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  1. The freaky stuff happens all the time to all data but you know that. The problem comes when the crappy switches and routers are connected to sensitive DACs. It's noise
  2. We have to be careful not to repeat ourselves, read from post 104, that is PNF right? @PeterSt maybe you make a blue header like in the “massive” thread with the best configurations too date. Or a post 1 index with all the documented configurations that would be even better.👍
  3. Tried A: B-R, Y-W B: B-R, Y-W for about 20 seconds but there is something wrong in the mids with that config.
  4. Mmmmm this A: B-R, Y-W B: B-R sounds really nice. I was on A: B-Y, R-W B: B-Y which was a toned down version of PNF, good bass definition, less hf energy. This one seems to be in between PNF and A: B-Y....... with the hf energy, nice bass and mids and more spatially from left/right, up/down and depth. ( seems to have the best Balance of the 3) I have to go back to PNF to check but that’s for later it is bedtime.
  5. A: B-R & W-Y, B: B-R. I will try this one this evening. So we may can conclude from this Series that the further away the connecting shield from the data lines the better the SQ
  6. I have asked Željko too if 8GB is enough. He said it was if local files are elsewhere and the cache to drive function is off and buffering is at 100% SQ is as good as it can be, he said. @Chopin75 i am trying to find an SLC ssd, according to @romaz the next best thing after optane.
  7. Alternative SLC SSD: Western Digital green ssd, Adata SU650.
  8. From the Euphony site: Solution Yes, you must have dedicated HDD/SSD to install Euphony. It cannot include any other software/partitions. Euphony is first installed on USB by writing complete Euphony disk image to it (this only support Legacy boot). Later, when installing on chosen internal disk from euphony application this disk will be automatically formatted and partitioned (4 partitions) before restoring euphony operating system file structure to it (this supports UEFI boot). Similar to USB requirements you need at least 8GB disk capacity for your permanent Euphony installation. If you are planning to use this disk for you music library then, of course, it should have a lot more capacity. If you already have a disk which contains your music files you can attach it too, either internally, via usb or via network. Most optimal is to have big SSD disk but Euphony employs several optimizations so your playback will not suffer no matter where the song files actually are: on slow disk, attached usb drive or network. After Install, system partitions will take 8GB capacity, all the space left will be used for data partition where your music library can reside.
  9. AL supports LMS but to get ipeng the remote s.w to accept tidal is a pain. But I am hardware guy I guess, no patients for s.w.
  10. I have two nuc7i7dnbe and I was going for the AL/LMS sqweezelite configuration but that is a bit of pain to install for me, with tidal and local files. So to make my life easier I was thinking to put Euphony on a Delock SATA 6 Gb/s Flash Module 8 GB SLC and use the SATA slot. Why, because I what to keep the m.2 slot free for a jcat net card/ bridging. Question: is the 8 GB enough for Euphony? I read somewhere that Euphony also uses the os drive for buffering music so maybe 8GB is a bit small for best sq. I am not interested in Roon, if you do not start with Roon you do not have to struggle with the Roon money on your back 😂. But is one Euphony nuc better then two nuc configuration??? Separately powered and SLC!!!
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