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  1. Probably a matter or burn in. In my case, the Lush^2 needed a good amount of time to fully burn in (probably in excess of 150 hrs, but I can’t say for sure).
  2. It should be A: B-W & Y-R, B: B-W-R, I mistyped it initially. Please try this one and tell us what you think.
  3. My mistake, I mistyped the configuration, it should be A: B-W & Y-R; B: B-W-R. Not sure whether it has been posted before, but this configuration is absolutely perfect in my system, as noted in my previous post.
  4. After additional testing this morning, all I can say is that A: B-W-Y-R, B: B-W-R definitely rules them all. It is the most fluid, the most effortless, with great depth and ease, without glare, without a trace of harshness. Beautiful. No wonder the majority chose this configuration.
  5. Hi, yes, the Elation balanced interconnects are still available. PM me if you have specific questions. Thanks
  6. Just tried the JSSG-360 configuration and it sounds very good indeed. However, it seems that the width of the stage is suffering, while the centre image is perfectly focused.
  7. I reverted back to A: B-W-Y-R, B: B-W-R. This combo suits me better. The Focal Utopia headphones are known for an intimate and relatively small soundstage, and the kurb1980 configuration makes it congested. On the other hand, clarity is a major upside of these headphones, so I am not looking for additional clarity. The Utopia's are extremely capable when it comes to depth and layering, and I feel I am losing those with that configuration. Different strokes for different folks. My setup: Sony WM1A DAP (acting as server) -> Sony BCR-NWH10 docking station with built in
  8. Tried the @kurb1980 configuration, and at first listening it sounds somewhat flat to me. The depth of stage is gone. Am I supposed to burn in every single configuration? @PeterSt what was the original configuration you shipped the cable with? And what is the John Swanson configuration? I wish to try compare them all once again.
  9. Kubala Sosna Elation speaker cable sold on ebay. Kubala Sosna Elation jumpers sold on audiomarkt. Gryphon Diablo amp sold locally. Listing updated.
  10. Received my Lush^2 today, thank you @PeterSt for the speedy delivery and you were right regarding UPS Out of the box the Lush^2 simply annihilated the Chord C-USB cable I was temporarily using. You know when you experience the "night and day" difference in audio equipment. This was such experience. It is supremely musical with a wonderful, lush soundstage, seductive midrange, plenty of bass and excellent extension. However, the bass is still a bit bloated and there is a tiny bit of grain, but I expect these initial shortcomings to disappear after a proper burn in.
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