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  1. Back then when somebody, I forgot his name, found out that these wt apacer ram sounded beter we noticed the latency but still it sounded beter. Apperently there is something else besides latency that influences SQ.
  2. wouldn’t it be better if the aux was done with HQ linear regulators like @barrowshas done.
  3. I have never heard about these smps, what’s the difference with hypex? Edit: Do you by any chance know if Purifi is designing their own smps? I thought I read that somewhere.
  4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but the question is if it’s a fair comparison vtv gain stage vs eval1 gain stage ( also modified). The reason I am interested in these Purifi amps is I am looking for a power amp to drive my Raal headphones. For financial reasons I can not just buy some high end integrated tube amp so have to do things in stages. I have two possibilities one is that my pre-amp has two pairs of rca outputs. One for the speaker amp and one for the Raal amp (stage 1). Stage two could be buy a second xlr (tube) pre-amp. XLR so I can connect it to the xlr output o
  5. unregulated is only possible with this Taiko DC-atx module. Why?, because this module is designed for that. If you would try to feed an hdplex dc-atx module unregulated dc it will fail.
  6. oh yes you are right, I forgot the first C. Mmmm I don’t know, mimicking could be useful but you still need to listen, voicing like Nenon is doing.
  7. We could never see what was underneath the the big capacitor bank where probably the atx regulation is located. My guess now would be their is indeed switching regulations underneath. The rest of the power supply of the extreme is transformer, rectifier, choke, capacitor bank, atx regulators.
  8. You could try the smps that Hypex uses for their ncore amplifiers. But this DC-atx is different it uses unregulated DC so the only thing that produces heat is the diode bridge.
  9. So if you want every voltage on maximum power you will theoretically need a transformer of (12Vx40A)+(5Vx15A)+(3.3Vx15A)+(5Vx4)= 599W, probably not really necessary for music playback. But to give it the possibility to deliver those kinds of current in peak form you could make a capacitor bank like Taiko does. Very curious if @Nenonuses/made one, no rush reveal when you want to.
  10. what is the maximum voltage it can take on the input?
  11. It is diy but still it is a Taiko developed product so, and of cause I would say, I would want the Taiko logo on it. Something like this maybe.
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