakers badly muddied their sound (when using an old NAD 7020 receiver which had 2 sets of stereo outs). Sounded fantastic when feeding the same unfiltered signal to both. So I don’t trust the Velodyne. Haven’t tried the pass through option with my newer speakers (active Geithain RL906), though. So I want to somehow split the signal coming from my DAC, rather than buy a new DAC. I did email the DAC manufacturer but they indicated they had no experience with this problem and agreed that my idea of a balanced splitter may possibly work, but they didn’t know that it wouldn’t degrade the sound. They could offer no other suggestions.
  8. Not currently using a separate preamp - speakers and sub are active. Would a balanced splitter be the most transparent option?
  9. You may find that good $2,000 to $2,500 dacs have more transparent pre-amps and volume control than your Parasound integrated. It is essential, therefore, that you audition your dac candidates straight into the power amp section of your integrated. One dac that has been getting exceptionally good reviews from mastering engineers on the Gearslutz forum is the Crane Song Solaris, which fits within your budget. (Unfortunately I have yet to try it myself.) Good luck!
  10. Currently extremely happy with sound of my DAC, a Dangerous Music "Convert-2", going into a pair of active studio monitors (Geithain RL906). However a number of recording engineers on the Gearslutz forums say they prefer the Crane Song Solaris for studio work - that it has more resolution. Grateful if anyone can post their experiences of the Solaris in terms of music listening pleasure.
  11. How would consumers benefit from Spotify losing one of its main competitors?
  12. Alice - please don't feed the troll.
  13. Time you got a replacement - free of any costs to you of course.
  14. After restoring try tidal first WITHOUT updating your operating system, even if you get a message to update it. If you still have the same problem then try updating to a more recent version if there is one.
  15. When all else fails ... start from scratch.
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