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  1. I think this is a matter of taste. Everyone has his. Some people pay $1 for a drink, some pay $10,000.
  2. That is one reason. I am trying to think of other possible upgrades they have possibly done. What about the power supply section?
  3. so how does the N100C coax potentially sound better than USB ? I assume it was released to based on their research that Coax could bring a better sound quality. Otherwise why bother re-release an already good product with one extra output? someone correct me if i was mistaken.
  4. Did you send the inquiry/observation to Tidal and Qobuz support team? they are very helpful.
  5. I found an interesting review published on 23rd of September 2017. You may need to use google translator. Link: http://www.salonav.com/arch/2017/09/audioserver-aurender-n10.htm
  6. Could you compare A10 with other appraised DACs like Chord, TotalDAC, PS Audio, Resonessence, T+A, MOON, Ayre or Esoteric ? I am curious of how far the single dac from Aurender can go toe to toe with.
  7. I have read recently that 12v is being preferred over 9v for some performance improvement. Although, manufacturer recommends 9v. I would consider TxUSB Ultra to make it a complete set.
  8. Since you liked the sms 200ultra, you will probably like adding Mutec Ref 10 as a clock input to the ultra if you enabled the input. Also, people from headfi raved about 12v mode being prefered over 9v. Lastly is to try out TxUSB Ultra for a complete setup (i hope) that will elevate your music. cheers
  9. You could have explained how Signature Rendu sounded on your existing pre and then one the d1100. We are still waiting for your comparison of streamers chief
  10. The best i heard was: - Audioquest Diamond USB The best others have heard were: - WireWorld Platinum Starlight 7 USB - Totaldac USB/Filter The best I assume if money is no object are: - Synergestic Research Galelio UEF USB with optional groundblock - Siltech Golden Universal Crown That is to my humble knowledge
  11. Would you guys still see the N10 as the jack of all trades in streaming world? There are options that cost less but not necessary sound as good (i think). I am assuming Auralic's G2 streamer+ G2 upsampler+ G2 clock stack to compete with Aurender's best. On the other side of the fence, there is Sotm Sms200ultra+TxUltra+Sps500 stack and there is Sonore Signature Rendu SE. I am pretty happy to observe market interest and growth for such products. But now, I am lost between all these great brands. Don't ask me to audition them as none is available in Dubai. I apologize if i asked in the wrong thread. I assumed aurender owners have gone through the same doubts before buying.
  12. Was anyone able to compare Sotm Ultra stack Sms+Tx+Sps to Signature Rendu SE ? Both of them cost almost the same. Probably Sotm may need a short usb cable as an interconnect between SmS and Tx ultras.
  13. You could as well try it out in any high end audio shop and compare it to their streamers.
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