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  1. An audioNerd walks into an audio store and asks the sales person “ do you have a good amp?” Sales person: “ Yes, here is one. Do you want to have a listen?” The audioNerd: “ Nooooo thanks, but can I measure it? I have my audio precision right here!!!”
  2. Congratulations on your new DAC. Gathering from the nice review from Chris it sounds like another fantastic DAC. Hopefully I hear it sometime.
  3. I am sitting a bit on the sideline waiting how this optical feeding of the ER pans out but sound promising with these attenuators. I was wondering if the guys who play with the optical rendu know about this.
  4. You are a busy bee, are you. I really like you are going to test the engineered board. Still a pity it doesn’t output usb. A while back I made a choice to go for usb and invested in that. But we have to see what the outcome will be.
  5. Seems to sound a bit more dull compared to 0 gstp 1 stylus 2-3 which sounds more airy.
  6. This weekend I made a coping mistake and lost the core isolation code I used. I have a notepad with possible codes but didn’t mark the code in use. So I put in the code I thought it was but while listening something was off. It sounded muddy, not accurate (0 gstp 1-2 stylus 3),most cores to gstp . I remembered the temperature pattern the cores give so it was not to difficult to get the original code back and liked it much better, 0 gstp 1 stylus 2-3. So giving the most cores to stylus. Maybe it is all different when you have 6 or 8 cores to play with I do not know. But if you have the bare minimum cores for the core isolation function to play with I prefer giving the most cores to stylus.
  7. Well hopefully it is a spiral so every circle we make we get a little higher.
  8. Wow, so everything SoTM is obsolete and replaced with the reed-dock, yields better SQ for 420 euro. That is not only a miracle it's a bargain too. It's pity it doesn't have USB and or i2s out.
  9. I believe your nuc Memory requirements Supports two 1.35V DDR3L SDRAM SO-DIMMs 1600 MHz and 1866 MHz Unbuffered, non-ECC Single-sided or double-sided Minimum recommended memory: 2 GB Maximum memory: 8 GB Serial presence detect (SPD) This link is a selection of the wide temperature versions, 1600mhz. They do not have the wt version in 1866mhz. https://www.soselectronic.com/memory-modules?query=Apacer&params=466%3ASODIMM|279%3ADDR3L|181%3A1600|297%3A-40...85&category=3360&param_current=297 I have bought here my 4GB ddr4 sodimm wt for my nuc. Please check with others if this is correct.
  10. It is 0.25 mm thick copper sheet.
  11. Maybe something like this I did with my jcat usb card, for EMI.
  12. If only there was a company who could design a atx smps with a noise level of LT3045. Wouldn’t that be the ideal power supply? That’s what smps do deliver instant current and I think that’s what computers need. The problem is the noise level over a wide bandwidth. With linear power supplies: Would low impedance equal instant current? Would a high capacitance with very low ESR on the output of a linear regulator solve the instant current problem ( lower the impedance??) and help the computers erratic current demand? I am asking because I initially had a problem with powering my NUC7i7dn.. For experimentation I first powered the nuc with a studer900 regulator ( with modified current limiter) the nuc would only boot in its low power setting. So I bought an other 5A regulator and it could boot the nuc in its normal power setting and go up to 4.2Ghz but not boot in de high power setting. Than I had an idea and put a 20kuF, ESR 7mohm capacitors on the output of the same regulator and now the nuc boots in the high power setting. What would be the ideal power supply for high end music computer??
  13. I have set my nuc7i7dn to fanless in the bios. The CPU speed now fluctuates between 3.5 and 3.8 Ghz and I am likening the sound. My CPU temperature under 50c but I have a different case. I have also disabled all int. and ext USB ports except the 3.1 ports. HT off the rest is on in that menu. Power is set to max. It is my belief that if you set the nuc to fanless the fan circuit is switch off and does not consume power or creates noise. Not sure if it's possible to switch off one of the display ports. A while back somebody switched of one or two display ports and bricked the nuc.
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