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  1. So @Dutch what’s the verdict? Your ER has been cooking for several hours now we need some Dutch common sense, anything preliminary to report yet? No pressure!! 😎
  2. I think this sounds like a perfectly good explanation as to why the ER doesn’t have anything to improve anymore. We might as well have found one of the few streamers that is so well designed that the guys from ASR would finally be proud. That would be a great plus for Linn. The only downside is it's 20k and nobody at ASR or me can afford it so we buy the EtherRegen instead. 😁
  3. You are right it is about enjoying the music. Not sure about the AudioLinux choice, I am afraid you’ll keep tweaking that.
  4. @Superdad it sound like the ER is a real winner have you considered sending an ER to Stereophile or/ and 6moons for review? Maybe after John finish his paper and measurements.
  5. @Darryl R I think you’ll have an interesting and busy “tweakend” coming up. 😁
  6. Welkom bij audiophile style en gefeliciteerd met je Etherregen, veel luister plezier. Welcome to audiophile style and congratulations with your Etherregen, happy listening.
  7. Happy listening Jos. I think that will not be a problem reading all those happy customers reviews.
  8. So @roman410 you are the first, now you have the herculean task to listen carefully and write the best unbiased review of your life. There is no pressure but there are approximately hundreds of people awaiting your review. Good luck, may the force be with you soldier. 🖖
  9. Ah that is indeed frustrating, once I had to give my password again after an update, frustrating if you have to look for it. So after an update I check settings every time.
  10. Thanks @FredM very interesting interview. I really like those interviews where audio designers talk that enthusiastically/passionate about their product. The problem is now I want a mu1 and a dCS Bartók of course, will need a few extra jobs too. 😢
  11. If people have looked in there Tidal settings and are wondering what loudness normalization is, read this. Also from the hands of Eelco Grimm. https://www.audioxpress.com/news/tidal-implements-album-loudness-normalization-and-activates-it-by-default-for-mobile-players
  12. Thanks for the info. Loudness normalization it is called. Analyse this: https://www.audioxpress.com/news/tidal-implements-album-loudness-normalization-and-activates-it-by-default-for-mobile-players
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