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  1. Looking forward to your tests. Imo the idea is not to restrict the delivery of current to the mobo so the DC4 or the PHSR7T will restrict the current demand in transient and amount. That’s where the unregulated supply comes in, less restrictive in high current spikes demands. Keep experimenting
  2. whats the price of the optimo atx?
  3. OMG this is very sad news. My condolences. i tuned the music of for a minute.
  4. Is there any idea how much watt the powerdac will produce? Would be fantastic if i could use it for my Raal, 100w.
  5. No they have beards, the beards are just on their forehead. 😁
  6. OMG just think what would happen when your little hell’s angel decides to go commando. ☺️
  7. mini kilt’s 😃, good idea just hope it lands in the woman’s section 😃 and the commando thing that just comes with the kilt tradition 😃😀
  8. Just like with Bitcoin I am wondering what kind of idiot would invest/ GAMBLE in this sort of thing. But then again I which I bought a few bitcoins when they where a few dollars, the audio equipment I could have bought then. The problem is I do not gamble.
  9. No it is just a new way of making lots of money very quickly, it is a new way to sell the block chain thing. It’s hyped just like Bitcoin an other ludicrous product.
  10. Darn it, 4 of course was intended for bored after 15 minutes. Can’t edit it anymore.
  11. So I was on date this weekend but when I saw her 1 is what I looked like. 2 was her expression so thought “ this is gonna be a long night” 3. And indeed I was boded after 15 minutes so I tried some fun, 5 but it fell on deaf ears, 6. This resulted in me getting hammed with 7 as a result the next morning. 8 is the look of my wife when she asked “what did you do last night”. 9 was her reaction face when I told her. 😁😁🙃
  12. And now the digital version
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