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  1. What about this “new” model https://www.soselectronic.com/products/apacer/78-b2gf4-4000b-302901 seems interesting too.
  2. If you have two ram modules in use try removing one. So listen music, and after half an hour remove the second one ram module and listen again. Curious what you think. Seems more focused. I had two 4Gb Corsair Vangeance modules. Plus on the nuc 7i7 dn.. the 4 core temperatures averages better out now?
  3. Sounds interesting I was looking for ram for my nuc7i7dn, Euphony, endpoint. 4Gb would be enough wouldn’t it? What about this one, little less data rate transfer but lower latency too? https://www.soselectronic.com/products/apacer/75-b93gr-g000b-1-287715 or This one if you want to occupy both slots. It is preferable to occupy both slots, isn’t it? https://www.soselectronic.com/products/apacer/78-a2gfe-4000b-288094
  4. So if one was to click too quality and you evoked the plague upon yourself what has one to do to cast the demon out again? 😁
  5. Isn't that a bit expensive for a of the shelf DAC chip DAC.
  6. THC enriched air should work wonders too according to Paul McGowan
  7. Oh wow a second new release i’ll try it this evening.
  8. Is that audiophile air infused with Nitrous oxide
  9. Yes ramroot seems to deliver more air around instruments, voices etc. Better defined space. Real nice. Together with core isolation which was also an uptic I would say ramroot is an uptic+. The only thing I am not sure about is the cpu frequency, I keep switching but fail to choose winner. 👍👍👍
  10. What about the noise figures per rail?
  11. What I meant is if you have a power supply with an output impedance of say 5 mohm, a cable 1mohm and a barrel connector of 30 mohm wouldn’t be 36 mohm at the nuc circuit? I am just wondering but some of us, not me, buy expensive power supplies and there is always talk about the low impedance of it. Then they use these barrel connectors which seem a high impedance connection.
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