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  1. try this - it's the URL for its ebay store. It has 6 pages of products: https://www.ebay.com/str/CableMatters?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  2. I've seen it on Ebay. Have you tried looking there?
  3. I've read several posts where a quite a few pieces of hardware are connected to the system between the music source and the DAC. Some are connected before the Ether Regen and some after the ER? It seems to me that the sonic benefits from the Ether Regen are derived from reducing the noise floor of incoming noise carried on the ethernet cable. (I'm ignorant about what the clock does) Could adding more hardware with its accompanying electrical power supplies between the ER and the DAC introduce another source of contamination, thus defeating the benefits of the ER?.
  4. As my moniker shows, I do no post very often (feeling a little guilty about that - I've mined so much useful information from this community). A couple of years ago I did post very positive results after installing Uptone's ISO REGEN and LPS-1 Power Supply in front of my PS Audio DirectStream Jr. DAC. I have since moved on to the PS Audio DirectStream Sr DAC, and found superior sound quality from the ethernet connection into the Bridge II over USB with the Ether Regen and LPS-1. Other than some inconsistent connection issues with JRiver, I have been completely content with the SQ
  5. I haven't had any luck finding folks who have compared the effects on their dacs between using the Matrix X-SPDIF 2 and the etherregen, assuming that the dac accepts both inputs like the PS Audio DS. I previously used the usb input to PSA dac using an Uptone USB Regen with LPS-1 power supply, but got better sound quality when I went with ethernet. Does anyone know of any direct comparisons?
  6. This is not intended as a one-up, but just to share my personal experience: After hearing the DS SR, I grabbed a good deal on a DS JR demo unit with Bridge II from Underwood Wally. I was very pleased with the sound and promptly put my Oppo up for sale, which I sold for more than list, once Oppo announced it was stopping production. Unfortunately, I began experiencing frequent drops in the DLNA connection with my JRiver player when using the PS Bridge. After numerous calls with PS Support to try to fix the issue, PS surprisingly offered to exchange the PS JR with a PS S
  7. Sorry I did not get around to answering your question. I'm not a reviewer, and I get a rash when I try to describe my sonic experiences using typical analogies, so I will briefly offer a few observations. When I compared the PS to the Oppo, I did not have a wifi switch in my listening room to use ethernet, so I used USB for comparison. Simply put the PS sounded less digital. What does that mean? For me I originally thought I liked digital because I thought I was hearing a lot more detail (clarity), and I wasn't hearing surface noise, clicks and pops, rumble, etc. But over time I fo
  8. Yes, I completely agree - almost completely. I had a chance to audition a PS Audio Direct/Stream dac with an ethernet bridge in my system for a week. It allowed me to compare it to my Oppo Sonica dac with an ESS 9038PRO Sabre chip.S9038PRO and USB/ethernet streaming.The Oppo represented a big sonic improvement over my previous dac, and at $700, it was a tremendous value in my opinion. To my chagrin the PS DirectStream was far superior to the Oppo. Even digital recordings from the mid 80's that I could not tolerate for the most part sound very good through the DirectStream. I don't know if
  9. I like the photo resolution analogy - it helps this layman understand. I also like the dithering explanation, but I question the argument that human hearing can compensate for shortcomings in the digital recording. Does that viewpoint imply that the quality of the digital recording or the quality of one's dac aren't important? To me an exceptional dac is an absolute requirement to tolerate listening digital music
  10. Remember me? I'm the guy who originated this discussion - LOL. I am delighted that my query has generated so much fantastic and exceptionally intelligent dialogue. I admit that much of what has been said is over my head in terms of technical understanding, but has been enlightening nonetheless. Please keep it going. To me it provides some insight into the complexities of capturing, recording, and producing a digitized version of music and why it has taken so long to have finally arrived at an era where digital recordings actually sound great. This discussion may also pa
  11. Thanks for the knowledgeable reply, but it leaves me confused on a couple of levels. It seems like you are saying that bit depth is not relevant to capturing all the musical information needed for a good sounding recording. If so, then why bother going beyond 16 bits? Maybe some of my confusion goes back to computer programming where a 16 bit word can contain only half the data of a 32 bit word. As far as tape hiss is concerned, some of the best sounding recordings I've heard are full of tape hiss, but my ears ignore it, and only notice it when there is no music. The be
  12. I thought after all this time I was correctly explaining bit depth and sample rates to my non-audiophile friends, but now I"m not so sure. I thought that bit depth or bit size determines how much information can be captured in a single sample taken from an analog signal. So if, for example, you are recording a symphony orchestra, there are lots of instruments creating a lot of complex tonal information and sound levels. This creates a complex analog waveform, and when you take a sample of this waveform, you are going to digitize it and store it in a file. This single sample of the waveform wo
  13. thanks for the suggestion - looks like an excellent affordable option. I kind of put my a/d enthusiasm on hold for a bit after I installed the latest firmware on my DirectStream dac. It sounds so analog now I can't tear myself away.
  14. I'm looking for a good quality but not too pricey A/D converter to transfer my favorite lp's to high qulaity digital flac or aif files. I recently tried the inexpensive Behringer UFO202 with free open recording software Audacity, but was not at all satisfied with the 24/96 results. I'm not sure if the shortcomings are due to the Audacity or the a/d converter inside the Behringer. One mistake I probably made was using the Behringer phonostage rather than the output from my much better Vincent PHO-8 phonostage. Any recommendations on A/D converters or recording software would b
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