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  1. We have found the best audio results are achieved playing from a local SSD with a single box system using Stylus. Our original goal when adding other players and services was to simplify Roon and HQPlayer deployment while maintaining great audio quality. Most audiophiles don't have the computer skill set of the guys on this forum. They want a simple one box turn key system. There will always be some advantages if you spend time to build a system that factors in every possible way to improve sound quality. The point is we are not trying to sell people two license or tell customers this is necessary if you want great quality computer audio.
  2. I think Euphony is about 80% of the SQ improvement. We have never recommended that anyone use Euphony on a two computer based playback system, but some customers just like the idea and implemented it that way in their setup. When you're streaming over a network there are a lot more variables to consider. From cabling, the router, the power supply for the router, and the computer that is streaming the audio. So the OS on the streaming server can make a difference, but I think you need to consider all the pro's and con's of having a two computer based playback system. Any Linux distro on the server is going to be better then windows.
  3. We have some others running a dual Euphony system like this. Yes, it requires purchasing two licencees since the licence is tied to the hardware in use. When you compare the amount of money we spend on gear in this hobby it really is very reasonable to spend a few hundred on software that has a much bigger impact on the over all sound quality then the computer hardware in use. The amount of work that goes into Euphony is tremendous. We are constantly getting feedback and releasing updates to address bugs, new hardware, and add new features. We thank everyone for their support!
  4. I don't think firewire audio interfaces have been tested. Arch Linux does have support for many firewire audio devices so there is a good chance it should work.
  5. Greetings computer audio enthusiasts. I will do my best to check on this thread and answer some questions.
  6. The Euphony PTS uses a 6th Gen Intel i3 which is considerably more then is needed for normal playback. You can also do some up-sampling (to DSD 256). However, if you want to use HQPlayer to it's full potential then you will need more power!
  7. I spoke with Robert today and apparently he tried to email you a couple times after you contacted support, but it appears you didn't receive his responses. So he tried sending them again using a gmail address. Maybe the first emails went to your spam folder? I wasn’t aware you had a full licence since I only handle sales through the Euphony USA website in North America. I'm sure Robert will figure out and address your issue. Euphony is Roon certified and your licence should enable Roon Server.
  8. To have these features your need a full licence. Euphony is Roon certificated and we can not included Roon server in the free trial.
  9. Boldlygo On the home page (go to Tools / Home) then select Roon Server and hit change. Under tools when you select File Manager it will open a new browser tab.
  10. The download link changes with each revision. That's why we use that utility (as well as including the ability to create a bootable USB flash drive). How do you even use that computer if your wifi connection is that bad? Even if you could successful download the image there is a good chance it could be corrupt or contain errors if your wifi signal is that weak. Our utility runs a checksum when the download is complete. I highly suggest you address your wifi connection issue first.
  11. The site was down for a short period last night while the hosting company performed some server maintenance. Everything is working now. A Euphony license is required for each computer. Keep in mind this is not software that you would run on multiple computers to play music, it's a headless operating system made for a dedicated music server. This would replace any OS you currently have like Windows or OS X. I do not have any details yet about the lite system license. It is still under consideration.
  12. A feature update is now available for Euphony. The ability to mount an internal disk with music (already on it) has been added. SD cards readers can now also be used for music playback and storage. Under settings / Euphony system / click on credits.
  13. @TubeMan The option to mount an additional internal drive (without formating it) will be available in the next update for Euphony. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
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