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  1. I think that’s an older pcb from before the paralleling idea.
  2. Mmmm?? What is different then any other lt3045 power supply? MP audio and ldovr.com This is probably the transformer they use https://sklep.toroidy.pl/en_US/p/TTSAS0100-SUPREME-AUDIO-grade-transformer-TSAS100VA-voltage-to-50V/391 And six of +/- these values https://www.hificollective.co.uk/catalog/audio-note-kaisei-680uf-25v.html
  3. I think it is starsailor. I didn't know this album so I had a quick listen and now I have hunch where the "sweet cover" comes from, lsd maybe 😀
  4. oh my that’s some blues 😳. Sounds really pandemic 😷
  5. 😁 yes we know you can do that, we talked about that back in February 2018
  6. Has anyone already done this? It is use as a second regulator for the ER. All through holes connected. Especially the SET through hole.
  7. It’s the best part. Mine do that too. Yes for now the crossover is all passive, crossing at 2.3 kHz and 300 Hz but I am thinking about making the woofers active with mono 500w ncore plateamps. Not sure what the -3db point of the woofer is. I measured and calibrated the speakers first in my living room checked everything in a good size anechoic chamber but those kind of frequencies are difficult to measure consistently so I am sure.
  8. Thanks it was a lot of work, it took me about 1.5 years to make and it is almost all made of birch plywood with American walnut veneer. As you can see it is a d’apolito configuration with 15cm paper cone mid/bass divers and a beryllium dome tweeter. I chose this configuration for its point source characteristics. The only thing you do not see very often is that I can time align it. So I can tilt the two mid cabinets closer or away from the tweeter cabinet. The bass is a closed cabinet with a 3,5 cm wall thickness and internal bracing. The driver is an 10” AudioTechnology flex unit optimized for a closed cabinet and a sandwich cone. All this is cost me about 5000 euro in parts and really a lot of man hours. https://www.scan-speak.dk/product-families/fam-illuminator/?single_prod_id=97 https://www.scan-speak.dk/product-families/fam-illuminator/?single_prod_id=195 http://www.audiotechnology.dk/iz.asp?id=4|a|933|||
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