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  1. Haha, you are right a Big 6 DAC with a oak floor, nice. But least this one is clean and has professional pcb’s and transformers.
  2. in the upper half of the picture the green o’s are probably Mundorf’s.
  3. Mmmmm looks like a bad DIY project or a prototype or something. This costs 8k? I think that have a slight production problem.
  4. I am happy for you that you still have the nuc, qutest and the Yamaha to listen too. But saddens me that this is the way your healthcare system or lack there off works. i hope your wife gets well soon.
  5. Wow, Chris really beautiful speakers, congratulations. Do have more pictures? And I am wondering how the Wilson guys set the timing of the midrange and tweeter cabinets?
  6. Yes but you have to play it back a second time with different speakers in a different room. Extra coloration. And the two YouTube clips have different systems and especially the rooms are probably different. Listen to your favorite track and recond it at the same time. Then play back the recording. I do not think it will sound the same.
  7. 1: you will record the speakers plus room acoustics. 2: quantity of mic. 3: quality of recording system. All degrading the original signal
  8. https://www.newclassd.com/index.php?page=265&hv=1 info on this regulator is not up to date.
  9. Another new update from Euphony? I am now at 20190705.
  10. I wish I had one of those too, my own power station 😀
  11. Sorry it seems that I have missed some posts from sandyk before my first post. Didn’t know he was already warned. And yes I am a sucker for hardware/ electronic/ DIY stuff.
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