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  1. Thanks, this SW has some replay-gain setting, but it's much to complicate for me the be used as a standard, once-in-a-while ripping tool. I might have to revert to it, if I don't find another way to change the volume of the songs on this CD.
  2. Thanks for your advice. Some follow up question while I check your suggestions: Will this modification (to increase the "volume" of the FLAC) have impact on sound quality? To compare, I might change the volume in several parts of my sound chain: a) recording, mixing, providing the CD (this I can't change) b) ripping and converting to FLAC (I might change here and the others as well) c) increase volume in my streaming client d) increase volume in my DAC e) increase volume in my pre-amp f) increase volume in my power-amp (if they have volume control) g) sit closer or further away from my speakers (ignoring the change in room acoustics) As I mentioned, I can't change (a). What is the impact of the other modifications (b) to (g), any observation?
  3. Hi Last week I bought a new CD. Ripping it, I ended up with FLAC files with considerable lower volume as files I ripped from other CDs I have. I guess, this is perfectly normal. But I hate it, as this means I have to adjust the volume if I listen to some other album or if the music is part of a playlist. Is there a way to change the volume of the ripped files without losing quality or dynamics? Currently, I'm using a Mac with fre:ac to create FLAC. I'm happy to rip the CD again with some parameter or other tool or to use some utility to change the volume post-ripping.
  4. Well, no conclusion possible I guess. 50% MQA lovers, 49% indifferent, and 1% in favour of FLAC 50% MQA lovers, 50% in favour of FLAC What conclusion should I draw based on your information?
  5. Not, if they claim the fuel does also improve the performance of all other cars. I guess, it would be the job of the car companies to investigate the financial background of the new fuel company, if they want to work together. And talking about analogy: fuel and cars are for 90% of the population, "improved" SQ for audiophile is for 1%, I guess.
  6. Get real. Why would a HiFi journalist, reporting about a new product, check the financial background of a company? It's not Watergate to be uncovered or any political issue, important to the well being of human kind. It's just another audio product on the market. I agree, HiFi journalists should be honest about the sound quality, so they should check the basics on comparing (same master, same volume etc.) Everything beyond, I don't think is realistic. If there are rumours, then they might dig into it. I guess, there is more than one company with financial issues, particularly, if they start with a new product on the market.
  7. Faster computer and more processing power conflicts with my wish to keep the power consumption low. I'll check anyway, a friend of mine has some DAC to check, doesn't hurt to compare I guess :o)
  8. Will do. But most likely in fall, as everybody is away for holiday right now. I'll post here again.
  9. Thanks audio.bill, you bring up a valid point. I don't have DSD, how could I, with the current setup. Being an engineer, I believe in newer = better. But if the newer tries to succeed in multiple disciplines, this might not be the case. I decided for the Aeris, because it sounded superb to my ears with my gear I still use. And I don't plan to change the other components, so I stick with PCM and streamer and other components. Talking about the PSU, my dealer asked me several times already for a hearing session. I'm still sceptical, but I guess id doesn't hurt to have some listening session. Well, it might hurt my wallet ;o) I always wonder, how a device like a DAC can be improved. And the differences between the products might be too small for me to distinguish anyway? I'm not getting younger, neither do my ears :o( I can't tell you yet how I'll decide. It's not a urgent matter. Again, thanks for your input.
  10. You made my day. The first 30 seconds of this video are so funny! :o)))
  11. Hi First I have to say, I'm happy with my DAC. But as often in this business, I'd like to know, is "better" possible? I currently have a Jeff Rowland Aeris. It's pretty old by now, but still in production, as I understand. Do I get better sound quality with a DAC of a newer generation? In particular, I'm interested in the T+A DAC 8 DSD. Some reasons, why I'm interested in this product: it is newer and therefor might sound better it uses less power (yes, it's important for me) it looks nice (that's also important for me, but please don't discuss my taste in product design) I want a DAC of a company that does not support MQA (also, please don't discuss this decision) Does anybody here has/had one of these DACs and did a comparison? What can tell me about it? Pros / cons of each product?
  12. My biggest WOW moment in music, was listening to Roberto Fonseca the first time. My biggest WOW moment(s) with misc equipment, was each time, I replaced my speakers.
  13. Some years ago, I proved a friend of mine, that power cables don't make a difference. With my EE background, I knew, that power is just... power. We spent a Saturday afternoon to compare two systems (DAC & AMP) with the same speakers. Back and forth, three of four songs, it was a tie. Some 90 minutes listening and comparing, the dealer changed the power cords on one system from cheap standard to Cardas. Despite I knew, I was right! Well, it ended with me buying one of the two systems. Including the Cardas cords. I went into this session, knowing(!), there will be no improvement, based on the power cords. No way! I was proven wrong. Conclusion: if you have some dealer willing to spend the time, just go there and test yourself. If you're a stubborn EE as I (still) am, don't wast your time and money, and live happy ever after (with your old power cords) :o) Note: We did some checks with other systems and cords, not all of them where sensitive to power cord changes. No clue why.
  14. I like that. I can buy the cheapest MQA DAC. As they become a transparent pipe, they all sound identical :o) So MQA is not a way to make money for the companies, but to save money as consumer! Thanks, great idea!!
  15. I advise you to sleep over it. It's not worth it, trust me.
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