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  1. HI Martin, great your findings agein - I have ordered this little weight for the clock, have it here - since I had ordered the wrong version of the clock first and waiting for the ether regen version to come - I would like to ask you whether after you chnged your version to 75 Ohm - what was the difference soundwise? Because if there wasn't really a differnce I might as well mount the cube on the 50 Ohm clock and then I could also give you a feedback what the effect of it is.... Thanl you in advance best
  2. Hi sgr, thank you for the reply though I will wait ordering util you are back and have tried out the constellations you mentioned... Until then it is difficult to say which component influenced the sound you have now - anyway if its enjoyable who cares.... I also got the chinese clock with 50 Ohm and waiting for the 75 Ohm version to come - but it arrrived two days ago and still burnig in as the Belden clock cable does too...but iot seems to deliver a more clear sound from the very beginning - hope it smoohtens a bit while burning in... I will see which difference the two v
  3. hi sgr - could you please elaborate a bit about the difference in sound quality comparing one ER wiht using two Ers - I am thinking about getting a second one Thanks Mouna
  4. R1200CL thank you - your indirect answer showed me that I should have ordered the ER version - the clock is already on its way to here - and if it improves my system I will order the other one. Thanks - best Mouna
  5. simply because I did only see the ER link later - what shall I say to this - when the child has fallen into the pit - it needs an answer which I didn't get from you unfortunately - do you have one that helps... thank you
  6. Hi musiclovers - thank you for sharing your findings regarding the chinese wonderclock! I have just ordered it - link here: https://de.aliexpress.com/item/4000152539910.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.795e4c4dGTiyce but am now not sure if I ordered the right one since there was another link that showed a version specially mentioning the ER - https://de.aliexpress.com/item/4001245799329.html?spm=a2g0s.12269583.0.0.4d27d1dcGgjsgQ my question is - should I order the second one providing better performance....???? My second question is - where does a non
  7. My question regarding Wasapi is....does it help to improve the sound of bighead/nontallion...and or will it appear in the menu of nontaillion while choosing the driver.... and if it does....what would the correct second line exactly look like from /Source: drive letter...on - my DVD drive is G: I am not that familiar with computer knowledge and on the other hand dare to be in core mode 2019 - but the paths and what to fill in whats exactly missing is a riddle for me.... My second question is...since AO is already installed - can the FOD be installed after the AO or do I have to make
  8. forgot to mention that winserver 2012r2 is installed on a MSI Z270M Mortar MB with CPU i7 7700T....
  9. I have a question installing HQP on Win server 2012 r2 minimla server and win server 2016 Gui which I use both - since I installed a Kaby lake CPU I get the message when I want to follow Phils setup recommendation that these updates are not for this windows version - both on win 2012r2 and win 2016 Gui - and that I should upgrade to windows 10 to solve this issue - does anyone know a workaround for this - I would appreciate that very much since I want to use HQP with Roon - I can install HQP anyway but it is not working because there is an issue with the volume - no sound - and in the Roon Zo
  10. correction: listing volumes is list volume not volume list - by Trial and error - a lot error.... now the path is wrong having created a Folder q in USB Root.... who can help - only a1000 miles wawy from using winserver 2016 in core mode....but so Close... greetings
  11. hi Anto...number 1 I created the Folder in F - understood it wrong first - sorry - ...but still nothing happens... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  12. to 1 how?......... to 2 diskpart enter yes but then volume list only Shows a list of commands but not the volume... since i know the letter of the volume = F i tried number 4 of your hints but no result .....could not be found with this path... so still at the beginning....please... thanks
  13. thank you greenleo - can you tell me the command to install it and whatever else - that was my question I do not know how to install it from cmd - I could as well install Q-Dir also if I only knew how to open - make it appear and know how to access the USB Stick with the cmd and from there access the programs which I want to install... Any help for me?
  14. Thank you for your Reply - since I am not an expert I do not know how to run the USB stick from cmd... Best Mouna
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