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  1. Small shot glass experiment: -first you take four shot glasses and flll them with whiskey. -then drink them in short succesion. -turn the glasses upside down and place your product on top of the four glasses. -start listening and you’ll find a reasonable bump in SQ. hahahaha, just joking. Try it, but without the whiskey. Cheers 🥃
  2. RickyV

    Telegartner MFP8 Gold

    ELBAC 942545-S0 https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/various-plugs/elbac-942545-s0-ethernet-rj45-cat6-connector-simplified-assembly-p-12107.html TELEGARTNER MFP8 T568A https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/various-plugs/telegartner-mfp8-t568a-connector-rj45-ethernet-high-end-metal-p-12726.html TELEGARTNER MFP8 T568B Angled https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/various-plugs/telegartner-mfp8-t568b-angled-rj45-ethernet-connector-high-end-metal-p-12566.html TELEGARTNER MFP8 T568B https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/various-plugs/telegartner-mfp8-t568b-connecteur-rj45-ethernet-highend-metal-p-7165.html VIABLUE T6s https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/various-plugs/viablue-t6s-rj45-plug-cat6-gold-plated-24k-one-pair-p-11528.html
  3. I believe, but not 100% sure, that with the nuc 7i7dnbe usb data lines go straight to the cpu. With my mini itx board they first go to a xmos chip and then to the connector. With the the jcat usb card you go also, via pci lanes, to a xmos chip but at least it clean powered and clocked.
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    Nothing, it's finished. You depleted my battery.
  5. RickyV

    Furutech FI-68 - IEC connector and power filter

  6. Ok it's a nice test but who wrote it and it's on the fidelizer website. Would be nice if some more independent people could repeat this test.
  7. Wow nicely made @Kingpinlooks pro. So you are not from the tattoo supply business 😂. That's the only thing I could find from your name.
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    I do not know about the audio precision analyzer, I only played with oscilloscope's and multimeters in my time. I do not go to the ASR site because I have my doubts.
  9. RickyV


    I didn't know his data gets verified by others, that is important. The only thing I would like to add to measuring correctly is that the meaning probe can influence the signal you want to measure. You have to take that into account as well with ultra low levels of noise. Probe impedance. But if his measurements gets verified it's ok I guess.
  10. RickyV


    Indeed the width and depth of sound stage are imo subjective terms. Difficult to measure accurately, not verifiable between systems also depending room acoustics and ears. What is interesting is that if the accuracy of DAC increases and the noise levels drop to absurd low levels especially the depth of field seem to increase. Rob watts talks about that in this clip: https://youtu.be/AAPgbTqJq9s Its a bit long but very interesting. What I also noticed in this clip how often he talks about changing something in the s.w or measure and then go and listen to the change. Especially the increasing depth was a surprise to him. So engineering and accurate listening go hand in hand, one can't do without the other if want a high level product.
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    Pkane2001, i do not know about this, Measuring by its self doesn’t make it “science” you have to know what your doing. So it depends on Amir if he is measuring correctly. Not saying he isn’t.
  12. RickyV

    Is It Time For Moderators?

    I voted yes because after reading this thread and the “objectivist/subjectivist thread that imo some people are here for the confrontation to show of their intellect, bickering skills and ego. To rattle the cage of those foolish audiophiles. Maybe not all the time but too often. I also do not think they will quit. Of course everybody can state their opinion and experience but in a constructive, civilized and respectful manner. Not forgetting to laugh a make jokes at times.
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    Is It Time For Moderators?

    Yes we need a disagre button too