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  1. steven.y

    HQ Player

    I'd like to provide one more information. at Roon "Play" button pushed, ~/.hqplayer/HQPlayer4Desktop.log: & 2021/05/25 10:48:40 Playlist clear & 2021/05/25 10:48:40 Playlist add URI: 2021/05/25 10:48:40 Offload: resampler=disabled convolution=disabled & 2021/05/25 10:48:40 Play 2021/05/25 10:48:40 Offload: resampler=disabled convolution=disabled + 2021/05/25 10:48:40 Playback engine running 2021/05/25 10:48:40 Rate or blocksize change triggered 2021/05/25 10:48:40 Rate: 44100, block size: 3528,
  2. steven.y

    HQ Player

    jcn3, thanks for following. Just for a clarification, In my signal path above, #4 (Roon App) is working only as a controller (#4 does not output audio signal at all, but #3 (HQP NAA) outputs to ADI-2 DAC via USB.) Best, Steven
  3. steven.y

    HQ Player

    I also have had an issue and it looks like a same issue. My environment; Macmini (intel x64): running 1) HQPyer 4 Desktop 4.11.2 2) Roon Server (core, latest, Roon version 1.8 build 795) Macbook Pro (intel x64): running 3) networkaudiod-412 4) Roon App (client) Local Network: Linksys VELOP (wifi mesh) Signal path: [Local file; flac PCM] --> Roon Server --> HQPyer 4 Desktop --> wifi mesh (IPv6) --> networkaudiod-412 My issue; When playing stream (Qobus), change to different album
  4. steven.y

    HQ Player

    It would be nice if HQPlayer Desktop provides Web based configuration user interface/experience just like as Embedded version has. This will allow me to switch filter setting via, say, my iphone (Safari browser) while listening.
  5. Miska, I configured NAA machine's ipv6 network interface to "Unique local address", in my case, fd00:1::38f9:d349:f061 prefixlen 64. Unfortunately, it dose not work and end up "Can't assign requested address" error and "Socket failure, falling back to IPv4-only!". [networkaudiod-411/networkaudiod] (6184): networkaudiod Copyright (C) 2011-2020 Jussi Laako / Signalyst. All rights reserved. [networkaudiod-411/networkaudiod] (6184): create coreaudio engine [networkaudiod-411/networkaudiod] (6184): Network interfaces: [networkaudiod-411/networkaudiod] (6184): if[en0] ipv4= ipv6
  6. You are right. I write tiny test program that send ipv4 broadcast message on udp:43210 and networkaudiod discover the packet. So the root cause shoud be in the HQPlayer machine (mac mini). I will investigate further and report it. - Steven Y.
  7. Negative, the last output from networkaudiod is [./networkaudiod] (564): listen discovery on To isolate issue, I boot the macbook pro, an NAA device connect with iFi i-nano, to Ubuntu. Its networkaudiod (version 4.11) works as it intended to be with Ubuntu. Ubuntu:~$ netstat -a Active Internet connections (servers and established) Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State tcp6 0 0 [::]:43210 [::]:* LISTEN tcp6 211400 0 stevenyUbuntu:43210 fe80::497:7f54:6e:59825 ESTABLISH
  8. Dear Miska: I'm trying to run Network Audio Adapter (4.11) on MacOS Catalina (10.15.6) but failed. I don't see my DAC (ifi i-nano, connected with USB) on HQPlayer 4.6. Please find a command line output of the networkaudiod below: $ (cd ~/Downloads/networkaudiod-411/; sudo ./networkaudiod) Password: [./networkaudiod] (564): networkaudiod Copyright (C) 2011-2020 Jussi Laako / Signalyst. All rights reserved. [./networkaudiod] (564): create coreaudio engine [./networkaudiod] (564): Network interfaces: [./networkaudiod] (564): if[en0] ipv4= ipv6=fe80::856:3f40:d693:6003
  9. Received a new 2.8 card yesterday for microRendu and start enjoying music with HQPlayer Desktop(ver 4.3.1). I have two questions: Q1. It changes a model name display in http://sonicorbiter.com/ page. It says "Model: ultraRendu" but it sould be microRendu, not uR. Is my new 2.8 card is for microRendu? Version: 2.8 Model: ultraRendu IP Address: ***.***.***.*** MAC: D0:63:B4:01:04:98 Serial Number: 010498 Q2. The NAA driver software might be beta as HQPlayer Output Device settings page says: "Device: 28beta:NuPrime IDA-8: USB Audio". Is USB Audio driver is
  10. It's important to use well shielded quality coax cable, like Belden 1694A, as well as terminate both the end properly (75ohm), Use BNC connector for the DigiOne Signature side. I got cable from Blue Jeans Cable ( https://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/digital-audio/index.htm). If the amp/dac side is not terminated properly, it might be useful to insert a RF attenuators to reduce reflections. (also see http://www.johnkenny.biz/home/rf-attenuators). Steven
  11. I was wrong. We cannot know IP address of MR with Roon app. Instead, we must use other method to obtain it. Sorry for confused Steven
  12. You can obtain MR ip-address from Roon setting pane. Then access to MR via IP-address, e.g., . - Steven.
  13. I was wrong. I need to do one more step. From /Settings select each output mode you want to use and select the "Combo384 Amanero" under Audio Device and press save. Done! Please forgive me for annoying you. Steven
  14. How can I setup mR to switch output to specific DAC if it connected to two DAC? rendu-XXXXXX Info Version: 2.6 Model: microRendu IP Address: 192.168.X.XX MAC: D0:63:B4:XX:XX:XX System Settings > Custom DAC Tab Audio device list 0) USB Audio Class Digital alsa audio output interface `hw:0,0' - device name = NuPrime IDA-8 - interface name = USB Audio - usb audio class = 2 - isochronous asynchronous - USB I
  15. Hi!, I just update to Sonicorbiter 2.5 and I'm very happy. Everything is fine, except for that version 2.5 MDP/DLNA renderer don't playback Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC). LINN Kazoo complains "Fail to add track to DS". Sonicorbiter 2.3 plays it well. My playback environment is following, (1) microRendu: Version: 2.5 Model: microRenudu IP Address: 192.168.***.*** MAC: D0:63:B4:01:04:98 (2) MBP rnning MinimServer 0.8.4 update 100 (3) LINN Kazoo Steven Y. from Japan
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