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  1. I don’t know about this, put the money in the speakers theory because if you buy 5000 dollars more expensive speakers you probably hear even more difference in the dual switches and then it’s even more justified to buy that too. Yep we are totally bonkers 🤪 but it’s fun. I am waiting for the ether regen, I find SoTM switch to expensive.
  2. Hi Kevin, would it be possible to share type of Evox cap they are using? Btw I have found the Ethernet xo, unbelievable of thousands of components on the mobo the one I need had the drop of glue on it to hold the battery. 🤯 thanks again.
  3. The neutron star 2 has two outputs and you can use them at the same time with coax output being the best, I asked Lars when I modded the iso regen. If the CPU clock is 24Mhz I can't supply it with 25Mhz, can I??? The fidelityaudio clocks don't have output transformers. I am wondering if the neutrino clock would be an improvement over standard? Hot darn it, but I want the best 😅
  4. Thanks Elan If the 24Mhz clock is the CPU clock that good news for me because i then could also us a crystek 575 oscillator. We do not know the exect phase noise quality of the neutron star. For the neutron star to fit in my DIY case i am building right now will be a major undertaking so the crystek would be very welkom. I am still confused about the locations of the clocks. In the first picture, top side, are two red squares for the 27Mhz XO's and two green circls for the corresponding chips which are display port drivers "mega chips MCDP2800BC". So I guess that those two chips are for the two HDMI ports. The second picture is the bottom side where i found also two XO's, the red squares. The right one looks like a real time clock XO. The other one must be the CPU clock. So I am missing the 25Mhz Ethernet clock? Could you measure the other clock tabs too???? Sorry @sunny_time_99 to drag you into this but you seem to know more about clocks. Sorry if this is bit to much DIY
  5. Wouldn’t it be possible to use AudioLinux for the server and Euphony for the endpoint?
  6. Hi elan, good idea to put the clock board inside the case with the nuc. So you have 3 clock tabs to the nuc and 1 for the tx-USB? On the nuc7i7dnbe I found only 4 xo's. Two xo's for the two hdmi drivers and two near the CPU on underside of the board, one real time clock and one system clock. It would be very helpful if you could make some pics. And do you know the system clocks frequency and voltage, would be extremely helpful. I have ideas of putting a neutron star on my nuc7i7 in the same case. Rick
  7. I guess you won’t have many standing waves but that will be the only plus. With the hollow ceiling and walls it will be a disaster of sound focus spots. Didn’t know you were a teletubbies
  8. Oh and @ArthurPower I think it is necessary that you show in your signature that you are from Euphony otherwise people get angry over here, a specially the boss. 🤫🤫🤫🤫
  9. Hi @ArthurPower and welcome to AS I am in the process of building me a dual pc setup and I want to keep it like that. I have learned from @bobfa that Euphony os can be configured as both a server as well as the steamer so that is good. But if I go for Euphony do I need two copies/licenses at two times the prices? Rick
  10. I am only talking about the newclassd regulator here not the lt3045. And I quoted @LTG2010 to present an alternative high current regulator instead of paralleled lt3045's. You should be able to appreciate that. rick 🐾
  11. Read my post your quote is not correct, I did not say that!! Well the noise floor does not lower but the ripple rejection ratio doubles up. And OMG every single time you have the chance you have to mention "the capacitor and the HF detail", well we know it by now after a billion times. Maybe you can write it in your signature it saves you time and we can ignore it. 🤓 What I did say is that it is a great regulator designed for audio, don't know the specs yet. You can make a great triple rail atx power supply with them or power the more powerful nuc with them. Rick 🐾
  12. Newclassd has I believe a new 5A ultra wide band regulator out that might be interesting for the DIY’ers. One single regulator or two in series maybe. http://www.newclassd.com/index.php?page=2&hv=1
  13. Or that you need only one copy if you have a server + NAA setup.
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