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  1. Hi soul, what clock are you using and on what voltage is it? Is it possible to use a crystek cchd-575?
  2. Okey time is up. The answer is, lots of carbon
  3. Just little clarification the coax output of the newclassd clock is a sinewave the second output is square wave and is meant for oscillator replacement. A 3 wire flat cable is supplied by the manufacturer and should be very short. So what is better sine wave or square wave?
  4. Nice build, can you tell something about the SQ gain. I am thinking of using the same clock. Why don't you use the square wave output? PM me if it is too technical.
  5. 🤔🤔🤔 Mmmmm, laser, fiber, non Ethernet it’s a fiber optical usb cable. Of cause with lots of lt3045’s and a crystek 575 in the RX module.
  6. It is a popular product.
  7. Okey this one should be easy. What is this?
  8. Nice, it is a Pathos InPol Heritage. https://www.analogueaudio.nl/pathos-versterkers.shtml
  9. It's a Bob Ross painting, his early years.
  10. I think I know what that is but I am not going to say. It's a question for the non Dutch people around here.
  11. I think that's @PeterSt , right? The apparatus to the right is his DAC/pc/.
  12. That is an idea I had and is now on the long list of things to do. The idea is to remove the lt1963 regulator and insert a dual paralleled 1A ldovr board
  13. Sorry get a little emotional here, late this evening. If it only could be like this. Tolerance
  14. This might help to calm down our American friend and the rest of the world for that matter too.
  15. Indeed not sure if 3A is enough also because of heat. I use a 5A non MPAudio version with no heatsink and with only 1.8V on the input, they are about 40-50 degrees C. We will see I’ll make some nice pictures then you can decide what you want to do. Give me some time to finish it.
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