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  1. https://www.eltim.eu/en/capacitors-for-audio/vh-audio-capacitors/g-10000339
  2. Much thicker wire so lower internal resistance, vacuum impregnated, probably better iron core material. Over priced, yes and normally use in speaker filters. 🙂
  3. @Superdad? Wouldn’t these do as a hi power choke? MUNDORF VN236, 10mH, 5%, FERON ZOC, Ø2,5mm viOFC
  4. maybe this is something you like http://www.die-meller-tischlerei.de/Webshop/Delignit-c61535559
  5. now it looks good here too, all the YouTube confusion 😁
  6. Not sure what happened but I didn’t meant to post Wet leg. I meant to post Metric, Nothing but time?? Strange when I quote the post you get the correct link.
  7. Yes it’s seems crazy this year with extreem weather, parts with extreem rainfall and other parts extreem heat and drought all the way up into Canada. Even Siberia gets it. https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2021/01/01/russia-in-2021-as-climate-crisis-rages-scientists-fear-the-worst-is-yet-to-come-a72390
  8. Can you let the amp burn-in with continuous music playing? I think it will help.
  9. What did they call the new headphones, circle moral. What is that?
  10. Just my €0.02…🤓 Hi Superdad, now wouldn’t that be a fantastic product for you, an “audiophile inverter” plus LiFePO4 battery pack. 😀 Couldn’t a big capacitor after the battery help the transients response?
  11. Two week ago our government decided that if you could provide a negative test or proof of full vaccination you didn’t need to uphold the 1.5 m rule. So all indoor cafes and discotheques could open which was a bit of a surprise to everyone. Now we have new restrictions no discotheques, no indoor cafe unless seated + 1.5 m, no outdoor festivals and that’s a big thing in Holland, everything closes at 24:00h. The COVID infectious 7th folded in those two weeks, not in hospital counts that stayed low. The youth infections skyrocket. Almost everyone over 55 who wants a vacation is fully vacci
  12. I tought this thread was about Purifi class D amplifiers or at least class D??
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