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  1. try cocktail....amazing!!!!
  2. yes my friend like old times ....sometimes i am still reached by some post from this forum ....so i have the temptation to reply! but tell me ....what is your position now? still using softwares or gone hardwares to play your music? ciao ciao
  3. Hi folks....still there to deal with that muddy shit??Horrible apps as those from from SS does not deserve to be at the center of any attention!!! Believe me guys don''t' hesitate to pass to a decente standalone reader(I love my Cocktail Audio X50,but there are many other very good such Aurender or even less expensive options)and you will be happy to enjoy with your beloved music library ciao ciao
  4. i am very happy for you ,Merging ,fir you are happy!Personally i do not have any allergy in my life if not to events who cause stress ....! and A4 was one of those events....nothing worked properly on A4 ,library was a shame, it does not see the albums and so on........i don' t belong to the fan club of Eq fanatics as i well know the traps of eq's in common use ,so i never used A4's Eq that ,maybe, could be very good amongst the many negative side3s of A4 .Now i am the happy user of a great ,teased price ,gear that simply does what i ask to him an nothing more and above all it does it well! Good luck to you with your software and enjoy of it alap
  5. Hi Kugel i say that Aurender is the best choice but very expensive ! cocktail X50d is a great , great solution indeed!! Practically it has no its own sound because it leaves the duty to make the sound to your preferred and preowned DAC so you will have exactly the sound of your beloved DAC to give life to your music!!! a very good choice that of Cocktail audio to do the X50D...all the other models they have a native DAC that is not worth to have to just bypass it! go that direction man and you will be happy and without any ridiculous problem to bother you as i am now 2000€ are not so many for my music library!! ciaociao to you and all the other folks in this forum imho no lumin nor innuos
  6. hi everyone i m not in oersted in this forum anymore,but sometimes i monitor it. stil there to dog around a shitty software? what a pity and shame!! yes Kugel keep tight your Audirvana+ as it is fantastic! but everybody believe me......: if you don't want to b e in anguish anymore buy yourself a good file reader such as cocktail audio X40, X50 , X52(the best) ,or any other good hardware based player,..... and..... you will be happy forever because they will play in a fantastic sound all your songs!!withou stressing or bothering you ciaociao folks....i am an happy listener to music now
  7. KC and the Sunshine band??my dear dancing sea gimme any valid reason to remain to talk about unworthiness and above all not receive any feedback!
  8. before i will leave this forum i want to tanks all the ones that never replied to me! i will leave you with the consciousness that i will be here to hear wonderful vibration given out to my DAC from a wonderful and friendy X50D ,meanwhile someone will still continue to crack his brain with click ,cracks . smacks and shit ,etcetera, by muddy softwares that will not have any chance to ever work properly ! i someone got the intention to consider the opinion of a stupid italian as me it will be pleasely welcomed if he will want to contact me ciao ciao
  9. hi to all the member if this forum/thread i finally stopped to do mental masturbations with someone good and someone nasty player softwares! I finally met on my way a fantastic CocktailAudio X50D music streamer ,the top of the Cocktail audio production , and my life suddenly has changed to a better dimension! It sound astonishing... very very better than every software/ computer combination (and this on the same DAC obviously, in this case a Dac8 Audio Research)i ever tried .No A4. A+ .Fidelia and so on!! And the the library management!.....all the files an folders on my HDD are seen and rendered back exactly in the same way that i intended to want ....fidelly as it is stored on my storage Disk ,all the folders ,files ,sub/sub/ sub folders are clearly and fastly seen and played, with the great simplicity that no software ever gave to me!Well... I do not claim to the miracle of the century ,but i have finally found a gear with whom music is the most important thing avoiding all the mental masturbations from you ,no stress to set any damned software that it will never do what you want it to do and so on! it reads any audio format ,Native DSD included, it reads ands rips CDs...the only things it does not do is ..... to cook spaghetti alla bolognese ! It is also attached to Roon world This means that simplicity is the best solution ever. if anyone wants to try it and feedback to me his impressions i will be very glad with that. I know that X50D is very expensive , but Cocktail audio have in its catalog many models for many pockets and needs Now i am satisfied listening to my Liquid music with my DAC ,that has anabsolute Sound Quality, left untouched by the aggression of any external devil's software!! ciao ciao to every music lover
  10. does anybody experimented problems with A4 installlation?i have dowloaded the last release and when i installed it A4 crashes without any reason as until before it was well, if well could be said, working! i have uninstalled it several times ,i have tried older versions ,but also the, in the past, working versions goes to crash.....can anyone help me? does anyone have the first A4 pkg version as i would try to start from the beginning? Obviously i have already called SS customers help but they are ,as in their same style ,always fugitive and respond only when they want many thks ciaociao
  11. I have experimented crashes of iTunes when A4 plays in iTunes integration mode and also random jumps in playing songs....does anybody had this faults? thks for your feedback and replies ciaociao
  12. yes i agree with you rodolfo 85 !!! i ,Faithfully hoping after this new release that SS has finally done something working ,have loaded my library but .....the same disaster! And also the iTunes integration,that is considerably better working than any other Amarra lib management ,is not so troubles free as it seems.I experimented jumps in playing some songs as the file could be corrupted....but with all the otehr players the same song is played in a correct way!All in Sonic studio's.... style but this is one of the less serious and more acceptable problem from since A4 was born .
  13. Great....it could already be something more ! But everybody must remember that iTunes integration does not solve the flac to aiff/m4a conversion necessity !!! i think that's still not the right way to solve A4 library problems, even disregarding the possibility of sound degradation using iTunes library management!!
  14. hi mr Ralph i am one of the strongest criticizer of A4 as you have clearly seen, but i also a strong supporter of A4's sound! So i want to ask too you if you consider that there may be other possibilities ,but iTunes integration ,to resolve A4's enormous library problems?? Can i suggest to you a very simple solution?As it is well, and sadly, known by every A4's user ,and by you too believe ,loading your own library takes a lot of time and it is a wasted time because when loaded a great mess is created!!!Nothing is in the right place and nothing is manageable by the user.... and so on...!! This happens since A4 must load, before being abled for playing anything ,the needed library (regardless if only PART of it OR THE WHOLE)...is this true? Well why do not bypass this problem simply letting A4 to look to the folder/s where the album/songs library is stored and also keeping sinced to this/these folder/s without the necessity to load part or the whole library but simply chosing the needed songs/album just at the moment of the need to listen to it.this will give a lot of advantages: 1no loading wasted time .....2 no sound degradation ....as there will not be any unneeded signal passage ,only a direct disk reading !this will lead to --> .....3 a lot of memory saved .....4 any user is free to organize its own library at it's own will, so that no one could anymore criticize A4 songs/albums organization!! i apologize if i took the permission to suggest that to you,that undoubtably are more learned to programming than me, but it seems to me the easiest way to lead all user to fidelity to A4 ,and not a now that a considerable part of desperate users is searching for alternative players even renouncing to the unbeatable A4's sound quality....yes desperate users as me!! Listening to music is a pleasure of life and must not become a continuous stress!Tthe ideal player is the one with A4's sound quality combined with ease and externe simplicity of use, (and also for this A4 is ok) with easy simple and comfortable songs searching features . A4 misses only the last one ! so why do not give A4 this feature ? excuse again my intromission ciao ciao P.S. this forum is silent since a lot of time! why this ? this would lead to think about i!me as other i think is currently using A+ and Fidelia as alternatives to A4 even knowing that A4 sound greatly better!!I'd like to return to use A4! Please....Me Ralph
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