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  1. I have 2.4 on V1 Dac 2 dsd se. I have tried only two identic dac 2 with the same SU1 without any cap
  2. I can confirm with my Dac2 V1 the last firmware 2.4 solves many little problems Everyone could ask to W4S The real important thing is that Leter provided the right firmware
  3. If the solution seems to be near for us and all future customers why W4S does't put the end to this discussion publishing what is requested to solve the problem? I don't think it is a big secret and on the other side we finally could close the issue.
  4. I'd suggest to remain focused on the original topic please. If you want to speak about alternative equipment you could open a dedicated topic . It is more clear for everyone and also right SU-1 is a very goog equipmemt and I'm quite confident Singxer will deliver a dedicated firmware to match W4S I2S particular configuration. You should have only patience .
  5. They have already Answer that the firmware update is impossible via USB port, you have to live with the problem.
  6. The pcm problem is a W4S firmware issue. Two Dac with different firmware version, one has the issue and one no.. the one with the newer firmware. What phisically do the cap? Something that can be done with a firmware update but with W4S update the firmware i impossible by ourself. It's so clear...
  7. Karl, I don't know if the phase inversion on one channel during reproduction of dsd files through I2S can be solved by simply customizing an hdmi cable, I think it is more complicated and the new firmware is needed. Only Leter can do and provide it and I know he is working on it even if I don't know what he really will done when finished. I understand your point of view but the customers have to be supported, we can't do everything by ourself. Pcm problem was solved but the solution was left in our field, now for the dsd I would want a clean solution.
  8. I think both Manufactures could agree a technical agreement to solve at least the I2S problem with dsd, eventually with a firmware that only Leter can provide and I hope he will provide to permit other W4S dac owners buy the Singxer SU 1 and for us to be satisfied with both the equipments. In my opinionion it is interest of both solve the specific problem clarifying all the misunderstandings now and for the future W4S should permit to know its I2S pin out to make future compatibility assured with third parties interfaces. We are still waiting for a proposal of solution...
  9. Tony, EJ Why dont'you contact directly Singxer to give them support to solve this problem with your product so that you can make happy your customers? I think it is right and fare, solve the problem with Singxer dcc is the most important thing to appreciate conpletely you Dac. You should also publish your I2S configuration to avoid future problem... Last point... for firmware upgrade, we are on 2017, you could offer the possibility to change the hardware for who lives in Europe without sending the Dac everytime in USA.
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