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  1. Ok let me tell you what I see. MacBook connected to McIntosh through USB. Top right corner of Audirvana shows Flac/MQA with a blue dot and right underneat 24/192 kHz Stereo, then on the top left corner it shows DAC: 32/192 kHz Stereo, on my McIntosh MHA100 front panel I read 32/192 kHz. I know for a fact that my MHA100 is not MQA certified. Now here is the kicker, if I play straight Tidal (without Audirvana) then the same track will show on the front of my MHA100 as 32/96 kHz (half of the MQA Story). This leads me to beleive that Audirvana unfolf the full MQA without the need of an MQA ready DAC. Can anyone confirm all this?
  2. I subscribe to Tidal Hifi and have access to Masters encoded with MQA. My computer is connected to my McIntosh MHA100 through USB and I am using eihter Amarra Symphony or Audirvana Plus (with Tidal) + Itunes. My understanding is that Tidal by itself connected through my McIntosh will not deliver the full MQA experience and need an MQA compatible DAC. So I was told Buesound Node 2 would happen to do just that. My issue with this set-up is that the Burr Brown Chip on this 599$ (CDN) is not at the level of the DAC built in my McIntosh. Would I, at the end of the day ended up with worse quality music than feeding it with the USB cable and using my McIntosh DAC while not having the full MQA experience. Second part of this: The Audirvana Plus has MQA capability, does this solve my issues and would I get the full MQA experience? I want to integrate Blusesound in order to remove Airplay from my system because it can't stream 24 bit while bluesound could. Hope I make sense here as this is my first post. Thanks Saby