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  1. how many SACD's do you have? perhaps you can do the other way around? someone is ripping the discs for you?
  2. If this is the case with my BRA ( Strauss- analouge years) disc, how do I get these files with a conneced BDP-160?
  3. thanks so far. I know this is a sacd ripping thread. My thought where here are all the experts and perhaps there is a way / simple ad on from sacd to BRA ripping ;-) Seams not to be the case ;-( Is this explanation also true for just simple BR-audio disc's. The disc I have stores just audio files. There are no videos on it.... Greetings F.S.
  4. Hallo I am new to this forum. Thanks to this forum (!) I bought many moon's ago a Pioneer BDP160 to rip SACD. Today I got my first Blu-ray Audio Disc full of 24 bit / 96 kHz audio files. These I would like to have on my Audio Server.... Is this possible? if yes how? The Pioneer is located within my Network. Ping works.Telnet does'nt ;-( I just pluged the SACD rip USB-stick at the Pioneer. But that does'nt help... Greetings F.S.
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