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  1. 👍 Thanks, went straight to HT on and core isolation on 0-1 gstp 1-7 today sounds indeed more relaxed and smooth and also seems to have backer background.
  2. Are you powering the Etherregen with 12v? If so maybe you could try to power the clock with the js2 and ER with the lps1.2. I don’t know but maybe needs a more powerful power supply.
  3. Thanks for the video link really interesting and learned a lot.
  4. Other possibilities could be: Thundersticksagogo, Iamthegreatest, iamthebest, Putinisapussy, ilovekim, Mineisbigger,
  5. Or he could make it easy on himself as he is use to and call it “ redbutton”
  6. And you have the Make, America, Great, Again, MAGA too. 🤔
  7. Mmmmm I am thinking 🤔, KillèmAll. But the ` might be to difficult for him.
  8. The clock signal is very critical signal and it degrades with the length of the cable so the longer the cable the better it needs to be. So buy as short as possible cables, 25 cm is already a lot imo.
  9. Ah I didn’t know about the z-foil but was wondering if that would beneficial. And I guess that there now 3 LT1084 used?
  10. I think the DC4 uses Audio Note Kaisei Electrolytic Capacitor they are a remake of the famous Black Gate capacitors that stoped production.
  11. For what I can see there is one transformer with one output AC rail. That ac rail gets rectified in the second picture of @seeteeyou’s post, with a buffer capacitor and parallel bypass capacitor. Than a two wire negative goes to the capacitor bank and a two wire positive goes via the Lundahl choke and to the capacitor bank. From there it is unknown but underneath the capacitor bank are probably several linear or switch mode regulators for all the different voltages. Boy Would I like a peek underneath that bank.
  12. Hi Nenon You are probably the only person here who has heard these capacitors, have you done comparisons tests with and without Duelund caps? Do they make such a difference to justify those insane prices? Have you tried the Duelund JDM bypass capacitors they are a bit more reasonable priced, in speaker filters or power supplies? In my speaker filters I used the Audyn TRI-Reference Caps but a little help from a few Duelunds could not hurt.
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