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  1. yep it’s streaming from Qobuz. The way I see it is, input format is 192khz, 2 channel, 16 bit. Output is 352.8khz, 32 bit, 2 channel. Very strenge figures if you ask me. I will probably open up an other ticked to Z Just tried it with the new Pink Floyd, animals album. It’s a 24 bit, 192khz album. I disabled the convolution filters set the output rate limit and sample rate to 192khz and pushed reloaded page. The main page in hqplayer web interface still showed, format 192000/2/16 and output 192000/32/2. BTW Euphony is still showing 16/192->16/192 I think Euphony is showing or doing some strange things.
  2. So what does the description say in Qobuz , 2019 remix or new remix and is it under Roger Waters or Pink Floyd? Sofar i have not found it in Qobuz, Netherlands/Europe yet.
  3. No I can’t, I am using convolution filters for my Raal headphone and those convolution files are 352khz max. I can choose lower. The sample frequencies are not the problem it is the same if I input a 24bit, 44.1 file, Euphony will show 16/44-> 16/352
  4. This is what the HQplayer web interface is showing. This is the song playing: HQplayer web interface with the same song, 3:29 minutes. Settings in Euphony with “convert non-DSD formats” off. Setting in HQplayer web interface
  5. 87mpi, is your hqplayer stil in it’s trial Period? If so what happens if you switch hqplayer on while playing hi-res 24bit song?
  6. So far I have downloaded mConnect lite end I have switched on upnp in Euphony but it only finds my tv. Can’t find anything about upnp in the hqplayer user interface.
  7. I have tried a lot of thinks but did not help. What did help was to switch off HQplayer and used stylus on it own. So with stylus it is 24bit in 24 out. With HQplayer switched on it drops back to 16bit in 16 bit out, same song. The sampling frequency is good. Could it be that it is a faulty setting in HQplayer? I only use Qobuz. @Miska maybe, any idea?
  8. Sorry I have a bit of a dumb question but anyway. I stream via Qobuz studio Premier why is Euphony showing that only 16 bit, 192hz is coming in and not 24bit ? Hi-res but not 24 bit.
  9. I recently bought HQplayer to use convolution filters to go with my Raal headphones. The problem I had was that I couldn’t find the manual for HQplayer settings. The manual suppose to under the “help” button in the top right corner of HQplayer user interface when you login but it doesn’t work. In the next euphony update that will be fixed. Z fixed it in my server.
  10. No this is a different version
  11. https://open.qobuz.com/track/20186554 Artist: Wende, Album: Last Resistance, the theater sessions live, Song: Dragon’s tongue, 🤯 after 2:10 min
  12. Basically every time I listen to this song my brain gets blown from 2:10 and onward. Resulting in: volume up, arms in the air and heavy toe heel tapping. 😀 Excellent thread 👍
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